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  1. Hi Everyone, I'm in Need of a new laptop that will handle SL.. Found this gaming laptop on sale, I don't want to spend a ton as I won't be using it on a daily basis.. I just want to be able to function lol.. No need to be in crowded heavy lagged areas.( I stay away those places even on my kick butt desktop, ). Any insight would be great! Thanks! Storage Type HDD Total Storage Capacity 1000 gigabytes Hard Drive Capacity 1000 gigabytes 8 gigabytes Graphics AMD Radeon RX 560 2 gigahertz 64-bit AMD 2nd Generation Ryzen 5 Processor Model Number 2500U Windows Home 10
  2. Hi Everyone, I too have this problem just the last 2 days, right clicking on my avi and force closed the viewer. Searched here for an answer and found this thread, so thought I would give removing my mesh a try. I believe it was the mesh outfit I had on as I removed the outfit and changed clothing and No problem. But my question is this, HOW do we know when purchasing mesh ( outfits) in my case, which ones are made differently than others that will cause this Bug to happen? As far as I know, items are only listed as mesh but nothing more. And the way it sounds here, there are different levels of mesh that cause this bug to happen. If this bug isn't fixable, I doubt I will be purchasing anything in mesh if I can't be certain Firestorm isn't going to crash when it's right clicked.. BTW, the outfit that I was wearing that caused this issue is from a very reliable HUGE seller. Thanks for any input, Sensual
  3. Holy Crap! THANK YOU for posting your FIX!. i have had this exact same problem for the last couple of weeks! First time ever!. i was running Phoenix 1.6.0 which i LOVE btw.. For me certain textures would be blurry mostly these were pictures, SL photos.. but also some other textures as well. i too, tried EVERYTHING else.. No one but You came up with the solution!. I couldn't understand why all of a sudden this happened, nothin had changed on my end at all, infact my router was replaced and my internet had recently been upgraded to an extremely high speed, so i knew it wasn't me. I never changed this setting before so was not aware of what it did, tho i am usually diligent in learning what all the settings etc Mean, but get nervous messing with hardware changes lol. i did try Firestorms newest release and that DID solve the problem, but i HATE how the chat box and IM don't pull together like Phoenix and those dumb icons on the screen.. It's a Ton of work trying to clear that crap all the time to see what's goin on,, i feel like all i do is CLICK instead of being able to enjoy the game. I did however decided to try the Phoenix 1.6.1, thinking that maybe this was a bug in 1.6.0, but it was still there in that but decided i'd try and live with it as long as i could, and for sure now that You found the solution, i'll be sticking with it until the end.... and then hoping Firestorm fixes that damn chat box. LOL. One last note on this problem, i seached EVERYWHERE trying to find an answer to this exact problem.. i did find something about this same issue dating back to 2006 but Nothing else up until Yours. It would be nice if maybe this problem could be posted in the knowledge base for others searching. Once again, that you! Much Appreciated, Sensual
  4. I am looking for a new skin, but I am happy with the shape i currently have, i can't seem to find another quite as nice. But i've noticed that when trying on a new skin, it really looks nothing like the picture of the skin i've tried on Unless i try it on With the skin it came with. The most differences i see are that in the face. my guess would be that it's because the skin was made for that particular shape to wear. But then some skins are sold without a shape, so i was wondering if there was a default setting on the avatar appearance preferences somewhere that needs to be set to that certain skin's specifications to look the same? But i have never seen any settings listed in the skins notecard to acheive this. i have modified my current shape a bit, and that's what makes us all unique, but i guess i'm confused as to why a skin would be sold separately without a shape that ends up looking different if we don't know how to adjust it to come Close to what it should look like. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Sensual
  5. Hi, hope someone can help.. The past few days i've noticed that the Page up/Page down keys no longer work while flying unless the Shift key is pressed simotaneously. Using Phoenix and also SL old viewer. Tried logging in and out, this does not help. Not sure if this is a bug or what. Would appreciate any help. Thanks, Sensual That was it.. Num lock was NOT engaged.. i had NO idea it had to be, i couldn't find any info on it, that it had to be engaged.. Prob shoulda read my keyboard instructions? lol. Thanks so much for your help! much appreciated!
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