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  1. Who we are: We're an Asian-inspired restaurant with the aim to provide the best and near-real role-play dining experience in the grid. Who we need: Someone reliable and trustworthy who can commit to the time agreed on working. No experience needed but a huge plus! Experience in role-playing is a MUST! Any timezone is welcomed Drop by our restaurant and seek ought a staff for an application and an interview. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/World/159/55/3704
  2. With a touch of Asian hospitality, our wonderful servers are ready to welcome you with warmth as you dine in a beautiful nature-inspired setting with your friends, family and special someone. New to the experience? We will guide you through, just come in your comfortable best and enjoy the scenery, company and the food! Your boat awaits: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/World/159/55/3704
  3. We are looking to hire on-call waitresses, so this is good for a PART-TIME roleplay job. We need those who love to roleplay and earn a bit while doing so. We provide the uniform and since we have a specific type of serving we do the training so if you have no experience in this area, it's fine as long as you're a semi-para roleplayer and good at it! Drop by the restaurant and speak to any of our staff for an application and an interview. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/World/159/55/3704
  4. 10L rentals with a city bay background to have somewhere for a quick place to dress your avie, set home and just chill. slurl here: LINK
  5. Come and enjoy an evening of poetry and spoken words from literature enthusiasts as we bring warmth to the night at the beach. Perfect for anyone who fancies a dynamic, fun and unpretentious night out. All are welcome, no obligation to read if attending. Original works are great but not required. Weave your words through the crisp night today at 9PM SLT! SLURL to venue
  6. Hey Melody, Hope you're well! Thanks for checking out the place and for joining the group. Appreciate the love! It's really very new, like a week old so I'm getting people to sign up for the events. We have an upcoming poetry reading this Wednesday and Therapy Thursdays where people can just rave or rant about something and anyone can probably give their two cents of encouragement and what not. It'd be awesome if you could join, would love to hear what you've got to share. I think I'll poke you inworld haha -- see ya soon!
  7. I've been in SL for quite some time and have done a variety of things to keep me sane (or on good days, insane) from RL. One thing I've always wanted to do is to create something worthwhile and to bring together a group of like-minded people from all over the world who have a knack for literature, singing, live performances, comedy, discussions, any other diversions to get us through the work week. The goal is to have a weekly schedule of events such as: *poetry/literature readings *karaoke nights *discussions on latest world trends *meet & greet party (chance to make
  8. Hey! Name's Tala and I'm from SE Asia which makes it a real challenge to make friends for long-term--the timezone sucks! But that won't stop me from trying. I know that somewhere there are a set of awesome people who, like me, are looking for someone they'll click with. I'd also love to be part of a family--small or huge, I don't care as long as I fit in. Some facts about me: •I live on the beach on the island where I do live singing and the crowd there are great & warm people to be around •I enjoy music, chilling at the beach or at my house, exploring new and old places, sometim
  9. Who says good quality living needs to be expensive? At Wanderlust Tropics Rentals, you can have a home for as low as $59L in a tropical setting! We also have rental skyboxes in a private estate just for you. Stop by and your homeless days will be over!♥ Office LM: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Wicklow/157/94/607
  10. Time zones are everything! Or so I've learned. Just putting out what my timezones are so potential BFFs have an idea what times I'll be on. Guess I should put I'm not nocturnal so my sleep hours are regular. @Mortalum, I'll message ya, see if we can work out the times.
  11. Requirements: Must have the charm of an ice-cold mojito in mid-Summer. They should like a bit of roleplaying here and there and enjoy weird, sarcastic humor but not toilet jokes. Random YouTube videos of cute and cuddly animals and participate in drunk karaoke nights. Ideal candidate would be an ambivert who wouldn't be put off by sarcasm, mood changes and midnight SL expeditions or going to SL clubs on a whim in their pajamas. The perfect BFF must not be afraid of random silence that's mistaken for being AFK and learning different cultures inworld. On Asian/Australia timezone, a huge win!
  12. The tropical flavors in the air will take you on an island getaway. How does fine dining work in SL? Let our marvelous servers show you and your family the most realistic full roleplay dining experience! Our doors are open for walk-in guests tonight! Dining with your kiddos? We serve kiddie meals as well! We have fantastic prices for wedding catering packages and birthday parties. With Golden Holidays Tropical Restaurant every day is an occasion!♥ Great place for photo ops as well! Visit us at: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Summer Moon/6/102/3207
  13. We are looking to hire on-call waitresses for different shifts. We're expanding our amazing staff and we need those who have a natural flair with people and great roleplayers! No waitressing experience? That's okay, we will provide you training but experience in role-playing is a must! Drop by the reception for the job application: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Summer Moon/6/102/320 IM imalexiaandirock for inquires
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