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  1. When you yawn like that I can see the hand that operates you now that is cool
  2. You are so lucky you can do that some folk have to be told they are looking up their own ass
  3. Oh yes I know exactly what you mean, because tact and obsequious pandering can so often be confused.
  4. get real, who apart from CDO people read all the terms of service? If it is that important it should be writ large.
  5. yes that is true but I made a Kwant Resident alt the other day so no other twit would pretend to be me and there was nothing to tell me not to use Linden. We all know but do they make it clear to new people? Or is the person we are talking about not new, in which case she should have known better than to play with the Linden name. Don't get me wrong I am no Linden lover, I think they are mostly a bunch of tossers but I do know I would get squished if trying in any way even if only by eye to appear to be one I would likely get into trouble.
  6. Yes but how are new folk to know the rules before they even get their feet wet.
  7. Well the idiot Lindens only have themselves to blame for coming up with such a dumb idea as display names in the first place. Message was edited by: Kwant Capalini: or one name "resident" whatever the hell it is
  8. if it is her are you so really very surprised? When I saw her asking for an invite to the party I thought it just like old times when a Linden would join in and ask for an invite to a party being discussed it did used to happen. I checked her profile and found out she was not one, but I did have to check to find out.
  9. http://secondlife.com/community/templates.php
  10. Well better spilling it in yer lap than peeing it in your pants as is the wont of the pelvically weak, who are running to tell teach they been done wrong Message was edited by: Kwant Capalini:waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah
  11. you can just PM lovee Foehammer and they it seems control Lexie Linden so will get me sorted out toutes de suites, not that I give a monkeys Message was edited by: Kwant Capalini: you know that fat kid in the playground who has a rich daddy and nice sandwiches who REALLY dont like you you taking their slug on rye well well now we know who it is ..................................... Message was edited by: Kwant Capalini: run Forest Run
  12. get a life Message was edited by: Kwant Capalini:ooops sorry was working in another programme for an alternative online community and I accidentally cut and pasted our "raison d'etre" no offence meant or intended
  13. Nuke Utah Message was edited by: Kwant Capalini: ooops sorry misread OP
  14. Well unless you recoded the UI the option to have your camera controls on screen is still there, and I just checked you cannot even slide them off the screen as you can with some huds (you can however slide them real close to the edge so check to see if you have done that). So I would suggest you relog in the first instance and see if that sorts it, failing that, uninstall and reinstall sl
  15. yes I realised that which is why I made the difference between you being premium or not, if your account is active and your objects are in world as long as they are not returned to you they will just stay where they are, the point being active.
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