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  1. it doesn't work like that. your avatar sits on the sit target (stationary relative to the object center). if you want it to move with the animesh it is sitting on, you need to create an animation for the sitting avatar that matches it.
  2. first up, straight, out, using location keyframes for bones is a Bad Thing. Every time you use a Location Keyframe, an avatar dies. using location keyframes for bones creates a deformer. as soon as you move a bone, your animation becomes incompatible with any and every avatar the doesn't have that bone in a very near location to where your rig has it. need i explain exploding face syndrome? i'm sorry, i didn't mean this to be an accusatory diatribe. i'm just wondering WHY this is so prevalent. when it shouldn't be? are animations from a specific program exporting location keyframes by default? maya? (i doubt qavimator, that should know better.) blender, maybe? maybe unity (and/or other professional scope) uses loc/rot/scale keyframes by default. maybe it's a mistake with avastar for blender? i know i used to think that if i moved to COG and IK controls, that i had to turn on 'with bone translations' on the animation export. that's NOT the case, that's ONLY for when you DELIBERATELY move a bone that is not meant to be moved. yes, for sticking a tongue out... that's pretty much your only option. i get it. i'm not talking about that. i 'm not talking about DELIBERATELY moving a bone. why do i care? okay, some examples... i'm trying to make universal tails. (universal heads is unachievable, but tails... its just a TAIL!) it has it's own tail bone locations. i put it on an avatar that has its own tail... okay, my tail rig overrides that tail rig. until the avatar plays an animation. that has tail bone locations in it. one day, i went to buy a really really cool guitar. luckily, i was wearing my bent box imp when i sat on the posestand to try a demo of it. and the 'guitar playing' animation blew my limbs out all over the place. sorry, no sale there. you know how you put some wings on (if you're not a normal humanoid), and your torso suddenly stretches twice as long? or you put a head on and your neck AND torso are three times as long? that's a conflict between the two rigs. that's understandable. but this... animations with location keyframes, it's like DELIBERATELY distorting your avatar. please don't use location keyframes in your animations, except as needed. (but try not to need it!) thank you.
  3. okay, maybe i was thinking of unlooped animations. but then today, i saw this: http://prntscr.com/1361s4h which is indicating that bff9 and 3a1f are both playing multiple times in multiple places on the stack. this is the nutbusterz maneki neko avatar, using the tavatar gaited AO. so it's not out of the question that more than one script is applying these multiples of animations, but... different scripts, same scripts, scripts+gestures...??? oh. maybe these are unlooped. well, i found bff9, that's cat trot, and it IS looped. and then the stack stopped showing both those repeated animations, and started repeating female_walk_new and female_run_new, both at priority 0. i dunno. but... replaying an animation not setting it to the top of the stack... i can believe that. (i certainly can't make it do stuff like the above example!) thanks, lucia!
  4. am i going crazy, or did this change recently? (and i'm not talking about animesh, animesh is... WAS... different.) i seem to recall that if you make another call to play a (looping) animation, it will restart that looping animation, at the top of the avatar's animation stack. however, today, it is not doing so. i'm on firestorm version-i-dont-have-it-running-right-this-second... so i'm wondering if someone with the official viewer can check this. please. thank you. even if i play a gesture that starts an animation... playing the gesture again doesn't restart it. i have to make every gesture that uses a looping animation call an animation stop before it calls the animation start??? i never!! (yes, i used looped animations in gestures. yes, infinite ones. well, i also make 'stop' gestures, too!)
  5. i know just enough to really screw myself up... i read this: and this: and this: https://lslwiki.digiworldz.com/lslwiki/wakka.php?wakka=bitwise and i understand how to do things like: if(change & CHANGED_INVENTORY) and i understand binary counting, etc etc. i don't understand binary notation or hexadecimal? thing? :/ so what i've done is this: integer ERROR = FALSE; string s = "RA:Liberty:Standing"; if(llGetInventoryType(s) != INVENTORY_NOTECARD) { llOwnerSay(s+" notecard not found!"); ERROR += 1; } s = "RA:Standing"; if(llGetInventoryType(s) != INVENTORY_NOTECARD) { llOwnerSay(s+" notecard not found!"); ERROR += 2; } s = "RA:Liberty:Walking"; if(llGetInventoryType(s) != INVENTORY_NOTECARD) { llOwnerSay(s+" notecard not found!"); ERROR += 4; } s = "RA:Walking"; if(llGetInventoryType(s) != INVENTORY_NOTECARD) { llOwnerSay(s+" notecard not found!"); ERROR += 8; } s = "RA:Liberty:Running"; if(llGetInventoryType(s) != INVENTORY_NOTECARD) { llOwnerSay(s+" notecard not found!"); ERROR += 16; } s = "RA:Running"; if(llGetInventoryType(s) != INVENTORY_NOTECARD) { llOwnerSay(s+" notecard not found!"); ERROR += 32; } if(DEBUG) llOwnerSay(CodeName+"Error code="+(string)ERROR); if(ERROR & 3) SON = FALSE; //--if both stands were nf, no standing if(ERROR & 12) WON = FALSE; //--if both walks were nf, no walking if(ERROR & 48) RON = FALSE; //--if both runs were nf, no running if(!SON && !WON && !RON) //--if they're all off then we have a problem { llOwnerSay(CodeName+"ERROR: no Random Animation notecards found. Not running."); state error; } if(ERROR)//--one or more are missing, but it's not a disaster { llOwnerSay(CodeName+"Warning: not all Random Animation notecards found. If you don't have animations for a particular set, you don't need to worry."); llOwnerSay(CodeName+"Continuing."); } i THINK... if the first two notecards are not found, the +1 and the +2 are binary 11. and i THINK "ERROR & 3" is saying 'the error contains both the 1 and 2 bitflags on.' etc. however, i'm loading only one of each pair of notecards (the non-Liberty ones), and ERROR checks out as 21... yet i still get the 'no notecards found' error. oh. did i make a stupid error about all the ! flags &&'d together??? omg. at any rate... what is the proper format for loading bits? instead of using the decimal numbers? and what is the proper syntax for checking the bits. from what i've read, i'm doing THAT right, at least. i THINK. thanks, guys! um... didn't i hit submit? anyway, i fixed it. so (ERROR & 1 & 2) is different from (ERROR & 3) ... right? not sure why, though. and i still need to know how to use the other notation, so i don't have to remember 1 2 4 8 16, etc. and then add them :X
  6. so i wanted to do this thing... where if you buy an avatar from my store, you get a 25% off coupon for your next purchase. you can use this coupon to A: buy a 'basic' avatar and get a discount on one add-on B: buy 'basic' avatar, then use the coupon to 'upgrade' it to the advanced version 😄 get discounts on subsequent avatars 😧 after you buy 4 avatars, you can get one free by combining your four 25% coupons (smilies? seriously? ::sigh::) i have purchased a vendor system (not caspervend) that has percentage coupons, and allows the combination of discount coupons up to a 100% discount. it's a good system, but is no longer actively supported by the creator. also, it doesn't have all the networked stuff and redelivery stuff. i also have these items on the marketplace. but... as you know, if i put a no-copy coupon inside my box of copy/mod stuff... the whole box is no-copy. so, basically, if the coupon is in the box, i can't allow redeliveries. which is bad. i DO know that caspervend has a setting where you can deliver an ancillary item -- like a no-copy coupon. um, presumably as a one-time thing. but last i heard, caspervend didn't want to do percentage-off coupons. they only did specific L value cards. so my question is... is there a better way to handle no-copy % coupons that come with my products? is there a way to... 'finagle' this on marketplace? i was thinking of creating a listing of the avatar box without the no-copy coupon, but not list it for sale. instead, i could send a box to each person who buys an avatar, and then they could get the couponless one redelivered. but that sounds like... yeah. any ideas or alternatives?
  7. awesome, thanks quarrel! maybe i was having a flaky script day. that happens :X
  8. heyas, quarrel! thanks for doing some testing! in your LOOPED test, did the loop stop on the last frame of the animation, or did it have 'outro' frames after the loop? as lucia was saying, SL treats them differently. if the last frame of the loop == the last frame of the animation, the animation can stop anywhere on the loop. but if there are frames after the loop, stopping in the middle will cause the loop to go to its end, then go on to the outro frames. also curious if you started/stopped from inventory, or via script. like i said, i was getting different results from each. i'm still monkeying with my project, and not doing rigorous testing :X so let's theorize here... if i have an outro to my looped animation, and i want most of it visible as the transition happens... i should have SHORTER ease times, right?
  9. okay, so... if i have even just a one frame looping animation (pose), that's technically infinite time, so i can use any ease settings i want on it, up to ten seconds. what happens if i have .5 seconds of intro, 1 frame of infinite loop, and .5 seconds of outro... and i set the ease in/out to 10? i can do that, right? because there's that 'infinite time' in the middle? or CAN'T i? because... wait. if the single frame loop can ease out for 10 seconds, that means... it will keep looping for 10 seconds AFTER STOPPING, to perform the ease? so the intro/loop/outro SHOULD be able to keep looping for 9.5 seconds, then play the .5 second outro, for the 10 second ease. why do i think that is not actually the case? :X see, this is the technical crap i don't understand. the EASY stuff, i get. set ease out to .5, and you have half a second to blend with the next/underlying animation. yah. but... optimo, wait... if stand and turn are the same priority, and have NO EASE, then yes, when you play stand on top of turn, it will override it because it's on the top of the stack. BUT shouldn't my stand ease in be easing in while my turn animation is easing out??? if my stand ease in, and my turn ease out are both .75, shouldn't there be three quarters of a second where they do a hand-off? even if i extend the animation of the turn past the 'wiggle' part, so that the wiggle is actually closer to the full strength rather than the 25% strength end of the ease... shouldn't that give me the wiggle? no? WAIT!!! from the wiki page: is this saying... that animations play like this: A1 ease in 0-100%, A1 loop, A1 ease out 100-0%. A2 ease in 0-100%, A2 loop, A2 ease out 100-0%. ? because i thought it was: A1 ease in 0-100%, A1 loop, A1 ease out 100/A2 ease in 0, A1 ease out 50/A2 ease in 50, A1 ease out 0/A2 ease in 100, A2 loop, A2 ease out where the ease out of the previous anim and the ease in of the next anim overlapped. are you saying THEY DON'T???
  10. we all know that ease in and ease out keep the animation from ending abruptly, and let it blend with other animations, right? do we... know more?? i used to think i knew this, not EXACTLY, but in a vague, general way. in fact, i only recently found out that the ease setting is IN SECONDS. not in, say, percent or relativeness. oops. and is it my imagination, or when i stop an animation with a script, it tends to cut off the last part of the ease out too quickly? this is outside of the repeating loop. i usually do an intro, the loop, then an outro. so i have this 'turn left' tail animation. it curls because of drag when turning, then it goes back into place. instead of just going straight into place, it has inertia, so it overshoots then does a 'wiggle' back to zero. but no matter what ease settings i use on the turn left animation, and the stand animation it goes back to, when the ao script stops it, it does one 'wiggle' and not the two 'wiggles' that it shows when i play and stop it from inventory. (all the animations are the same priority, btw.) i was using ease of .3 (in and out) on both animations. i switched up to .75 in and out. and then i set the turn left animation to 0 ease out, while the stand is at .75 ease in... and frankly, the results are always the same. one wiggle, not two. i added a delay between starting the next animation and stopping the previous one. (i though that worked better, to make sure you don't end up with no animations playing in between, should lag strike.) but then i reversed it, and started the new animation before stopping the old one. and it's STILL the same. one wiggle. not two. and then i extended the length of the 'turn left' animation. i added half a second more, then one second more (just repeating the last frame), and with zero ease out, it STILL won't play two wiggles. YES, i AM over-obsessing, and it doesn't matter how many wiggles the tail does. but... i THOUGHT i understood this, and could get it to behave in a predictable manner. the fact that i CAN'T is bugging me. so. does anybody understand ease??
  11. (pardon my ranting style, it is used for humor purposes only.) i belong to a couple of discount shopping event groups, you know, the weekly ones. and i go to web pages/galleries to quickly visually scan the goodies on offer. more and more, i have been confused at what exactly some of these ads are selling. i thought it was just me, being a stupid old geezer, but i happened to mention it in one of the aforementioned groups. i was just about to buy an awesome formal suit in raven black and crimson (my colours!), when i noticed there wasn't any demo options to test it first. there wasn't any indication of what bodies/shapes it was for, etc etc. it finally dawned on me that this image was NOT of the beautiful raven and crimson suit, but of the poses of the guys wearing the suit! i double-checked in the group chat. yes, the item was poses, not clothing. OOPS! feeling like a total idiot, i mentioned ads being confusing... and to my surprise, a lot of people agreed with me! don't get me wrong. these ad pics are GORGEOUS. appealing. beautiful, eye-catching, alluring. but a lot of times, there's not even any text on the image stating what exactly it is advertising. so many times i see beautiful pictures, like a head shot, gorgeous hair, lighting, beautiful model with makeup, sparkling eyes, jewelry... and not a clue what the vendor is selling. is it the hair? the bangs ON the hair? the skin? the head shape? a new mesh head (not likely, okay)... the makeup? the freckles? the jewelry? one PIECE of the jewelry? oh! if i peer sideways at the name, it seems to be selling that one little nose stud, there. a lot of times, the name is no help. the name could be... Deluxe Mojo Sassafrass! ...well what the heck is THAT!? consumers need some info! the product name is a start. what it IS is helpful. "Deluxe Mojo Sassafrass hairstyle!" or "Deluxe Mojo Sassafrass freckles!" or "Deluxe Mojo Sassafrass nose stud!" other info is helpful as well. is it rigged? not rigged? rigged for who/what, exactly?? does it require Advanced Lighting Model to look that cool? and why, oh WHY, is everybody leaving off simple little indicators of the product permissions? is it mod? copy? trans? none!? sometimes, with caspervend, i can right click and 'touch' the vendor, and get the menu so i can press the 'info' button. if the vendor doesn't set up a description on the caspervend product page, it at LEAST tells me the name of the item, the price, and USUALLY the permissions. sometimes i get nothing. one time i didn't even get the permissions. how do you even turn that off?? this is just a constructive suggestion. take it how you will. i will warn you, one of the persons in the aforementioned discussion we had in group stated flatly that if they couldn't tell what was being sold from the image, they gave it a pass entirely. it is tempting. saves me some money :X TL;DR------------------------------------------------------------------------------ great product pics, guys! please write on there somewhere what it is out of the image that you're actually selling.
  12. i accidentally associated the wrong item in a marketplace listing, then i put the correct item in the listing box (the in-world thing, what's the official name for that?), and i associated it, but then i deleted the RIGHT one instead of the wrong one, and that managed to delete the whole listing right off of marketplace. i got the association number back, by looking at the number on the url on my merchant control panel for the item. but when i put that number in, to re-associate the item, the marketplace couldn't find it. so i had to re-create the listing. okay, that's on me. BUT... two people bought the (wrong) item. i sent them the correct thing in world, BUT... being thorough, i want to make sure they can get redeliveries in the future, so i wanted to send them the new listing item through the marketplace, so it would be in their purchase history. so... it seems there's no way to actually do that? probably an anti-spam/griefing thing. but. i dunno, any suggestions?
  13. heyas! i saw somewhere once this sign, and it said like: 'if you can see the word in this rectangle, you have materials enabled.' it was like a "materials zone ahead" warning sign? i wasn't able to find it on the marketplace... i dunno if it's a freebie or not or what. anybody seen anything like that??
  14. nobody really replied to my topic? (how did they know i was bad about following up on forums? :X) managers just sharked me directly? hm. well, i thought i'd add a little more details about me and my business(es), in order for any interested parties... to know if they were interested? i'm aspie, and i do not respond well to people who get in my face, and advertisers. i appreciate managers need to be gung-ho and in-your-face advertisers, just know i will have a negative reaction to that. i do not use voice, i can't hear voice, i do not have the voice module installed. part of my aspie affect is that i don't respond well to people talking to me. i communicate via text only. i have.... 3 and a half businesses. 1a: Willow Creek Mill: this is for my tiny and titchy (and someday dinkie) stuff. 1b: Bloodsong Termagant/Termagant Industries: this is for my non tiny/titchy/dinkie mods and products (chibi noodle, manticore, pudgy puff, etc etc), mesh builds, scripts, etc. 2: 3D Menagerie: this is for my mesh animal and creature avatars. 3: Brass Ring Ranch: this is for my horse-specific mods and stuff (mainly teeglepet).
  15. it's a long story i'm sure you don't want to read, but i discovered that some businesses have a manager. i've always thought i would do a lot better with a manager, or a PR person, or... something. so my FIRST question is... What does a manager do? (i'm not talking about club managers, or mall managers, but a person who 'manages' stuff for a shop/brand.) i'm generally good at creating stuff (i build, model, script, animate, even texture), but i suck at promotion and advertising. and i HATE boxing up stuff and putting it in caspervend and marketplace. i do have a couple people who have offered to help in making product photos at least, but... that end of production is real slow. stuff like posting advertisements, buying advertising space in world or on the marketplace, or getting into promotional events... i suck at. do managers handle all that? do they do PR? do they do CS? do they create copy and advertising images and stuff? do they ride herd on the creator and demand deadlines and such? do they ok/reject project ideas? i see a quirky little shop like hextraordinary, and they have a manager... and i wonder... can i become big like them, too? so my second question is... How do I find a good manager? And how much do I pay them? do they get a percentage, a salary, wages, perqs...???
  16. Sunday, March 15 i noticed in my Group IM list, i had some conference chat from "BELLYSNIFFER"... and decided it must be some griefing something and closed it, then blocked that person. several minutes later, i got another conference im from the same name (different account? dunno). i reported it through the abuse tools. others posted the settings below to prevent conference IMs. since i had the 'report automatically ignored' setting on, i began getting spammed by other accounts trying to conference me. these accounts were of established avatars, much older than the account that started this nonsense. i have a concern that this conference spam is somehow gaining access to people's accounts, though i don't know how. aside from the abuse report sent, and, well, here... i don't know what other channel to use to report this. so... A: where/how do i report it, if i think it is more serious than random griefing, and... B: is it actually hacking accounts, and how do i protect myself against that happening to mine? Settings to avoid Conference IM Griefing:
  17. thanks, guys! it wasn't under the setdebug command. it really is intrinsic to the detach locking on the hud, like kt said. but i dont see on the rlv page how to use the 'nostrip' setup. it sounds a little complicated. ;D thank you, coffee, for how to contact the RLV team!
  18. i'm using @detach=no on a hud i want to remain on me during avatar/outfit changes. which is all fine, but today i got a strange message from the rlv api, stating i could not go into wireframe mode due to rlv restrictions. i can't find anything about wireframe mode on the RLV API page, so i'm wondering if that is part of the command (it's pretty draconian, really, you can't edit the locked object at all (which is desired, of course)), or if i have some setting turned on that i don't want on or what?
  19. not sure where to post this suggestion... went to the jira; i thought there was a 'suggestion' category, and a 'website' one too, but... didn't find that. anyway, when i go to check my real money balance -- uh, first of all, is there a specific place to see that? and/or see my open lindex orders? -- well, i use the 'process credit' page, because that shows my us$ balance. usually $0.00, because i'm usually waiting for a lindex sell order to go through...! it's just that every time i got to the process credit page, and i do have a zero balance, there's this big red error box that says "THERE IS A PROBLEM WITH YOUR ACCOUNT. Your account does not have sufficent funds to make a process credit request. " well... yeah, but that's NOT a "problem" with my account. my balance just happens to be zero at the time. (okay, so no monehz is a problem... but does it need to look like a huge 'omg, a problem with your account: you have been haxxorxed!!11!1!!' message?) (ps: the spellchecker just noticed that 'sufficient' is spelled wrong on that page, too :X ) (just sayin'!) oh, DUH! i found it! it's called 'account summary.' which i thought... is what i was looking at when i was looking at 'account'. :X that page doesn't have my open lindex orders, though. like dollars/lindens tied up, which are still in my account. while i'm making suggestions no one will ever see... i thought it might be cool if i could somehow get an in-world notice when my lindex sell order went through. (yes, because i have a terrible time paying attention to real life!)
  20. oh, hahahha, i see! all this time, when i had to send my painstakingly-age-verified friend to go buy me a contact juggling ball, and all those gacha guild avatar release events i missed... all i had to do was change one preference thing!?!?? OMG, THAT'S HYSTERICAL!!! ;D my cashing out is fine, i did that banking rigamarole months ago. the marketplace is good... IF you know what you want, and can find it. there's just no replacement for strolling up and down the mall, gazing at all the cool creatures in the vendors! crazy japanese stuff you never knew existed! (or that you needed very badly. ;D)
  21. anybody remember NorthStar AV? with fond nostalgia? no? just me? ... :X then i found Avagora Mall at Montecito Bay. hallelujah! the proprietor DOES remember NorthStar AV and wants to keep the Avatar Mall concept alive! but now they have switched from a moderate sim to an adult sim. which is fine. i've never age-verified because i've never had a compelling reason to... maybe now i do! BUT... as also a merchant there, i don't want my in-world vendors to be in a restricted access area. so i'm looking for places to shop (preferably not adult sims), as well as places i might rent shop space. oh, just to clarify... these are for NON-HUMAN avatars. furries, yes; but also ferals, animals, fantastical creatures, robots, mechs, food, dragons, ghosts, toys, tinies, chibis... anything weird! and a mall, which has many different shops from many, many different vendors. thanks!
  22. why am i the lucky one?? when i go back in world, i'll try it in a different region. thanks!
  23. i'm trying to play it once. but it doesn't play at all. did it work for you? i posted a jira. https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/BUG-228006
  24. i don't understand why this isn't working. i have this old texture for blinking eyelids, and instead of having each prim do its animation, i thought i'd get the root to do them both. buuuuut... it won't do it just once. THIS WORKS: llSetLinkTextureAnim(LINK_ALL_CHILDREN, ANIM_ON | LOOP | PING_PONG, 0, 2, 2, //--grid size 0, 4, //--frame start/end 10.0); //--speed THIS DOES NOTHING: llSetLinkTextureAnim(LINK_ALL_CHILDREN, ANIM_ON | PING_PONG, 0, 2, 2, //--grid size 0, 4, //--frame start/end 10.0); //--speed same thing if i use an individual link number instead of all children. why??? :(
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