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  1. I took a photo of my backyard, the truth is that I really like the view, where you can see the ocean.
  2. there are already vampires in belli, some of my neighbors are.
  3. that first image reminds me of the interior of a poetica cottage
  4. I didn't say anything about stopping posting on the forum. I just wanted to leave the subject of rezz zones. on the other hand, not publishing does not mean that it is not there.
  5. the tone of my posts ?? ... really ?, I will not continue with this.
  6. I do not intend to legislate anything nor do I force any rules, the rezz areas of bellisseria are clear and are even marked with symbols, such as cars or boats, I do not mean to say that you cannot rezz a bike for example, but it is not a sandbox or tell me where says it can be used as such?
  7. I agree with that, also luckily we have other options such as putting a platform in the sky, it is a close and perfect place to review the inventory content. Premium members also have the option to use sandboxes created for premium members that can be used. please do not use rezz zones for other purposes.
  8. The only thing I agree with is the convenience of not having to go far to rezz a car or whatever you want to use as transportation. but a rezz zone is not a sandbox and much less is anyone's personal, since it is a common area that should be used only for what it was created.
  9. the door doesn't tell me much, if it weren't for the knocker, and now that I see it better if it could somehow fit into some of the styles mentioned, without it it would be a simple door with glass
  10. In case the new theme is a European-style house, I think I would be more inclined to think that it is a Dutch or German-style house, although I would love, as I once said, a Provencal-style house in Bellisseria
  11. the truth is that it is not a bad idea to encourage those who still keep the old houses, to give them a similar but improved environment, perhaps with more detailed and real houses with more than one or two rooms, lanterns with Japanese-style pathways and trees cherry, ainssss how cute! I'm even imagining it. Another style that I love is the Provencal houses, I imagine everything decorated with cypresses or lavender, rustic stone bridges, earth colors and green fields, awww that beauty!
  12. I was reading the comments of some before the excitement of the next launches for bellisseria, I think that the work that Linden is developing for SL is great, I think they try to please everyone by offering different options for the tastes of each and every one. there will be things that we like more or in other cases less talking about the options of decoration and location of the houses, since many fear for issues of railings or stairs etc ... I think that all opinions are good because they give new ideas and solutions but you cannot always please everyone and less when the themes are for e
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