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  1. Prepare to be absolutely blown away then. There are plenty of content creators and gaming enthusiasts who also play Second Life. I can name 8 people, 8 who just happen to be people I hang out with inworld. If that's any statistic to go by, then I'd be relatively certain in saying that your metric is off by a landslide. Oh and OP: The community will deliver. There are plenty of us enthusiasts around to make the dream come true, especially since a few viewer devs (including myself) have a vested interest in making SL look as pretty as possible.
  2. Nobody asked you about your opinion on anything but the matter I'm trying to address here. There is no intent of advertizing here, I'm merely showing the facts as they are. Good for you that you want an empty sandbox, good for you that you are used to knowing sandboxes the way most people host them. Good for you complaining about me leaving a unhyperlinked link to my group. Can we please stay on topic or are you just trying to fatten your post count?
  3. Because you are not a Premium member anymoreI've got a group with almost a thousand members in it linked to a top 10 sandbox in Second Life. People join this group in hopes of getting help from one another and chewing the fat. ( secondlife:///app/group/03e1ac8b-94f1-46a5-7d9e-d6b99e6fbaef/about ) -- I've contacted support enough to go through a whole keyboard already, but to no avail. The last time I did, I was told that because I am not premium anymore, they are not going to help me. WTF guys. It's nearly 2014 and the group chat problems from 'way back' still can not be addressed?
  4. Our old, robotic lawnmower used to kill people and gloated about it afterward. You will be responsible for making sure our grass stays nice and trimmed, side-tasks may include painting individual blades of grass in various fluorescent colors to sprice things up a little. Our lawns are not emo and won't cut themselves so we need you. Serious job offer!
  5. Adding to the previous two posts I would recommend clearing your cache in the Network settings.
  6. Lol, this has nothing to do with being a vampire. Contact the creator of the hud
  7. Go to preferences - Input & Camera and look at the Camera View Angle and Camera Follow Distance. It could be that one of your attachments is messing with your camera, try going down each of your attachments that you are wearing and try detaching them, and then pressing escape.
  8. Hi there! It never hurts to ask the creator for a copy of the shape they used to tailor the skin to. Other than that, the only way to get something matched is to try and play around with the shape until it looks closer to what it should look like. Regards, Vix.
  9. Assuming you are talking of a "Rezzer" for structures here. "Save" stores position data of each object in the script. "Freeze" locks the build in place and removes the movement scripts. If you are just placing your structure so you can use it, I would suggest clicking "Freeze" instead of "Save" as the latter does usually not remove the extra scripts. *Depending on the rezzer Freeze and Save can be the same, always read the manual if you are not sure.
  10. I don't think there's anything wrong with this given the fact there are plenty of SL tutorials out there.
  11. Either detach the item by right clicking -> Detach Or disable your RLV features, usually this is in the advanced menu which you bring up by pressing "Ctrl+alt+d" IM me if you need more help with this.
  12. Try going to Preferences, then your network tab, and clearing the Cache! That should fix it!
  13. I believe there currently are none of these sims around, but if I find any of them I'll let ya know!
  14. I have had this happen before, best send in a support ticket https://support.secondlife.com/create-case/
  15. I have had this happen before, best send in a support ticket https://support.secondlife.com/create-case/
  16. Which windlight setting is that?
  17. Hey there! I happen to own a furry sandbox sim, look up "Fluffy" on your world map! Regards, Vixus. ♥
  18. Theoretically 64x64x64 is the biggest prim you should be able to make. However, by torturing a sphere prim you can make one that is much much bigger than that.
  19. This problem is quite common and has nothing to do with you. Try again later, or try buying lindens through the SecondLife.com website!
  20. The icon you are seeing is someone using SLim, a secondlife IM client that does not require the avatar to be present inworld! SLim is provided by Vivox and also allows you to use voicechat with your friends -even if they are not inworld- http://secondlife.com/slim Hope this answers your question!
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