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  1. I'll check out Singularity... Looks like they just issued an updated viewer sometime last year, I didn't even realize it as I still have their previous version from like 2015 or so that didnt support mesh objects! lol
  2. Thank you for that answer Whirley. It is pretty much what I expected... that, and the likely fact that the Linden's probably don't even know how/what to tell AMD about it, and that AMD likely wouldn't even care to listen to them cause SL is such a small platform to be concerned about issuing 1 small fix for...
  3. So I just replaced my aging GTX 770 4GB video card, with a newer RX 580 8GB one. Went through the whole process of wiping out all the old drivers, etc.... everything is working fine. Except SL! Now I am seeing peoples LookAt targets, literally... everywhere... though not everyones, just, a lot of them... Thing is, I am seeing them through walls, through terrain even... from like 2 - 3 regions away! Someone is just sitting idle in their house, and not camming anything or anywhere... and yet I can see their Look At target! Nothing else has changed for me, except the video card and its drivers. Sure, I know I can resolve this instantly by going into my Preference, under the Privacy tab, and uncheck "show look at targets" .... But thats not the point here... the point here being that I shouldn't have to do that! I shouldn't BE seeing someone's look at target, while they're sitting/standing idle in another region from me, and their little target cross hair is doing nothing other then floating in front of their face... and yet I can see it through every single obstacle between me and them?!?!
  4. I can ask about that, but it will probably just be easier for me to just use a 1 click teleport script. I just thought it would be "cool" to have players simply "walk into" a portal, but clicking once accomplishes the end result as well.
  5. I think it does use Experience... Didn't realize this type of portal function was dependent on that. I wanted to use it as part of my roleplay base in another region that uses a different system...
  6. So I was visiting a star wars roleplay region on an alt the other day... called Legacies Telos IV, on a region called Fourth Dimension. They have these doors where, all you have to do is just walk into them, and you're automatically teleported/delivered to another location in the Region.. no clicking involved. You just walk into the door and poof. The script is embedded in a non-physical/invisible prim that is placed just before the door itself... so you basically walk through the scripted prim and it automatically teleports you. I've since tried contacting the creator of the script used in those doors, asking if he had them for sale somewhere, but he has never responded. I am wondering if anyone knows of anything similar though, that might be available on the marketplace?
  7. I have no intention of copying legitimate protected work of someone else... I'm a content creator myself, doing occasional custom build work on commission. I just want a statue of my avatar to put in the "HQ" that I'm building, for a Roleplay group that I lead. A friend suggested that I just take a picture of my Avatar in the pose that I want; against a "green screen" background or whatever. Then save it to PC and use GIMP to edit/modify it, eliminate all the background color and making it an Alpha texture; re-upload into SL and stick it into an object with a holo projection script. This is probably the option I'll do until I can afford the expense of outfitting an Alt with all the same key items (mesh body/head/skin applier/etc).. as I already have an Alt within the same Group, that I use on a Text Viewer.
  8. Thanks for the response. I'd need it in the SL grid, so Opensim probably wouldn't work I guess. Though, sounds like I would just be better off doing it with an alt account and sticking the avatar on a pose stand/pose ball to fill the role of being a statue.
  9. I am just wondering... Is there a way to create a copy of my mesh/bento Avatar with its mesh/bento head, including its existing skin textures, eyes, hair, etc... and re upload it into SL and make it be a mesh statue? Or would it be easier to just make an Alternate account, name it "statue of etc" and basically just buy the same mesh body, head, hair, etc for it, give it the same shape.... and set it on a pose stand and call it a statue?
  10. @LittleMe Jewell Thank you! Yeah I didn't expect a little 128m2 to sell immediately, I could be stuck with it for awhile... Worst case scenario, I might end up buying the 896m2 lot next door... cause, if I'm gonna be paying for 2048, then I may as well actually own 2048! LOL
  11. Thanks for the responses from everyone! I certainly misunderstood how the Tier system works, considering this was my first time buying land... I feel I got lucky with this particular lot, being that its 1152 but it was priced at a bargain, around 1000L$ less then most 1024 lots in the same general area, though truth is I really only wanted a 1024 sized lot but chose to grab this bargain instead. SO, say if I were to change the borders, split the Lot... Its at 1152 now. So I split it into two lots; one at 128, and the other at 1024... and I manage to sell off the 128 (chances of that being slim right? lol) or get rid of it somehow, and just keep the 1024... leaving me with a total of 1536m2 in total owned land. Based on the new Tier Structure detailed in the following Linden Announcement below... This should in theory put me at $4 instead of $7, correct? :
  12. I have a similar question about this. I too have a Premium Account as well as a Linden Home. I decided to take advantage of the new mainland tier allotment and lower land prices. While choosing to KEEP my Linden Home for now, I went around looking for lots on the various mainland Continents and found one that is 1152m2 and was a nice affordable price within my budget... so I bought it! Anway, I presumed that 512m2 of that would come from my remaining tier allotment, and along with my linden home using my full 1024... Leaving 640m2 from the new lot that I would be paying for... giving me a combined total of 1664m2 Based on the new information provided here: I also presumed that if a lot the size of 1536m2 would cost $4.... Then owning 1665m2 of land shouldn't cost much more, maybe $5? Instead it is showing that its costing me $7?? I'm a little confused over this as that's the cost of owning 2048m2 so am I being overcharged?
  13. Yeah, preachin to the choir. I just wanted to rant, I know LL doesn't really care much about these forums. What about VISA Certified/Verified Debit Cards? They're essentially supposed to be the same thing as Credit and can be run as Credit, but work like Debit...
  14. Oh. My. God... I can't believe how stupid this is! I just got an email about this, and I at first thought it might be some sort of scam because the URL it refers me to click is some wierd "click.em.secondlife.com" URL and I was thinking "click'em" huh? Yeah right... so started looking for information on the email and found this discussion thread. Ok, look here Linden Labs.. First, I am not an international resident, I live in the United States! Second, I've been a Premium Subscriber for years, and I do not, and will never... own a Credit Card, I cancelled all of mine over 10 years ago and never looked back! Nor do I trust Pay Pal; they've burned me twice over the years over ebay purchases. I will only ever use a Debit Card; and have been using it as my Payment info for years now... so either FIX THIS... Or I do predict you'll be losing a LOT of payers...
  15. Oh here is a good example... I recently bought a nice set of alpha layer textures of Hanging Spanish Moss... which I can then use in the paint.net program to physically add it over another texture like a brick wall for example.. and then make it all into a single texture that I can then upload back into SL! But what I really want are things wall mold, wall cracks, damage... anything that will give the wall an older, more worn and decayed look and appearance.
  16. Greetings all... I am wondering if anyone knows of how or where I can obtain various alpha layers that I can apply over full perm textures that I buy in SL? I have a lot of texture packs that I've bought for me builds, and sometimes I will download them to my HDD and tweak them a little with a program called paint.net... For example I buya texture set with a lot of decent but old looking, decayed urban Wall textures; but I want to add a little of my own personal touch to them before I use them on my build, which then in turn gives my build that much more of a personal touch to it as well. So what I am looking for are ways to add mold, cracks, layers of rust that can be added to metallic textures... Plenty of awesome texture sets out there, but nothing like a decent set of alpha layering that can be added... and I really haven't the faintest idea of how to do stuff like that, or even how to get it or where to find it! Any suggestions?
  17. Perrie Juran wrote: Coby Foden wrote: Perrie Juran wrote: However, If I am reading Bao correctly he also says we should never need more than 512MB. Do you mean the amount of VRAM physically in the graphics card or VRAM for SL only? The operating system itself uses VRAM and other programs what one might run simultaneously will use VRAM too. Therefore I think a graphics card with only 512 MB memory is not a good choice - especially in 64 bit system where the memory address space is not limited to that 2 MB. Anyway I think for SL, being 32 bit system, VRAM limit of 512 MB is a very sensible choise. There is a limit of 2 MB for all memory (RAM + VRAM) what 32 bit system can use. If one has 64 bit system then there surely are benefits in having graphics card with 1 GB or 2 GB of VRAM. That more VRAM in the card does not benefit SL, but that extra VRAM is good to have for other programs. In context I meant VRAM for SL. I got interested in all this because I am one of the people who suffer from the Texture Discard Due To Insufficient Memory crashes. The problem started without rhyme or reason and has never gone away. I was using a GTS250 card with 1GB. I have since upgraded to a GTX650ti with 1GB. Overall SL does run better. As far as the crashes go the main difference has been how long it takes before I crash after I get the error message. I can last longer with the 650. Now see, I have his same problem sometimes... and my current card as a Radeon HD6950 2GB.... I know there is not a problem with my current card, nor any problem with my system Ram either... so its a problem with SL... Hence why I am trying to figue out if SL would really benefit from more VRam.
  18. Thanks for the answers everyone. Planning to replace my old video card courtesy of Uncle Sam this year... Probably looking at getting a GTX 770 4GB, and wieghing the benefits how such a card might effect Second Life, or whether it would be better to go with the 2GB version of the same card.... But, as I thought, it won't make much difference with SL either way... But then, SL is not the only reason I'm wanting the upgrade and this helps my decision knowing that it won't matter to SL which card I chose to get.
  19. I'm not talking about the RAM on the computer itself... I am talking about the VRam, the extra ram that comes embedded on high end Video Cards. Most of them come with an average of 2GB of VRam; while some newer generation video cards come with 4GB. Most games, (and I know SL is NOT a game but this is just for an example) will utilize the VRam first, and if any more is required then it will go and use the System Ram. Typically, most OnBoard Video options (video that comes embedded onto the motherboard as is the case in most laptops and some desktops) does not have extra VRam and so just uses straight System Ram. You will usually find the VRam on computers with optional Video Cards installed in them. So I am wondering if Second Life actually utilizes the VRam itself, and how much is used? Or does Second Life just ignore the VRam, and just automatically default into using main System Ram?
  20. As the subject says, I am wondering just how much Vram does Second Life really take advantage of? I can't imagine it maxing out a 2GB Video card, so for that matter would a 4GB Video Card actually make much difference within SL? For that matter, does anyone here actually have a 4GB Video Card who can provide any thoughts on this?
  21. My god Nymph... Stand your ground on this, and DEMAND he cough up proof of his book and copyright claims! I still have the first skin I bought in all of SL back in 2007, which I bought from YOU and its one of your still gorgeous Shadow Demon skins! So keep up your good work, and stand your ground against this loser!
  22. Necropolis has recently undergone some changes... A new Castle was recently completed and unveiled in the Sim to replace the original Castle that was built by Angelpocalypse. The original, did not truly reflect the atmosphere of the Sim that we wanted to promote. In addition, we felt it was considerably too primmy, surpassing 1200 prims by itself and topping 2000 prims with furnishings in each room. The new Castle, I spent roughly 2 months working on and finished at just over 800 prims and is roughly the exact same size as the original and has much more floor space! Also soon to be finished, will be the new Necropolis Library; a old and long since forgotten Library accessible through the tunnels beneath the old Cemetery Grounds near the Church. Legends claim that this old Library was sealed off, many centuries ago, and that it contains a wealth of information from ages past; perhaps even from an era when.. Things, other then Man... ruled this world... At the moment, the Library is sealed and remains a 'work in progress' but I hope to have it finished soon! To construct the Library, I recently expanded the old Cemetery, doubled its size to conceal the larger mysteres buried beneath within the Library, and constructed a lovely little, and darkly creepy, Mausoleum within the Cemetery itself, which promotes a sense of standing within a forboding structure of great age, long since neglected... After the Library is complete, then I may be looking at an overhaul/rebuild on some of the Catacombs and Tunnels that run throughout the Sims underground complex. Lastly don't forget to visit the local Apothecary within our little village! ____________________________________ Jolene Merlin Architect and Estate Manager of Necropolis Senior CCS GM of Necropolis
  23. Peggy Paperdoll wrote: I had a TV card 10 years ago...........I threw it away. I do know what TV cards are and their worth. I know what they are capable of and what they do. I also know what it takes to stream video via a host site to SL (or anywhere else on the Internet) and the TV cards will not do any of that. Yes you are correct. Nor do I want a TV Card that will do that... Peggy Paperdoll wrote: You've bought into some sales hype............I hope you didn't spend much real money on a basic digital to analog converter. You can get a stand alone for less than $30 USD at Wal-Mart............and the quality will be greater than that TV card. Actually,, I got mine for FREE, from my ISP... and it hooks up directly to the Tuner Card.. which by the way gives me excellent crystal clear 1080p picture... Sure beats buying a $500+ 720p LCD television at Walmart... Peggy Paperdoll wrote: With your technical knowledge you shoud be telling me how to play your Blue Ray DVD to SL direct.............but, you can't, can you? I don't believe you one bit. Yes, you are correct. I do not know how to link my BLURAY Drive, to Second Life... Specifically, because I DO NOT KNOW ENOUGH ABOUT SECOND LIFE ITSELF, to do it...nor can I find a Video Player within Second Life that will support it... I can build an entire sim, and in fact have built one... But when it comes to multimedia within Second Life itself... I am very much a "newbie" on the matter... as my personal RL business has little to do with Second Life and its technical aspects. I spent my days dealing with sales from ASI Partner, Maxgroup, Eastern Data, Tech Data; and catering to Doctors and Lawyers who whip around town in their $60,000 Mercedes Benz's; and complain when their office LAN goes down for less then 30 seconds, making me go rush out and push the Rest Button, on their Router, and then charge them $100 to do it... Hence, why I came here, looking for someone useful (which you are not) with some useful information on the matter that could help me learn more about what I can do with MY Second Life experience... I want to put a TV, in my House.. in my Sim, and have it play the LIVE BROADCAST, from MY Hardware, on my computer; the Live Signal from my Comcast ISP... If you don't know how to do it, or don't know of anyone who actually sells a TV, In-world, that CAN do it... Then please stop replying because you're just not helping... 
  24. Hmm.. Apparently you dont know anything about having TV Tuners Cards in a computer, nor their worth or value. Welcome to the new digital broadband MULTIMEDIA Age! I recieve full Digital Broadband Television from Comcast; over 200 channels, some in HD, on my Windows Media Center... on a large Widescreen LCD with full 300 watts of Dolby 5.1 Surround...all for free, as part of a package deal from bundling my services... So why would I want to go buy an old analog TV, or RF cables or whatever... or "subscribe" to or pay for, something as useless as Hulu; when I get it for free already? For that matter, why would I want my TV Tuner to play a DVD? I have a DVD/Bluray Player to do that. A 10 year old "gimmick" ? Apparently you're not as well versed in the IT/PC industry.. because I build them for a living, and I assure you, that such is very much In-Demand on Multimedia based computers, and I suppose you don't realize that they are currently selling for upwards of $100 - $150, for a PCI-Express model, and not $10... Here, go buy one on ebay yourself and check it out... I gaurantee you'll pay a whole lot more then $10 for it though! Hauppauge Dual Hybrid PCI-E HVR 2250 TV Tuner Sure, there are some cheaper ones, but the driver/software support on them is not great, and Windows Media Center will not work on all of them, especially not with Windows Vista or Windows 7... of course, when Windows 8 comes out sometime late next year to replace Windows 7, that will be a different matter... What I want, is a TV within Second Life, that can use the signal from that Card the same way as my Windows Media Center uses it; but use it within Second Life. Oh, and yes I know how to host a website, I am hosting several... But I do not want to stream., from a hosted service... Thats much too slow anyway compared to utilizing a signal right off your own hardware...
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