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  1. It is very obvious that you never took a serious look at what SL is, before you wrote that silly survey. It is just disturbing how many students try to use us as testdummies for their survey. No matter if people answer correctly or just play with your results, one thing is for sure: you can FLUSH the whole outcome. One simple example of your ignorance towards SL: How strongly do you agree part, statement to agree or disagree on: "Linden Dollars can be exchanged for US Dollars" That is a fact, not something you can have an oppinion of. If you cannot see the difference between oppinions and facts, then I recommend you to stop your study at the University since it is obviously beyond your intellectual capabilities.
  2. Weird issue, weird indeed. Yesterday I got so frustrated that I desided to reinstall the offiial viewer from scratch. I had little hope this would help, since I don't think the calculation is done viewerside. But what you know... it did work. My older models are again what they used to be, also on Firestorm (and did not reinstall that one) Maybe it was luck, maybe was missing some files, but it seems that the high Li on physics part is resolved now. The model I spoke of earlier is again what it should be. It confuses me, but it works, so for now, I am happy.
  3. Then the variable numbers I noticed before were not set to the right physics. I see indeed that it only tells convex hull. In my humble opinion, adding the prim physics in the uploader ( or instead of convex hull) should not be somethign we need to ask for, but should be in there. Pure logic: we upload a physics model together with our mesh models. In most cases a physics model that is working as we need it. In case of houses specially. I am not one bit interested in the convex hull cost, since that renders a house useless anyways. I am uploading a physics model to people can walk in, climb the stairs etc etc. After doing that physics part in the floater, to then see the "convex hull" physics weight is beyond pointless. It is right out idiotic that they did that like this in the first place. Just my 2 cents on the subject. This is frustrating to work with. Now I know this I need to preload every single model (which at times can be a couple of dozen a week) on the betagrid first. Never did that up untill today after I got the hang of it It also still does not explain the difference in cost. Like I said, a model (that I uploaded months ago) is set to prim physics, it is 5 prim land impact. (4 on convex) Now I used that model to test a bit to see what is wrong... now the VERY same model (not altered in any way) after several tests is 19 prim on the same physics settings, And no matter what I try or play with, it stays 19. Up untill now I thought I figured it out roughly. Couple of dozen houses, couple of hundred uploads up till now, and all of a sudden it seems the rules have been changed? After the replies I got here, and thinking back a little bit... I am starting to suspect the last restart?
  4. Yeah I looked into it and that is normal behavior. I do see a difference though on what the outcome is. And am at this point reinstalling the official viewer. I think somehow I must be missing files. I still am confused on the physics settings. I used that daily, and cannot understand why the physics are now so insanely high. Even with older models I uploaded before when I got exactly the primcount it told me I would get (with physics properties on "prim") are now insanely high. On both viewers, on both grids (main and aditi) I am confused.
  5. That's weird I could have sworn it did tell me till about a few days ago. Also after analizing, it tells me n/a on triangles, which never happened before either. The physics weight seems to be way more than I am used to on similar sets of walls. I am thinking maybe some librairies are missing or such. Really weird, this is new to me.
  6. Hello all, I am experiencing the weirdest behavior lately. When I upload a set of walls for one of my buildings, I always make a simplified Physics shape. However lately, it seems that the calculation on those physics seem off. Example: uploaded a set of walls, placed a physics shape under the physics tab in the upload floater and analized it. Simplified it a little and closed holes. I hit "calculate" and it tells me my model is 0.6 prim on phyisics (roughly 2.5 on download and 0.5 on server) Rezzed this model inworld, and as expected it tells me it cost me 3 prims. I set the physics shape from Convex Hull to Prim and voila: 17!!!!!!!! Simple but straight forward question: Why did it tell me 0.6 on physics and give me an actual 17 on physics??? I know it's the physics, when I check in the build menu - more info (on land impact) What I do know this is not a viewer issue, I got the exact same behavior on 2 different viewers (Firestorm and LL viewer)
  7. yes I did a complete clean install. Removed the program, removed the settings and cache folders by hand, removed any references in the Register. Still experiencing the lag when building issue. Second Life 3.4.2 (267137) Nov 19 2012 12:24:52 (Second Life Release) Release Notes CPU: AMD Athlon II X4 630 Processor (2800.1 MHz) Memory: 2048 MB OS Version: Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 3 (Build 2600) compatibility mode. real ver: 6.0 (Build 2900) Graphics Card Vendor: NVIDIA Corporation Graphics Card: GeForce GT 220/PCIe/SSE2/3DNOW! Windows Graphics Driver Version: 6.14.0013.0681 OpenGL Version: 3.3.0 libcurl Version: libcurl/7.21.1 OpenSSL/0.9.8q zlib/1.2.5 c-ares/1.7.1 J2C Decoder Version: KDU v7.0 Audio Driver Version: FMOD version 3.750000 Qt Webkit Version: 4.7.1 (version number hard-coded) Voice Server Version: Not Connected Built with MSVC version 1600 Why there is such a difference is beyond me. The Firestorm viewer is based on the Linden viewer. Both work fine in normal things ( up to this point it is only the options in FS and LL that are different) But it is on building when the difference becomes apparent. I simply cannot build smoothly on the LL viewer. No matter what I try, even setting graphics as low as possible without loosing the ability to see mesh, does not change a thing. Also checked if there would be a drastic drop in framerate. The answer is strangely enough No. Av. of 30fps and it does not drop when I cam in build mode.
  8. Ok asked this before, but seems the topic is too old. And things have changed a little. Let me explain what issues I am having. I'll be straight and honest from the get-go. First off, my prefered viewer is Firestorm. I only (at this stage) use the LL viewer for Mesh uploads. Let me explain why: When I go into edit in Firestorm, even when having a hold on extremely complex mesh objects, and then cam around, it is smooth, no lag, no bumpy camera. However on the official viewer, as soon as I am in edit mode, camming becomes a disaster. I mean really a disaster. I cannot even hold a single cube and cam around it without me wanting to throw my mouse out of the window from frustration on the extreme (yes indeed EXTREME) bumpy camera. Secondly, no matter what drawdistance I set, no matter what restrains I turn off, the camera has too many limits. I use therefor Firestorm to build. For me, the Linden Viewer simply does NOT cut it. However, the Linden viewer is the only viewer that correctly uploads my meshes. So I unfortunatly am constantly relogging to that viewer just to upload my models. But often I get a bad responding viewer, and when that happens it always tells me "we have downloaded an update for you, do you wish to install it now" The answer is no, not now, I am trying to upload, and who told you to download? I set it to manual! I do NOT want to download thigns in the background when I am trying to get my Meshes into Second Life. So basicly I have a 2 part questions. 1: does someone maybe know why my viewer is so laggy in build mode? (and only in build mode) and simply a joke compared to Firestorm (and any other 3rd party viewer I tested) 2: does someone know how to COMPLETELY shut off auto updates? No downloads in background, no nothing! only when mandatory on login screen? What I really need is a 1 viewer solution. At this stage I am so frustrated by the constant relogging. I asked about the upload issues on Firestorm, and am checking to see if there is any solution within the linden viewer for my problems. Right now, I want either the LL viewer to stop lagging, or the FS viewer to start correctly upload. Either of the 2 works for me. Sick and tired of the constant switch. Building with the Linden Viewer is simply no fun any longer for me.
  9. I did set it to manual. And again an update. I declined, but I got that message after it was downloaded. The settings clearly states "Download and install manually" Which obviously means "we download in background, and you deside to install" On "no" this means auto install next time I start? What really is annoying for me is that I had to download, and install, then run, set it BACK to manual, log in, and all that to upload 2 pieces of Mesh??? I don't mind the updates, and i do understand sometimes the mandatory updates. But this is simply annoying. Really if Firestorm would not mess up the physics on uploads, I would definatly without any doubt uninstall the official viewer. For now I have to deal with this. But I do not appreceate LL deciding when to download. I really don't
  10. Ok, not something I want to do, but will clean it off my computer and reinstall. I just want the "required updates" to stop since I only use the viewer to upload mesh, I prefer to build the rest in FS. I checked to make sure, but V3 and FS use completely different folders for their cache and settings, so I suppose am ok there. Also to ad: I use FS for multiple reasons, but the mayor reason is that although both viewers have about the same settings, FS is giving me a smooth building experience, while V3 becomes laggy and sticky while I build. Showstopped for me. Thanks for the tips though, I am definatly stopping this required updates noncense for those 5 minutes a week I spend on this viewer.
  11. I am starting to get annoyed about required updates here. Let me explain why, and you will immediatly understand why i do NOT use LL's own viewer that much. I mostly use Firestorm for my everyday SL, for the simple reason that that viewer offers me the best experience at this moment. However building is an issue, not everyday building, but uploading Meshes to the grid. For this I am unfortunatly relying on the original viewer, but I am really getting annoyed about the updates. I need to quickly log to that viewer to upload mesh and am "REQUIRED" to update... and when I do... LOST productivity. Not only that, every single time, my settings get resetted, every single time, it sets the language to default, giving me some danish crap while I am DEFINATLY situated in the NETHERLANDS And every single time, it gives me a new Deskop Icon, a new Start menu folder that I DO NOT WANT! So LL: those are good valid reasons for me to NOT use your own viewer, I am really starting to get annoyed with this.
  12. Bree Giffen wrote: If you see two guys together in SL, sitting at a welcome area, sailing on a boat, shopping, etc., do you just assume they are gay? How about two girls together? Sitting at welcome area I think nothing. Sailing together I think nothing Shopping together I think "wanna buy my stuffz?" Bottom line: I don't think that at all, simply because I don't care about their sexual preferences.
  13. Who owns the piece of land where you are trying to open the boxes? A parcel is always owned by someone or a group, that person, or group member with the right permissions, can change the settings in 'about land'
  14. I don't think the building issues are purely connection related. I think they can be viewer related as well. Example: on any viewer, except the latest official and beta, I can select and drag around loads of linksets without any issues. On the official, my camera becomes laggy, the dragging becomes laggy etc. If another viewer with same settigns does not show these problems, it's not your connection!. For me this also goes for voice, it is horrible and breaking up in the official and beta, but works perfect in for instance phoenix and firestorm. Again: this is the viewer, not the connection. With your building issue, I would try a different viewer, see if it remains persistant. For instance phoenix (since that is v1 based and less heavy on most systems) if you experience the same issues with that viewer, you are experiencing too much packet loss.
  15. For Marketplace search: do NOT use those idiotic symbols in front of your product title like ~+)* and so on. A lot of merchants do so, but it will make your product harder to show up in search. - you can use a few good pictures, always include one with standard lighting. - If the customer can see the product inworld: tell them! and DO put a recent slurl in there. See if you can team up with others with complimentary products. What I mean by that: if you are making furniture, you might want to team up with a prefab/home builder. Simply link to each other works good for both parties and people that buy furniture need a place to put them, and vise versa. Just a few thoughts, hope it helps
  16. I agree with toysoldier, the new firestorm is a good step forward for those that would love to see the v1 style skin. I was like that too, had phoenix and firestorm and mostly used the phoenix viewer. But on my main system I turned that around now. I am 80% of the time on Firestorm. Only reason for me to use phoenix is product pictures, I cannot get rid of the faded contours that firestorm or any other v2/3 viewer shows and that's annoying. Other than that: they have a v1 style skin, they have the pie menu and much more, I'd say if you system can run Firestorm, give it a try. (besides, you can keep phoenix as well, if you only want to use Firestorm for the outbox)
  17. Does it attempt to initialize? Does it tell you, you need a store? (if so: log into marketplace, then relog the viewer)
  18. Hello all, I am simply posting this here, to let other Merchants be warned about this. So they don't go "what the..." like I did. I just received an email that none of my items were listed and i could loose sales due to me deleting the magic boxes. It gave me an url in the email sending me to the old Xstreet site. Offcourse worried as I was, I went to the marketplace and discovered that everything was ok with the Direct Deliveries. I asume this email is just a glitch, since all my products, converted to DD, are simply still available. I am nearly placing this message to reduce any worries to fellow Merchants that might encounter such an email themselves. Regards, Benski
  19. I migrated all my items and took me roughly 90 minutes. That included unpacking my 129 products, since I keep them only in boxes. I also had issues deleting the unassociated items, and I solved it real simple. After migrating all my products, I emptied my magic boxes, meaning I deleted all products in it's inventory and let it sinc with the market place. Not ideal but a simple workaround.
  20. They just released the new viewer for the Merchant outbox. So I am asuming they are awake and working on it :matte-motes-big-grin:
  21. I am having the exact same issues. The rollout is today, but I asume not just yet untill Lindens get to work (considering the current SLT time)
  22. Oops I found out that phoenix only supports received items folder. Not the merchant outbox. What you might be able to do: get a compatible viewer, run it under minimum settings, just to use the outbox.
  23. Listings will stay intact... I almost am surten it will not. After all, they cannot keep the current site intact. Changes are happening already. - Sorting is broken - site becomes slower by the day - double listings when you want to ad related And now they insist nothing will break? Keep a chair free for me at that Psych. Ps: I feel for those with large amount of listings. I still am lucky with my roughly 130 items.
  24. Am not surprised myself. I have no such issues at the moment (knock wood) but I was pulling my hair out today when I browsed my listings. Since when is date default sorting instead of alphabetic order? freaking annoying. As for your Magic Box, did you try putting a copy out on a different sim? Maybe that works.
  25. I do agree that for some installing SL and starting with this VW is quite an undertaking already. I have never, in my entire SL life, ever told a newbie that they got the 'wrong software' I believe the first few days that is something they should be protected from. Even during the first period of v2, that dreaded viewer with sidebar, I installed it, despite the fact I never used it myself. I believe if you truely want to help new people, it is important to know what they can run in to. Refusing to use the official viewer, then run off to help island and when someone ask a viewer question, tell them to install 'your choice cause it's better' isn't helping at all. In those cases, keep quiet and let someone that isn't bias on the viewer, help that person out. I have my personal problems with the current viewer, even the Beta. But I need it for my Mesh uploads, so I gotta deal with it. It. Also helps me understand the way new people experience things better. I still think that the original viewer has issues that should easely be fixed, and I still believe that most 3rd party viewers (and am purely talking interface here) listen to their userbase much better than LL. Why for instance can I move stuff around under recent in FS, and not in LL viewer. Why can I choose between dropdown or piemenu in most of the 3rd party viewers, but not in LL, why for years already can I not get something basic like vertical tabs? If LL "would" deside to stop the Open Source and kick all TPV's off the grid, they first need to learn how to listen to their customer base (and I mean old AND new customers) "Linden Realms is the future" :matte-motes-big-grin-squint: omg I fell off my chair!! good one!
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