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  1. This seemed to come closest to fixing things. Me and some friends believe it was something to do with some eyes I had on the avatar. when I finally got rid of the 'bad' eyes, things went back to normal almost instantly. There were no visible alpha layers on my avatar, at least there was nothing I could further remove. ANyway, thank you everyone for your help, problem has gone away
  2. my avatar is missing neck, arms, ankles and occasionally legs. Worked fine 3 days ago, now slowly vanishing. have removed all clothes, hair, tattos, alphas, prims etc etc, everything , neck is gone, arms are half gone, ankles are gone. changing skins does nothing, changing body shape, nada. Changing eyes, nada Help please or I shall have to start all over again with a new account. Thanks PS Clearing cache did not work Rebake did not work either
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