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  1. Status page says the issue has been resolved and all's well now. But Teleports are still not working.
  2. Funny... I been having connection issues for awhile; in general... not just with SL. So I just replaced my Router with a temporary one, to find out of it was a problem with my Router... or my PC. Then suddenly SL started acting up, so I logged out to try to relog, and found the Grid was down... so came here and found this discussion. Anyway, I just got back on with firestorm... But.... I still cant TP... Its like the rest of the Grid around me is non existent.
  3. No SL isn't crashing, though I appreciate your reply. I also know its not the video card itself as all my other games run just fine on the video card without issues; and its the only display adapter showing in my device manager so I'm confused as to how SL can even find another one to use.
  4. Why does my Second Life say it is using a "Windows Graphics Driver" ... and not the Driver for my AMD Radeon card? The onboard video is disabled in the BIOS and the computer is only using the Radeon Card. Is this "Windows Graphics Driver" the reason why Second Life is running so horribly slow?
  5. So I'm looking to set up Experiences on a parcel that I own... Only I really have absolutely no idea how to do it or what I'm doing.. I've read this: https://community.secondlife.com/knowledgebase/english/experiences-in-second-life-r1365/ I've read this: http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Category:Experience_Tools So what do I do now? How do I make my Experience attach a hud to someone? Where do I get the hud from and how do I make it do what I want it to do? How do I make the experience animate their AV, or tell them to touch an object... or sa
  6. I'll check out Singularity... Looks like they just issued an updated viewer sometime last year, I didn't even realize it as I still have their previous version from like 2015 or so that didnt support mesh objects! lol
  7. Thank you for that answer Whirley. It is pretty much what I expected... that, and the likely fact that the Linden's probably don't even know how/what to tell AMD about it, and that AMD likely wouldn't even care to listen to them cause SL is such a small platform to be concerned about issuing 1 small fix for...
  8. So I just replaced my aging GTX 770 4GB video card, with a newer RX 580 8GB one. Went through the whole process of wiping out all the old drivers, etc.... everything is working fine. Except SL! Now I am seeing peoples LookAt targets, literally... everywhere... though not everyones, just, a lot of them... Thing is, I am seeing them through walls, through terrain even... from like 2 - 3 regions away! Someone is just sitting idle in their house, and not camming anything or anywhere... and yet I can see their Look At target! Nothing else has changed for me, except the
  9. I can ask about that, but it will probably just be easier for me to just use a 1 click teleport script. I just thought it would be "cool" to have players simply "walk into" a portal, but clicking once accomplishes the end result as well.
  10. I think it does use Experience... Didn't realize this type of portal function was dependent on that. I wanted to use it as part of my roleplay base in another region that uses a different system...
  11. So I was visiting a star wars roleplay region on an alt the other day... called Legacies Telos IV, on a region called Fourth Dimension. They have these doors where, all you have to do is just walk into them, and you're automatically teleported/delivered to another location in the Region.. no clicking involved. You just walk into the door and poof. The script is embedded in a non-physical/invisible prim that is placed just before the door itself... so you basically walk through the scripted prim and it automatically teleports you. I've since tried contacting the creator of the scrip
  12. I have no intention of copying legitimate protected work of someone else... I'm a content creator myself, doing occasional custom build work on commission. I just want a statue of my avatar to put in the "HQ" that I'm building, for a Roleplay group that I lead. A friend suggested that I just take a picture of my Avatar in the pose that I want; against a "green screen" background or whatever. Then save it to PC and use GIMP to edit/modify it, eliminate all the background color and making it an Alpha texture; re-upload into SL and stick it into an object with a holo projection script.
  13. Thanks for the response. I'd need it in the SL grid, so Opensim probably wouldn't work I guess. Though, sounds like I would just be better off doing it with an alt account and sticking the avatar on a pose stand/pose ball to fill the role of being a statue.
  14. I am just wondering... Is there a way to create a copy of my mesh/bento Avatar with its mesh/bento head, including its existing skin textures, eyes, hair, etc... and re upload it into SL and make it be a mesh statue? Or would it be easier to just make an Alternate account, name it "statue of etc" and basically just buy the same mesh body, head, hair, etc for it, give it the same shape.... and set it on a pose stand and call it a statue?
  15. @LittleMe Jewell Thank you! Yeah I didn't expect a little 128m2 to sell immediately, I could be stuck with it for awhile... Worst case scenario, I might end up buying the 896m2 lot next door... cause, if I'm gonna be paying for 2048, then I may as well actually own 2048! LOL
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