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  1. While I never upgraded to AVSit2, I still use AVSit1 all the time. It's perfect for synched animations and multi-sitting, and the system does not require rezzing poseballs nor do you get the permissions dialog box like you do with MLP. [Note: anyone who's worked with NPCs can see the benefit of no permission dialogs and a static UUID for "seating", both of which are a problem with using unlinked temp objects to animate an avatar. I've used AVSit with my "crew" (bots) to patrol an island sim in a motorboat...the limits to linked prims may be 54 meters, but sit targets have a limit of 300 met
  2. I have a friend who claims this happened to after a sim restart. Here's the process we went through to troubleshoot it. 1. If you have copies of the HUDs in your inventory (not links) try wearing those and see if those HUDs still work correctly. 2. Try resetting the scripts in the nonworking HUD (but you will probably lose your stored outfits) by selecting the HUD in Edit and then choosing Build > Scripts > Reset Scripts. 3. Ask the creator for a replacement HUD (which again, means you will lose your stored outfits) if you have no working copies of the HUD. Once yo
  3. When you log into Radegast, check to see if you have more than one "Current Outfit" folder. If you do, file a ticket with SL support to have the additional COFs removed from your inventory (since "Current Outfit" is a system folder, you can't remove them yourself.)
  4. I would look at either Corrade or MetaBOLT. MetaBOLT is no longer supported by it's creator, so recent changes in SL have broken a few features (like scripting costume changes) but it has two features that make it easy for operating NPCs. It still interfaces nicely with LSL (with the LSL-API) for the commands/functions that still work (that is if you can still find documentation on the commands available in LSL-API-- I suggest using the Wayback Machine for that information.). However, if you're not an LSL scripter looking for a machinima client, you can use the METAnomy feature to easil
  5. mikka Luik wrote: erm they did inform link you have is from 11th december I think more than a week... try logging in more often as a sentient and merry (insert holiday) kitten They were pretty quiet about the whole thing, and for anyone who's had to set up bot scripts for Meta or any of the other bot services out there, it's going to be a nightmare scrambling around for options to keep it within a reasonable number of messages below the limits. Worse, it's 5000 messages per bot owner. That means 3 NPC bots are pretty much limited to about saying something once per minute
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