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  1. Hey there ^^ I actually just came across your own friend-seeking/back-to-the-world post on the forum as well. I do feel the same, haha, just hope not for a potential of over-saturation from too much in common or overly similar personalities! Sometimes that can be an adverse effect.... never know til you try, eh? I'll scramble on in-world and drop a line ^_~ You might not be classified as the typical flake, fear not! lol. I've likened myself to a recluse of sorts as well... I do need to retreat into myself for periods of time in order to recharge and retain my sense of self-peace and happiness. As long as I don't feel like I'd be bothering you too much, the difference in communication needs might not be that much of an issue. I find myself lapsing into the habit of logging in and just being in a quiet/solitary mood myself... but still nice to see that there's people active & online on my list, even though we might not be talking at that time. Why miss out on a potential great bond just because of that? I've had friends who are of the same nature before...
  2. Neat =) thanks for creating such a cool space! I'm definitely interested to see the direction this will go. I joined the group and checked out the in-world location... totally thought the region was "sadness" until I explored and looked around more haha, guess that's where my mind goes when I think of poetry/literature venues. all about that melancholy. and.. this is going to sound kind of funny, but I couldn't manage to get my tip in in the designated jar. It just gave me the option to join the group when I clicked on it. would like to support and help out! I know it can be hard to keep things like these running, especially with our active "other" lives. how new is the space?
  3. that alliteration though, eh? my life is balanced through social connection. my best bonds come through with those who are peaceful, respectful, and kind to all that enter their paths. ? I've been floating in the metaverse for 13 years now, but who's counting? just know this isn't my first rodeo ^_~ I come bound with intuition *and* experience. spirits blazing. perks of being an INFJ! my ideal vision for friendship is one that involves active, consistent, and reliable communication. my common activities include attending literary events (open mic poetry, writers circle, etc), table-top gaming at Garden of Games (who loves Clue as much as I dooo..?), exploring obscure/forgotten landmark locations, delving into spiritual studies .... and the occasional shopping spree. I'm eclectic in my tastes, heh. introduce me to new things! you probably can already sense it, but I'm a bit of a weirdo, not always on the same frequency as everyone else (see: Disclaimer). into astrology, metaphysics/occult studies, unearthly realms. let's bust ghosts together. ? once you're my friend, you'll find I want to include you in just about *everything*. is my youth exuding through, yet?... welp, good time to get into the being behind the screen (what a thought)... I'm a young adult student, working full time during the week and have off-time during evenings EST and weekends are subject to different availability depending. despite a sometimes busy schedule, I always make time for friends. prefer those who make that same effort. online daily. most importantly to note, my Second Life is not an escape from my first one, just an expansion of it. I'm happily married and not looking for anything more than platonic friendship. I do have high maintenance standards for any relationship in my life, but that's because I'm a needy person in general. if you're comfortable being closeted with your real life and prefer in-game only, we might not be the best match. if you feel like crossing my path, potential peace pal, you can find me in the world as Danse Macabre/Melody Mifflin. I'll respond to messages both through the forum and in-world (notecards sometimes the best for that). peruse my profile for another glimpse into my inner world as well. cheers ? Disclaimer: Not sure always how to speak out of the abstract, so pardon the gaps where you find them trying my best to be as direct as I can be... just ask me to clarify where needed...
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