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  1. Hi :-) I'm using poser pro 2012 and I have a few questions as I can't seem to find the answer anywhere on the web at all LOL. 1: when I upload a BVH it takes forever tries to get it to upload, it keeps saying incorrect joint something something and to use "hip" I do exactly what I've read on SL's wiki and only 1 out of a billion tries do I get it to actually work. what am I doing wrong? 2: on the amazing miracle chance that I actually DO get it to upload right and I spent that precious 10L to upload it... Only half of the pose works...... I'm trying to make static poses using poser pro 2012 and only one out of about 6 poses actually worked correctly..... I'll get like the bottom half of the avatar to pose how I created it but the top half don't do anything, or I'll get the top half and the bottom half doesn't do anything. please help I'm pulling my hair out on this oh and I might add that I'm pretty new to poser let alone the whole creating poses for SL thing... but I'm far from new in using poses in world :-) thank you in advance Sarahbelle :-)
  2. I haven't been on for awhile and I made a sphere 31x31x31 I thought the normal size was 10x10x10, are we able to make them bigger now?
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