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  1. 43 minutes ago, FairreLilette said:

    I'm curious now...have you asked them in the form of a formal suggestion to Linden Lab if they could do this?  It would be great, of course!  


    It was a blanket statement, not meant for comments.  However, you have to know consumer confidence is going to go down because of the U.S. situation.  Consumer confidence could go down for a few years.  It's just not known yet the full impact on the U.S. economy, let alone the global economy in the forth coming year.  So, no comment is necessary.  But, it is what it is, whether it is politic or simply what the situation is and/or is going to be.  I'd say a second lockdown could bring more people here to SL, and we are so close to lockdown but have no money to live on should a lockdown occur.  What we do have in California right now without a lockdown is restaurants are take-out only and a stay at home curfew in the night time from 10 p.m. to 5:30 a.m. in L.A. County, even as headlines read the virus is on the verge of catastrophe here and other places in America as well.  Consumer confidence is low for all spending because of it.  I saved for some sales thanks to a few people on the forum telling me about the black friday sales here and I prepared myself by joining the groups of items I wanted, demoing stuff before-hand as well as rezzing in the sims pre-sale to help reduce the lag.  


    The first part of your quote - There are 10+ Jira's for Marketplace improvements (I have a very long thread on here too where we asked LL for a survey of Merchants / plus what Marketplace features etc people are looking for).

    The second part of your quote - I just don't really have any comment on apologies as I am not getting involved in off topic elements.

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  2. 2 hours ago, FairreLilette said:

    Yeah, I know you have to set all items for sale on MP...I've done it myself.  But, I don't have any kind of a big big store.   But, still, it's money and still even further, sales are a part of business and people may NOT buy otherwise or buy sparingly.  I am hoping Blueberry will have one on Marketplace too but that may be wishful thinking because they don't do as many sales as Addam's.  Addam's has had at least four sales this year and one was on Marketplace.  Blueberry hasn't even had one sale this year that I know of.   It's work to do a sale, but the people would really make a lot of money and probably way more money on Marketplace because of difficulty getting into a full sim and especially when you have those kinds of sizes in your groups - tons and tons o' money to be made in sales on Marketplace!   


    I joined the group weeks ago so I could get a notice if they would be having a Black Friday sale.  I joined the groups inworld I wanted to get notices from for the sales, so that's how I heard about LAQ's sale - I got the notice.  I love Seraphim outlet 50% off shopping since I found it a few months ago which is a monthly thing I'd guess, all these sales really helps us in the U.S. since our government has abandoned us in the U.S. and will not help us.  

    Other stores may have a lot of listings which differs to you.  Hence why you may profit, but for me it wouldn't add up cost/benefit.     Generic "make a lot of money" statements doesn't really apply in all cases.     I would love a full sales mechanism to be built into a proper Marketplace 2.0 from LL that allows proper promotions, discounts, flash sales etc.

    Re the US Government - no comment, not bringing politics into a generic topic on American driven sales events within Second Life.


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  3. 9 hours ago, FairreLilette said:

    Yeah, but why cannot they put some of these sales on Marketplace?  Why does it all have to be inworld which causes all this mayhem?  I think I got Freya head free on Marketplace if memory serves me correctly.  So, I'm speaking of just in general terms...why all inworld only?  It's nuts!  As you know.  I doubt asking for others to please not use teleport hammers is going to work.  I just looked one up myself but now that I've read this post it doesn't seem the right thing to do because in another post you said it's like launching a DDOS attack on someone and I don't want to do that...but, again, why not just put some sales on MP...it's money coming in from MP too and people need money for their business.  

    One reasons I suspect, there is no “sale” override function you can apply to a marketplace store at whole, or by grouping products etc.  I think you have to go into each price and manually amend (which again I may be not up to date, then impacts the search placement).  You can try to group listings but it’s seriously painful if you have more than. A hundred items or so. Then once the sale is done, go back in again and put back to full price.   LL have stated marketplace dev is not a priority until uplift is finished.  But this is one feature that would be hugely welcomed I am sure...

    If it just one item for sale it’s a non issue.  If your whole store, ouch.  Whereas Inworld, if using things like Caspervend, you can set a sale blanket level and be done in a few clicks....

  4. On 11/20/2020 at 12:11 PM, Trinity1776 said:

     Know exactly which designer you are referring to, Kylie...and I've been wondering why they. have done this as well.

    One reason could be is LL now do houses with their premium accounts / the neighborhoods etc.   I wonder if some creators focus on different areas due to that?   

  5. On 11/20/2020 at 7:14 AM, Kylie Jaxxon said:

    It has gotten beyond ridiculous, IMO....another pet peeve, there is a designer who used to do such cute things, now, every event are signs.  Signs, signs, signs and nothing else :( There are also a few great designers who used to do houses, or wonderful home interiors, and they have fallen back on food :( I get that the food stuff is the fad now, and I'm sure it's much easier to make, and they probably make a ton of L's from it, but there are those of us who don't do the "food" thing, and miss all the other things.  I've stopped supporting those creators.  It's sad to see, but hoping one day, the cycle will come around to the way it was before.

    ETA:  Not you, Charlotte...still love your builds :)

    Thank you, that's really kind to say!  

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  6. 1 hour ago, Trinity1776 said:

    I don't know if there are more events now because "sales are down" - I had suspected that there is an increase in the number of events due to 1) people being stuck at home due to COVID-19 and 2) the increased ability to showcase these events on social media, and with sites like Seraphim, and vloggers on youTube. Like a bunch of people have had the idea this year of starting shopping events, or creating additional shopping events.

    I was on SL for several years, then off for a few years, and then back on in the last two or three years. Some events that were there in the past still existed when I came back - like Collabor88, Fameshed, Cosmopolitan, and the Arcade. Others, even some that were really popular at the time, were long gone. There's a life cycle to these things - people have real-life issues and have to drop an event they are responsible for, some have participating merchants drop out and are unable to replace them with merchants of equal or better quality. You can tell that a reoccurring event is on shaky ground when 1) they have lots of empty booths and/or 2) have a high percentage of poor-quality or low-skill-level vendors where even their item images are awful. There are some events - that I won't name because I don't want to insult people - that I'm pretty sure are on shaky ground at this point.

    As to Seraphim opening up its own region with vendor stores and their own ongoing event, I'm not surprised that the folks behind Seraphim are taking advantage of their current popularity by doing this.  It's a business opportunity for them. There are other shopping regions that are aligned with big events, like the one Cosmopolitan is on.Seraphim's region might have even been somewhat modeled on that idea, since they have both the big event and a weekly event that includes an item at participating stores in the region.

    Sales have generally been up since February 2020 based on merchant surveys.   Albeit it does depend on the merchant of course.   

    I do wonder what is the alternative to events.  There have been so many things.  Hud based grid hops, sales at mainstore events, grouped events (like Fameshed etc), Gacha etc and variations on the themes through to doing main store releases solo - I did one a while back for a certain house and we had people camping out to buy it - it reminded me of SL 2006 all over again - it showed me it is possible.   However I am a hobbyist these days so tinker for fun only.   The main store success does take a lot of time to achieve but as people like AF, Blueberry show - it can be done with hard work and talent and you have to combine that with good marketing skills.

    It takes a lot of work for a creator to grow a following - we outpace some of the big names on things like social media some times (purely as I have a person who does that who is an ace at all things with marketing) but for the new creator it is beyond overwhelming to scale towards that.   I wish Linden Lab would do more things like the Shop N Hop but when they can bring focus on New Talent Showcase - e.g. creators less than 24 months old in world (not alts).  Strawberry Linden has always done an amazing job at showcasing content, let's hope we see more from her in those areas in the future.  

  7. On 11/16/2020 at 6:13 PM, Nalates Urriah said:

    I am pretty sure the word 'eradicated' doesn't mean what you think...

    No... sorry you missed the point. Other pandemics of smaller and larger sizes did not create the economic chaos affecting SL. It isn't the virus but the panic and lock downs that have both helped and hurt SL. The OP asked about the pandemic as the cause.



    Purely interested,  how do you perceive the economic chaos as affecting SL - do you have a citation in how it relates to SL?

    From a SL standpoint - my own viewpoint based on the metrics we capture (including the LINDEX ones).
    The growth since January has been on a stable curve using LINDEX metrics and has dipped gradually since August but has maintained a stable level.  
    LL's income  has also remained stable based on ratio of income from tier and fees.  The cloud project is costing them with the limitation on sims, but cost/benefit looks healthy once complete.
    Numbers are reducing down again on log ins but still are vastly higher than January 2020.
    Merchant cash out amounts have settled down (from the merchants who take part in the economy survey - private group) but growth still has allowed increased profits combined with the Lindex supply/demand rates moving toward sellers favor.

    Now before I get a thread reported again on me for being Off Topic - coming back to the OP's post.
    Many people (nothing to do with COVID) enjoy buying land, decorating it, then trying somewhere new, creating new things, ideas so I often view nice places I find at like a limited time "installation" and enjoy it during the time it is there.  The fact it isn't there tomorrow, is generally quite normal in SL.   There are some fantastic blogs and groups in SL that explore many places, so hopefully you will find something just as lovely soon.   (In summary, the sky isn't falling) ;)


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  8. I really. like how Apple does things.

    I can understand how things get overwhelming.   I am a hobbyist, and do one event a month now and also left the gacha events as it was brutal to make so many things (and the day after they would be replicated anyway, so cost/effort was a major consideration). Recently I have struggled myself to come up with "new" things.  So can understand how shoppers may also get jaded with similar products/outputs by a creator.    Weirdly this week I got inspired so made a new thing for the Saturday Sale which was fun to do.  It is nice sometimes as they have a flexible rule you don't have to do each week - I love shopping myself too on the new items that come up.

    I have found people who do this professionally do really well with focusing on their own products at their own sims. 


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  9. I see it’s your own artwork.  Personally I think you are making it a little complicated but each to their own!

    I would recommend making it mod though.  People have different sized houses etc so non mod mesh is a big headache for buyers and likely will stop somebody buying.  

    also the LI for a canvas could be 1 versus 3 did you make the mesh yourself as you can optimIze the LODs to make it efficient :)




  10. 6 hours ago, Katherine Heartsong said:

    Thank you so much for your help!

    I may also simply have the items in my store not "buyable" but dispense a note card with information, a link, and instructions about how to purchase it in the Marketplace store. Now I have to figure out the click and "offer a note" scripting thing. :)

    Can I ask why you want to do it this way out of interest?  Just in case there is a better way?

  11. 12 minutes ago, Katherine Heartsong said:

    Quick "how would you do this" type question from a newbie. I want to preferably be able to show an item in my Marketplace store, but direct the user the my in-world store to buy the item. These are limited edition (one only) items so I can't have it for sale in both locations unless I can somehow tie a purchase in one place to the other. In other words, if a buyer buys item A at my in world store, the items would have to become "0" quantity in the Marketplace so It could not be bought a second time. And vice versa. Thoughts?

    1. You can sell limited copies on Marketplace as you mention - just select that option when you set up the listing and upload each item.  Quantity will then go to zero once all are sold.
    2. You cannot have an "empty" listing that directs users to buy inworld (see marketplace TOS below) as that is deemed a catalog item (I believe).
    3. You can have a limited quantity item on Marketplace with a "see item in Second Life" SLURL.   So if you have at least two of the limited quantity items - you can upload one to Marketplace, put one for sale on your land and hope the user clicks the "see item in Second Life" link and purchases it there.
    4. If these are NOT third party items (e.g. gacha) and your own work (e.g. you are making it limited edition yourself) say a run of 10 items, you could use 2. above and just reconcile daily to ensure you don't ever sell more than the 10 you wish across both marketplace/inworld.  

    "The SL Marketplace is also not to be used for:

    • Advertising events, places, or groups.
    • Creating Listings for land sales/rentals except as for free in the Marketplace Land Categories,
    • Dispensing catalogs or information regarding a service without actually charging at least 50% of the value of that service.
    • Creating Demo Product Listings without linking the Demo to the Full Version of the product."

    If you have only one of the limited quantity items (e.g. if you are a gacha reseller) The only way I can think of is, is in world have a picture of it and a script that directs the user to purchase directly on Marketplace.  

    Albeit, I would have to ask why you would want to do that with a limited quantity item .  You'll then pay the Marketplace commission for the sale.

    Somebody more versed in this may post on this - I may have missed a workaround you can use as I don't sell limited quantity items myself.  I do know however it can't be an empty listing directing the person to go and buy inworld.    

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  12. 40 minutes ago, Norsk Himmel said:

    We had no ticket from you on the 3rd October

    Kind Regards,
    (CasperTech Support)

    Hi - I can't post chat logs here obviously - but I can confirm on 3 October 2020, at 13.48 your CasperHelp account reacted to my account and generated the direct link for the ticket to be raised and responded to me and I submitted it.  If that ticket has gone by they wayside not a problem, you'll see me raising the request again yesterday (I also screenshot the ticket for safety).  Hope that helps you take a look at it. :)

    Perhaps easier for you to respond to me via the ticket system as it would great to get an ETA when you will have had a chance to investigate the outstanding support questions.

    Thanks so much!

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  13. 15 minutes ago, Casper Warden said:

    We receive perhaps one report of a missing transaction every six months or so, and it's usually related to a heavily busy event region which is lagged to hell.

    Even during an outage, our vendors always provide transaction links which we can use to trace a transaction from end to end. No other system has this kind of tracking or accountability.

    The outage was horrible, and we do sincerely apologise to everybody affected. But this isn't a regular occurrence.

    Hi Casper

    Yes I know the outage was a rare one, glad to see it got resolved.
    Just as merchants we do see missing transactions, so we implemented on our side a reconciliation to L$ so if there are missed ones we simply manually can upload directly.   Not always events (as we use the special event script) but can be for any reason including direct SL issues.  

    Without the reconciliation we implemented we were reliant on customers to flag it.  Normally they only realized when they tried to redeliver something and it didn't show.  Best practice for merchants is always to reconcile to any third party application as whilst issues may be rare, they do occur (as many merchants have discussed directly) and we always want to ensure our customers are fully supported/protected at our end and don't miss out on upgrades/redelivery capabilities.

    Looking forward to a response to my tickets from 3rd Oct etc on that missing transaction to see if you can trace it as that is one we could not locate anywhere and it occurred before the reconciliations were implemented.  The user did state they were mass banned by Caspervend (obviously we can't substantiate that and we don't get involved in third party disputes).

    I have popped in the new ticket also the group request plus will pop in the missing transactions from the outage (if not yet resolved).  Either way we can manually upload them if required.

    Thanks again and hope your week goes more smoothly herein.

  14. 6 hours ago, Jules Catlyn said:

    @Charlotte Bartlett

    Tickets should have been answered unless it is a very intricate question. For joining the group: Add that as a question to your existing ticket.  If you have missing transactions, put that in the ticket as well.

    It was for another missing transaction before the outage so not intricate.   I will add more to my tickets.   But from memory caspervend struggles with missing transactions when they occur  in normal operation too.  Quite a few merchants have had that issue (discussed in our closed merchant Facebook group).  We now don’t rely on the history in caspervend for that reason and do manual reconciliations monthly.

    I will pop the group add request to the outstanding tickets, thanks so much!

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  15. On 11/8/2020 at 5:35 PM, Jules Catlyn said:

    If you are an owner you can still join the group by filing a ticket and we also have an open-to-join group for notices. You can always IM me inworld for details

    @Jules Catlyn

    Unrelated - I am still awaiting a response from my ticket on 3rd Oct 2020 (no response to me).  I raised a second ticket  today but will give some leeway in response time after you get the system issues resolved.  But would be grateful if you can get back to me when able.

    Would you also add me to the group, I have been using the system for years and also cannot join it as it's non public - thanks in advance!

    Related - Also for merchants still sorting through this as a heads up- there are still transactions not showing on Caspervend that were valid purchases.   I would highly recommend you do a download of your L% Transaction history and do a reconciliation.  I have found multiple customer purchases "missing" in the caspervend system but payment was made and present in my L$ Transaction History.  It sounds like they still have a way to go to recover all the missing transactions during the outage at this stage.    I have manually delivered to those customer, but my hope is Caspervend add to their database what went missing so customers have an ability for redeliveries in the future or to receive product upgrades.

    I should add if they can't be recovered - you can do a manual upload of the missing ones directly so there is a workaround too.


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  16. 11 minutes ago, Kimmi Zehetbauer said:

    A few things I gotten had the mod/copy enabled.  But in the package was a no mod/copy item and the notecard said if you're new in SL, use that one until learn to edit.

    That’s a good idea.  Albeit perm setting in SL is one of the biggest headaches.  For copy items as they can Rez a million. Houses (if they had the land and allowance) I try to encourage customers to have a go on a copy to make mods to learn then just Rez another to reset it if needed.  

    With firestorm now (for one linked piece) they just need to copy and paste the coordinates to realign the new copy to where the old one was, so no need to even adjust furniture etc.

  17. 32 minutes ago, Ultimo Constantineau said:

    I think creators should learn how to manage and deal with new players if that is actually the case or honestly get out of the business of selling things.

    Creators (I speak generally) like myself do an inordinate amount of customer support and help on learning SL.  Far often to bridge the gap in any onboarding help for new players.  New players are growth and the more the merrier!!  

    If would be amazing if we could see more new user directed tutorials so users can discover the joy of modifying things in SL :)



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  18. I thought rezzables tend to be mod / copy (bar gacha).  I always do mod / copy so people can color or change textures to their hearts delight or reconfigure things.  I unwrap things specifically so customers can use any of their own textures to things like floors, walls etc and it will all align perfectly.

    What is more noticeable these days is how many users in SL don’t know how to use the basic edit / build menu.   One reason (not that I agree with it) some creators may make complex scripted things non mod is to cut down on customers breaking stuff and needing significant support.  

    I get at least two CSRs a day from customers who accidentally unlink a build so their doors don’t work, or they  make a ceiling purple or something in error etc.    Now we don’t mostly build in SL it has fast become a lost art on modifying items for users who purely “consume”.   

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  19. 39 minutes ago, FairreLilette said:

    It didn't "win" per se, if per se is the phrase I'm looking for (brain dead due to election madness overkill).  Minecraft is just more accessible on a myriad of devices as well as easier for "kids" and it's something to keep the kids occupied so parents can grab some alone time to talk or relax that's why it's more popular or has a higher user base - easier, works on all kinds of devices, keeps parent's happy.   SL will have a mobile app soon but I'm sure it's more for talking (messaging) than graphics. 

    I think they won if the metric used is “profit”.... for Minecraft specifically too....

  20. 37 minutes ago, Marianne Little said:

    You are sure that we don't pay VAT when we purchase §L?

    I know I pay VAT for tier, I only hope VAT is not tacked on purchase of §L.

    We aren't that I am aware of from when I lived in the UK.  

     Linden Dollars you are not buying from Linden Lab, but another resident.
    You should see it for where you purchase services or fees directly from LL (so USD tier, Lindex Fees etc).

  21. 45 minutes ago, Lindal Kidd said:

    Thanks, Charlotte.  LL needs to update their VAT pages.  Besides, I see an inconsistency here.  They say they add VAT/GST to "LindEx transaction fees", which would be the $1.49 USD fee (among others)...but I don't see it added in the screenshot the OP posted.

    I did wonder that too - However, as the screenshot is cut off so I couldn't calc to see if they did embed 10% GST.    

    If the OP @xBaeBeexdoes read this and hopefully she does:

     If she goes to her account history page the transaction will show the tax amount so she can confirm there what they charged her.

    + Yes they do need to update their documentation, that's a good catch!. The blog wording as you mention specifies GST (Goods and Services Tax) but then links to a page over VAT (Value Added Tax) for other countries.   Terminology makes this tricky globally.   If any other Australian's see this posts they may be able to check a recent Linden purchase and check the account history page to clarify for us too.   I am not based in Australia so can't check myself.

    This page here also needs a bit of a refresh - > http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Linden_Lab_Official:Value_Added_Tax_(VAT)_Frequently_Asked_Questions#Linden_Lab_is_based_in_the_United_States._Why_are_you_charging_VAT_for_Norwegian_and_European_Residents_or_GST_for_Australian_Residents.3F

    Plus this link should be removed - > http://www.house.gov/jec/news/news2006/pr109-98.pdf (it doesn't exist)

  22. 2 hours ago, Lindal Kidd said:

    Well, hold on there.

    The "$99 Premium Fee" has NOTHING to do with Linden Dollars.  If you want an annual Premium membership, you pay $99 USD, you do NOT buy $L.  If you're wanting a Premium membership, go to the Account section of your Dashboard page, and click the Premium Membership link there.

    Your screenshot shows a buy of $L.  Any time you buy $L, a transaction fee of $1.49 USD is tacked on.  That explains the $100.49.  While a lot of European countries charge a Value Added Tax, Australia is not on LL's list of VAT countries.  Besides, VAT is not charged for purchases of $L.  I suspect the difference between your currency converter number and the number shown by LL is the addition of one or more currency conversion fees.  You could call LL Billing at 800-294-1067 and ask.

    It was covered in a post here for the GST add on for Australians - > 


  23. Hi

    If you purchase a premium membership or own a Region you always pay in USD directly to Linden Lab (so no use of the LINDEX).
    If you purchase in world content (e.g. hair, clothes) you need to buy Game Tokens (Linden Dollars) using the LINDEX.

    Annual Premium Membership Fee

    USD 99 + 10% GST = USD 108.99   
    USD 108.99 x AUD Bank FX rate 1.45573921 = AUD 158.53
    Final Total Cost = AUD 158.53

    As FX rates are fluid and not static so on 25 June 2020 when you were charged, the market FX rate for USD/AUD sat in the region of 1.4519.   FX rates change real time whilst your bank has it's treasury desks open.   Worse case your bank made a 0.42 AUD profit from you as a small spread on the FX rate,  or just due to timing of the charge during the day,  or due to an International transaction fee (your bank can tell you which it was).

    Your screenshot of the Google FX Rate is showing a 1M average FX Rate from yesterday which will never match what your bank is using.   Your bank will use a spot rate based on what it's treasury desk's rates are (it's how banks make money trading FX) - FX rates against the USD have moved considerably between 25 June and today.

    LINDEX - Buying Game Tokens (Linden Dollars) for use in Second Life to purchase things (e.g. Avatar clothing)

    The LINDEX is only used for buying in game tokens - "Linden Dollars" for purchase of items in Second Life (or selling any surplus you have if you need a refund on your game tokens).   The math will however follow the same methods as above for those in Australia.  However,  you will have an additional USD 1.49 added as a fee first for using the LINDEX to purchase game tokens.  The fee is larger if you sell Linden Dollars for a refund back into USD.


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