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  1. same thing as happened Nov 22. 1: log in very slow (stuck on 'loading fonts' of all things!) connecting to region slow, then aborts to... 2: 'unable to connect etc. would you like to try to go home?' i select the 'home' option, and after a little bit, i load into the grid at my home point. 3: unable to teleport after this log in. i just relogged and didn't have any issues. yet. just reporting in.
  2. just a quick note to say "THANKS, VIR!" for your answer to my questions. (so long ago, yes.) :) everybody else, carry on.
  3. technical questions for the lindens. (or if anybody knows??) 1: BAKES PLACEHOLDER TEXTURES: are we gonna get, in the library maybe, the textures for the bake zones? so we can just throw the textures onto stuff, instead of having to always use a script? 2: BAKES ON ANIMESH: yes, yes, it only works on avatars, because only avatars can wear skins, tattoos, etc etc. but i understand enabling animesh to use body shapes is in the pipeline. if animesh can be made to use/wear body shapes, perhaps it could also be made to wear... skins and tattoos, etc etc etc... someday? well. i can hope? thank you, and everybody enjoy your baking! i know i am
  4. i had two sell orders placed and waiting before the whole Tilia thing arrived. and they were sitting there pending. i recently cancelled one, in order to try a different sell price. then when i went to sell them, i ran into the whole 'you need to register for tilia' etc etc deal. that's fine. but what is going on with the lindex orders that were placed before the Tilia thing came in, and are not being filled until afterward? will they be processed using the 'old' system? will they be processed into tilia, and then people will have to register with tilia to finish the transaction? are they in limbo and not being processed at all?? my friend also has a buy order that was placed before the changeover, and she is still waiting... will she wait forever? that would be good to know...! thanks!
  5. i have a set of riding animations... and i'm sure you don't want to hear my whole sob story about THOSE. the pertinent point is, i need to make a hip/COG animation that has the hip in position (up in the air), and nothing else, while turning left and right. and, because reasons, it needs to be priority 3 or less. simple, right? i made an animation that has the COG location, loops that, no ease, yadda yadda. YET, unless i make that animation PRIORITY FOUR, the avatar sinks to standing on the ground while turning. i can't explain this, because the animation info shows two animations involved in turning: turnright/turnleft at priority 1 and walk adjust at proirity 2. (and a bunch of priority 0-2 system background animations.) according to the wiki: https://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Internal_Animations the only animations with priority 3 are the (female)walk. i'm not initiating any walk, i'm just turning in place. i don't see any notes on the turning animations that there is a secret(?) different priority for the hips in those animations. maybe there is??? (does everybody already know this but me?????)
  6. OH THANK GOODNESS! i saw that what i was doing was TOTALLY wrong... especially as y approached zero... thank you so much, for helping me untangle THAT mess. i'm still trying to picture what's going on... but the formula is working! and i will definitely have to bookmark that, kyrah!
  7. i think i figured out what i'm doing wrong. i am trying to calculate the angle of a slope between two points. point 1 = the spot directly below the avatar where it is standing. (in region coordinates) point 2 = the spot the ray intersects the ground ahead of the avatar. (in region coordinates, translated from the avatar's local forward axis) and i have this formula: angle = RAD_TO_DEG*( llAtan2( (p2.z - p1.z),(p2.x - p1.x) )); i THINK the problem is, that i'm just using the X and Z coordinates, and not correcting for the Y coordinate, if the avatar is not facing along the global X axis. so i found this: https://www.euclideanspace.com/maths/geometry/elements/projections/index.htm how to project a point (my target hit with x,y coordinates) onto a line (the global x axis). um... okay, so i have to take the line that is the avatar's facing, project a line at a right angle to that line from the point, and find out where it hits the X axis. uh... yeah, i dunno how to do that :/ except by drawing on graph paper! :X drawing: https://prnt.sc/onjtdl okay, i worked THIS out: http://prntscr.com/onk6ao if i can just get the x/y plane distance of a, then calculate the x/y coordinate of 2a along the avatar facing... THAT x coordinate should be the one i need. and i don't need to mess around with all those pythagorean thingies. what's the 2d version of llVecDist? oh, set the Zs to 0 first... okay, i came up with this, and it returns total BS. it even returns different answers if i click it (activate the calculation by touch) multiple times, without moving in between. float getSlope() { float ht = 0.75; //--normally a calculated global. vector pos = llGetPos(); //--we know where the floor is, cuz we're standing on it @ -ht. vector target = pos; rotation rot = llGetRot(); target = pos + <3.*ht,0.,0.> *rot;//-- test 3 ahead and 2.5 down target.z = target.z - 2.5*ht; // llOwnerSay("Aiming "+(string)pos+" to "+(string)target); list res2 = llCastRay(pos, target, [RC_REJECT_TYPES, RC_REJECT_AGENTS | RC_REJECT_PHYSICAL, //RC_DATA_FLAGS, RC_GET_NORMAL, RC_MAX_HITS, 1]); llOwnerSay("RC returned:"+llDumpList2String(res2, ",")); float angle; if(llList2Integer(res2, -1) != 0) { vector p1 = pos; vector p2 = llList2Vector(res2, 1); //--calculate X without Y vector xy1 = p1; vector xy2 = p2; xy1.z = 0.0; //--get rid of Z influence xy2.z = 0.0; float dist = llVecDist(xy1,xy2); vector xTarget = pos + <2*dist, 0., 0.> * rot; //--SLOPE: p1.z -= ht; //--make this the floor p1.x = xTarget.x; //--make this our actual distance along avatar FWD angle = RAD_TO_DEG*( llAtan2( (p2.z - p1.z),(p2.x - p1.x) )); } else //--we didn't hit anything, the slope is WAY down. angle = -45.0; //--midway to down. fudged. if(angle > 90.0) angle -= 180.0; else if (angle < -90.0) angle += 180.0; return angle; } and no, i don't know how to do angle math, either :X
  8. hey, thanks, madelaine! buuuuut, i'm having trouble. i'm trying to get the angle from the slope. which is the z difference divided by the x difference, which gives me one float. the llAtan2 is looking for 2 floats. annnnnnd i don't know what those are supposed to be? i tried using the z difference and the x difference in the formula, but i came out with 1.5 for the 45 degree slope. hmm, in good news, facing down the incline gave me -1.5, so at least it's sensing direction... and now a 30 degree slope is giving me bogus answers. i'm sorry, this is why i'm an artist, not a mathematician!! okay, the wiki page says it is dividing the two inputs. i still don't get it. WAIT! further reading shows, that the fool thing is returning PI. so. RAD_TO_DEG to the rescue? or is it that other fool thing. should not post while in the middle of doing stuff. okay, it's consistently coming out to be 12 degrees more than the angle i have the prim facing. i'm not anticipating needing the exact angle, so that's good enough for me... just weird.
  9. so on my slope quest... i have two coordinates, one that is right below my avatar, and one that is about 2 meters ahead of it. these are raycast coordinates, shooting out from the avatar's center point. anyway, i have gotten the formula that the angle of the slope is Tan^-1 (slope). and slope = (z2 - z1)/ (x2 - x1). vector p1 = llList2Vector(res1, 1); vector p2 = llList2Vector(res2, 1); float angle = llPow(llTan( (p2.z - p1.z)/(p2.x - p1.x) ), -1); so tangent of the slope to the -1 power. i'm standing on a prim rotated at 45 degrees, and facing upslope. but the angle keeps coming out to tiny numbers like -0.41267. eh??? my brain is melted. https://www.quora.com/How-can-you-find-the-angle-of-line-by-using-its-slope if you're nuts, these are some of the readouts i got: yeah, i tried getting the normals, but... i don't think i can wrangle those into anything useful for my purposes. i'm trying to see if the avatar is walking up or down a slope, and how steep it is. the normal just gives me the angle of the prim surface, not any idea of which way im facing on it.
  10. YES! and using get local rot was totally wrong. THANK YOU!
  11. i know i know how to do this... sorta. but i can't seem to figure it out. okay, i'm trying to ray cast from an attachment, and i want to get the spot straight down from the center of my avatar (easy, thats llGetPos and lower the z coordinate), and "ahead" of my avatar. which i know is local pos + x, BUT... to get that in region coordinates, compared to which way my avatar is facing, i need to use (i think??) Rot2Fwd. i'm just... not sure where/how? vector fwd = llRot2Fwd( llGetLocalRot() ); vector targetPos = llGetPos() + (fwd* ht); this is from the example on the wiki page... http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/LlRot2Fwd it says 'to move an object 5 meters on its forward axis.' in this case i'm moving it "ht" meters on its X axis. or... not MOVING it, but getting a coordinate that is supposed to be ht meters ahead of where i am. but when i face the Y axis... i'm not getting a change in the Y axis calculation? :/ no. i changed 'ht' to 10 meters, but only the x coordinate is ever changing. it's been a long day...
  12. thank you, whirly, for organizing that and bringing it to the Labs' attention. and THANK YOU, LINDENS, for fixing it! i was gonna post that on there, but comments are closed.
  13. has anyone tried to get an inventory synch to fix this problem? i haven't yet, as i want to keep all the junk i have been uploading to beta in the past month :X
  14. thank you, whirly! i keep posting this i found from you, to try to help people: http://aditi.coreqa.net/gridtool.php would it help the ticket at all if i added a comment with how long i have been having this problem, and what voodoo i've tried to work around it? or do you have the technical side all wrapped up for that? i did just try with both the updated LL viewer, and the updated firestorm. still failing. i am able to intermittently connect... but i have not found a reproduceable reason for it.
  15. please see this thread, also: according to this, beta grid is up, and there are people on there. (it doesn't list all regions, i don't know why. and i don't know what half of that grid means, like why some are red.) i've been having trouble logging on to the beta grid all month. SOMETIMES it works. mostly, it doesn't. i was about to see about filing a ticket about it. most other residents i know are having NO PROBLEMS logging in to the beta grid. at least i'm not the only one? and neither are you? voodoo workaround: (this did work... the first time i tried it) if you are using the account selector drop down... where it says [username]@Second Life Beta... delete everything but the user name. make sure the grid selector is still on Beta, and you will have to type in your password. good luck!
  16. this is still going on. i can only log into the beta grid intermittently. i tried all the voodoo above; i tried logging into the main grid, then beta (that worked once or twice); i rebooted my modem and router; i rebooted my computer; i tried logging in to my last location, Morris, Ahern, Sandbox Pristina, and a random sim that the aditi status page showed had agents in it; i EVEN tried the official viewer (gasp!). should i file a ticket? i don't understand why ALL of my accounts are having problems, and it seems NONE of anybody else's accounts are.
  17. FIXED: okay, new trick! in Firestorm (dunno about other viewers) when you switch log-ins to your saved beta grid info... if you delete where it says [username]@secondlifebeta and change that to just [username] then you might get in. make sure the grid selector is set to beta, and you have to type in your password.
  18. i hate to have to ask this, but... i can't tell what's going on from the regular status channels. according to the twitter status feed https://mobile.twitter.com/SLGridStatus and the sl status page https://secondlife-status.statuspage.io/ there's no report of anything about the beta grid. whirly fizzle also provided this link: http://aditi.coreqa.net/gridtool.php which i'm not sure what everything means, exactly, but from what i understand, there are a few people on aditi. i have tried logging in to ahern, morris, and arena with two of my accounts, but i cannot log in. does anybody know what's going on? and is there a specific beta status channel i'm missing? thanks!!
  19. quick bump... this is the last week i'll be accepting applications or inquiries and stuph. ENDING MAY 31. so... i didn't put this on the original post... which is probably too long anyway, but... About Me: Yeah, I guess since I asked you about all that stuff, I should tell you a little about me. Commence Novelization! I joined SL back in 2007 after reading a joke about it in the User Friendly online comic. At the time, I was suffering a severe artistic burnout and deep depression, and the idea of a world created entirely by the users, where you could earn the equivalent of Real Money, really sparked my interest and creative spirit. I have always been good at utilizing limited tools beyond their potential, so prim building was ideal for me. I had also wanted to get into video game design, so out of desperation I had gotten a book called "Learn C in 21 Days" and the sequel, "Learn C++ in 21 Days." Which wasn't very useful for game programming. However, when Neverwinter Nights came out, it had a toolset for building your own modules, and a scripting language based on C. That, I could handle! LSL is also based on C, so the transition to that was fairly easy for me as well. I have been working in 2D and 3D computer graphics for... a long time! I tried a lot of different 3D programs trying to find one that worked with me. Eventually, I ended up with Lightwave (7.3), and 3D Coat. I also recently purchased Zbrush because of... shiny toys! But ZBrush and I have a checkered history I worked in Poser for many years. In 99-00, I developed Dragon Factory for Poser, then did other models (Heavy Horse and Wee Beasties), as well as 'mods' for DAZ Studio products like the Deer, Eagle, and Eagle II. I also wrote a book on designing creatures for Poser, and workflows for joint editing (rigging) and creating morphs and such. In Januargy 2018, I finally pulled it all together and started my first mesh avatar for Second Life, the 3D Menagerie dolphin. I haven't worked with Blender for long, but I have started to use it as my sole modeling tool. With 3D Coat. Maybe a trip to Lightwave when Blender made me ragequit one too many times... :X As for animation... I had always been interested in becoming an animator. When I was a kid, I worked with claymation and stop motion, a little bit of cell animation. I liked to read about the techniques, see the behind-the-scenes specials and suchlike. In art school, I was considered for internship at Disney, but... my life was going in a different direction at that time, so I didn't. :X I worked with animations in Poser of course. I created a replacement Tiny AO set of animations, as well as a set of fighting animations for Tinies for Combat Cards. Animation in Blender is actually something I really like, since you can play the animation while you make adjustments to it. I did all the Dolphin animations, AO and action, in Blender. I've also worked on some other rigs since then. I have always worked in a niche market. While skins and hair are big money (both in Poser and SL), I don't have a lot of interest in that. I like animals and creatures, and fantasy. I enjoy racing (my computer/connection isn't fast enough to win much :X), and riding horses, and jousting! I always wanted to create my own line of rideable horses, and a jousting system. But ah well. When I saw that AKK put out a new horse model every year, I realized... that if I did end up making ridable horses, that would be pretty much the only thing I did from then on. :X That's not for me. I want to Do All The Things!
  20. I work in... niche markets. Non-humans. Creatures, animals, etc. So looking for a like-minded person for this position. If you're just a human and like hair and clothes and shoes... well, it's just not gonna work out. SHORT VERSION: This is a part-time, unskilled position. It only requires being able to read and follow instructions, and shoot photos in SL. It is also an unpaid position. In return, you will get free products, as well as help and mentorship. See the long-winded version, below, for details. *** IMPORTANT: I suck at keeping up on forums. Please send all queries (and/or applications) to Bloodsong Termagant in-world*** You can also get the notecard in-world here: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Raglan Commons/26/101/22 I am accepting applications until the end of May, when I will Make A Decision! PLEASE read the Long Version for how to submit an application. Thank you! LONG VERSION: I need an intern for all three of my Evil Corporations: Bloodsong Termagant (everything), 3D Menagerie (animal/creature avatars), and soon Brass Ring Ranch (add-ons and mods for rideable horses). My areas of expertise are building, scripting, modeling, and animation. DUTIES:------------------------- Beta Testing ---------------- This is easy, all you have to do is screw stuff up! But you should also be good at understanding how it got screwed up, and able to list the steps of how to screw it up so well. There may also be some alpha testing on the Beta grid, so you should know how to log in, and be able to get there. (I can help you with this.) Product Photos ------------------- I'm not very good at box art and product promotion. By this stage, it's all over for me. So you'll get some new goodies, a note about what kind of details to feature, and then you can go off on a photoshoot, either on location, or if you have a photo studio, or whatever. You will not need to upload anything to SL, you can just send me PNG files. Then I'll insert them into my layout files. Blurbs, Copy-Writing -------------------------- I can generally do this. But it might be good to find someone who can take my novel-length notecards and ... reformat them for modern attention spans. :X REQUIREMENTS:---------------------------------------------------- Time: ------- I don't think this will take a lot of time. It's more of a part-time position. When I finish a project (nearly), then there will be Beta Testing (where required). And then product shots. And in between, just nothing, really. I'm thinking an hour or two, for one or two days, every few weeks. Subject to change and fluctuate. Written Communication Skills: -------------------------------------- You should be able to read and follow instructions, as well as write bug reports with details of what happened and how. I am verbally handicapped, so any tutoring, mentoring, and help will be via text. Non-Competition/Non-Disclosure Stuff: ------------------------------------------------- Okay, I'm not gonna get all uptight and legal-ese about this. I believe in a fair open market. Just donn't be a jerk about stuff, you know? Like... if you need some left-justified floating text for your script, and I say, 'oh, here's some.' And then somebody asks to hire somebody to write left-justified floating text code, don't say 'ooh, me!' and charge 'em a couple thousand and give them my code If you want to make like... snowsuits and snowmobiles, I'm not gonna say 'oh no, you can't do that, cuz I did that once.' Those are old. On the other hand... don't go through the entire Mill back catalogue and re-do ALL my stuff, cuz that WOULD tick me off! If you want to work on something, and it is similar to something I want to work on, or may work on in the future, I will let you know. You can either decide 'well, then I'm not gonna discuss my secret plans with you' or we can see about working together on something as a partnership. But that's all open to discussion. Open communication is key. I'm Aspie, so I can be pretty blunt at times, but at the same time... I usually don't take things too personally. Or I try not to. PERQUISITES:------------------------------------------------- Free Goodies! ----------------- You get to try prerelease products, and give feedback and suggestions for improvements. As well as finished products. It just comes with the job I make a variety of things; these days it will be Titchy-centric, and mods/add-ons for various mesh avatars. Under 3D Menagerie, there will be avatars as well as animesh creatures. Right now, Brass Ring Ranch is focused on mods for the Teeglepet horse, but hopefully will expand to Waterhorse and anything else out there. Help & Mentorship: ------------------------- I have many skills.... I don't have anything set up to teach anything from scratch (except maybe scripting; I'll have to look up my old classes for those), but if you can get a start on some basic tutorials, I can certainly help with... Scripting: designing, syntax, creating functions, paradigms. Building: tips, tricks, and shortcuts for building with Prims right in SL. Modeling: designing for animatable models (for rigging). I used to work mainly in Lightwave (7.5, not the new ones) and 3D Coat, but I have been learning Blender, and can help out with that, as well as Avastar. Animation: principles and techniques, technical stuff with Blender and Avastar, as well as the SL animation specs and troubleshooting. I will be available on Discord, so you can ask questions and such at any time. I can't guarantee an answer right away, though. Application:----------------------------------------- If you are interested, toss me a notecard with some info about yourself (in SL; reality doesn't matter), what you do, what you WANT to do in your second life (or third or fourth). How you see this internship thing working, what you expect out of it, what you expect to contribute, blah blah blah. Please include a list of what kind of avatars you have, as well as what rideables/pets and such. Also what days/times you are usually in SL, and possibly what days/times you might be free to do live tests or meet on the Beta grid (these will be pre-planned. or so i plan!). Remember to name the notecard something pertinent, and put your avatar name on it, too. I don't know how long I'll be considering candidates, so I might hold on to these for a month or so? But I will get back to everyone. Thanks for looking!
  21. i use FRAPS (paid version) specifically for music videos. it creates uncompressed files that scrub back and forth better in my (aged) sony vegas 10 editor. i'm not entirely sure how 'live' fraps still is. http://www.fraps.com/ BandiCam creates compressed files, and will save hard drive space. unpaid version has a watermark on it. https://www.bandicam.com/ and i can't recommend highly enough, the free (yes FREE) high-end video editor: hit film express. https://fxhome.com/hitfilm-express we're talking professional effects level, here. we're talking light sabers. HUDs. one or two point motion tracking. effects compositing. SERIOUS stuff! starting out can be a bit daunting, but they have a tonne of tutorials. there is a paid version (if you ever become a professional filmmaker), and there are add-ons/plug-ins you can purchase. but otherwise free. they're nuts.
  22. again with the blender complaint principle. as soon as i complain, it gets fixed. or, in this case, i learn something... THAT HELPS! i started with this tentacle by dan pro, then added modifiers so that the (new) ik rig copied the rotations of the (original avastar) green (fk) rig, AND vice versa, but swapped influence based on the FK/IK slider. it still only works to seamlessly switch between fk/ik if it's keyframed, and you have to manually keyframe all the parts each time... but i dont have to muck around with rigify!!
  23. i've been working with 3d figures and rigging and animation for... decades, here. but i can NOT get blender's IK to work for me in a way i understand. i come from poser, where using ik is dead easy TL;DR------------------------------------------------------------------ you load your figure, you turn off ik, you pose the arms, you pose the legs. you turn on ik, THE POSE STAYS THE SAME. you move the hands/feet to move the limbs (i do understand this is actually blender's 'targetless ik'), or you move the body and the limbs stay in place. you turn off ik, THE POSE STAYS THE SAME*. and everything is keyframed and comes out the way it looks. (*: okay, often the hands would come out with ridiculous 1760 degree rotations or something, but that was a relatively minor fix.) tl;dr------------------------------------------------------------------------ in blender, if i turn on ik and pose the rig, the limbs are not keyframed. and if i import this animation to sl, the limbs just remain straight. i've tried keying visual rotation, but that won't auto-key. on top of everything, if i turn ik on, or i turn ik off after doing some posing, the pose completely changes. now, avastar has functions to copy the pose to the ik rig, or to copy the pose to the fk rig. which i try to use... but they only seem to work about 90% of the time, and only on the default human rig. if i try to adjust the rig to make it work better for me, and for my model... it's out the window. all the ik tutorials for blender that i've found are basically the same, and set up the ik the same way avastar has its ik set up. basically, not useful if i want to set up my own custom ik. which i must want to do, since the basic ik isn't working for me. ??? i did have limited success with changing the avastar ik in this manner: i used the ikWrist and the ikFootToePivot, and i set the ik chain to put the tip on the control handle. (it drives me nuts when the wrist bone is right on top of the ik control handle.) then i turned off the ik for the 'ankle' bone, and created it on the 'foot' bone. i changed both ik chain lengths from 2 to 4 (foot, ankle, shin, thigh & wrist, forearm, shoulder, collar). and lastly, i ended up deleting the pole controls, because omg, they are a pain! and they wreck everything. now when i moved the ik controls, the limbs moved with them reasonably. when i moved the cog, the endpoints remained in place. also, if i wanted to 'temporarily turn off ik to rotate a bone using fk,' i selected the control handle, then the bone with the action center set to 'active.' that way, when i rotated, say, the thigh bone, the foot controller moved with the whole leg, like i'm used to. as some inexplicable bonus, i didn't have to go back and convert any of the keyframes from ik to fk (and i have no idea why). the bad news is... when i tried to append actions made this way to the default rig (i was working on a project created by another modeler/rigger), they totally blew up. and, when i went to turn off the ik controls to polish off the animation keyframes... the ik and fk poses were decidedly different, so THAT didn't work. basically, what i want is to be able to seamlessly switch between using Ik and using the regular FK rig, using custom settings of my choosing. or how to set up an ik rig that will do that. or... what i really really want is the rigify tool as seen here: https://blender.stackexchange.com/questions/65290/how-can-i-seamless-switch-between-ik-fk is there a way to surgically replace the avastar green pose bones with a rigify rig? if i dont care about sliders? is there a way to create a rigify meta-rig or something that will control the avastar green bones? is there a way to autokey 'visual rotation' whenever a limb changes? blender doesn't seem to recognize when the bones visually rotate. you know, i THINK i understand how blender ik works. i can grasp the target thing and the chain thing. i even get the pole thing and the pole angle control whatever. but i don't understand why it doesn't work right for me.
  24. i'm having a strange issue, wherein when i save a script, it doesn't seem to restart immediately, but may take several seconds. i'm having it send a "reload" link message to another script on default state entry. normally, i expect it to run just after i get the 'save complete!' message, and the other script to respond right away, as well. i am using mono scripts. i am on firestorm. if those make any difference. my question is... is this an issue i should look into reporting? i keep asking people if they are experiencing the same thing, but... i don't actually hang out with a lot of scriptors :X
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