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  1. Anyone else getting no choices for the Linden Homes Selection ? Logged on refreshed once nothing.
  2. From what I am seeing at each new release the Regions seem to get nicer looking . :P:
  3. I know there might be a lot of residents that don't look at the forums, that don't even know about the new Linden homes, They do not have mail checked from LL, Just pay the Premium fee with out question, Log in one day no home, Those old Linden homes going to have to be sub divided parcels. Thats going to be a huge job.
  4. I have been on SL since 2004, No the original homes were not like this the demand for them, Patch already has said was not going to be cookie cutter concept from the start, It was a new original community experience. It will take time, Then the old Linden home will to be replaced at some point, I am waiting on a home myself, It just a waiting game at this point.
  5. I thought they tended to do small batch releases, like 20 at a time, from what I have seen,
  6. Congrats, Been on the houseboat hunt since they were released. LOl wonders, If I can get one by, My 15 year Rez day , Aug 18th, one can hope and keep clicking away hehe.
  7. One thing that is new , You could put the name of your home before, Now when you hit refresh it not staying grr...
  8. The big problem for @Patch Lindennow is that his reputation is shot. He may not realise it, and I personally am very sad about it as he is a good bloke, but he will never be trusted again. This is the second major misreading of the scale of the demand. Instead of one copy of the SSP region, they should immediately clone the whole thing somewhere else, that would fix the demand for both houseboats and new homes. If they change the contract now, to allow LL to move you to 'an equivalent property' at their discretion, they can even go back and fix it later. I have been on SL for 15 years this August and is So Sad to see when people are commenting and bashing on a Long term Linden Lab Employee, He is doing his best to provide information/ and a service to everyone, but to question his reputation of a person of whom has been with Second Life for over 11 years is going beyond. Stupid. I myself would love a New Linden home, I have been a Premium Member since 2004, But to say we would never trust his reputation ever again due to informing on the forums is sad to see. The homes will come out in regions in abundance in time, So please Stop having a bash session on someone is just doing their job and awesome job at that rate in my book. Parijanee Dragonfly
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