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  1. Very true, but we know that every behaviour make others have feelings and their reactions are based on their feelings, that I meant.
  2. I didn't mean that, sorry if I wrote in a not clear way, I told that people can have bad feelings cause that excitment and that don't surprise me cause is normal, I had that too when I had not a house yet, I stopped to read the chat for not getting ungry… lol
  3. What I say here is not for criticizing or offend anybody, is just what I thought reading some groups chat. Some people are trying from long to get a house without suceeding and this is what they had to read in chat: people excited for the beauty of the houses and the places talking each other , exchanging ideas and suggestions for making their houses even better; people getting houses using some refreshing helpers; people even agreeing with friends and tell them when a house was available. All that had some consequences: increase the expectations and anxiety of people without homes for having one soon; increase their level of frustration for being homeless. All that can give bad feelings and I am not surprised for that, so better to think well managing a group and act with a good balance. I am used to tell always what I think, not for blaming or criticizing but for help as I can, and i hope that this post can be useful.
  4. All good, Redding is fixed, I told to Patch and they fixed soon, Patch rocks, all Linden people rock! 🥰
  5. Yes Qie, I noticed that too, I hope other Redding residents will report this bug too, it is very bad, thank you for helping
  6. I am trying, I am brave and good, do nothing, just stuck there without AO while my horse is flying crazy out and in the parcel without control and disappearing every now and then... laughs
  7. Thank you Sylvia, I was getting crazy there, had to leave!
  8. Thank you Qie for answering and checking, I will try the support, am sure now that was not something that I was the only to feel
  9. I have issues today instead at Redding, very hard to move, the avi doesn't walk and everything is slow or not working, has somebody the same issue there?
  10. Probably it will be like you say, but LL already surprised us with beautiful news, so I hope other nice things will come… 🤩
  11. I think you misunderstood my thought and don't know my tastes otherwise you would not have said that.. lol.. can be that LL will make new houses that can fit Bellisseria too, I trust what they are doing and am sure new houses will not be ugly, they know what to do and mine was just a proposal in case they think to a style that can fit the different landscapes of Bellisseria too, as we have mountains also.
  12. Yes, I do, I really don't know who are these "some", but surely there are many different situations and for that I think is hard enough to talk about which one has the right to complain for the choices LL made.
  13. I think your are wrong setting a separation between basic and premium accounts, like they would have different standard roles: there are basic accounts that never spend nothing and live their SL as they can in a cheap way, there are premium that pay for those accounts and also have activities that make them spend more, me for example pay two premium and spend a lot also cause have a land for my art gallery, do you think that premium like me are useless for the SL economy and deserve to be punished ?
  14. Even if I appreciate a lot the new houses and can understand the reasons of the changing, I think that increasing the groups number for premium accounts is not so interesting like having a bit more weekly salary. I don't think is a big loss for LL as we spend those lindens in SL and are part of its economy.
  15. I was just writing the same Fox, for sure we all have different desires and like to have bigger parcels and houses, maybe it would be possible for LL, but it will change the economy of the whole SL, will have an impact on mainland and estates that now offer an alternative to people that want to expand their properties.
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