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  1. But your ears had to be burning! We talked about you and sims all day!
  2. Patch and Moles sounds like a musical group. I think they should perform for the Holiday parties! j/s
  3. If I remember correctly, and I might not, but weren't we given our first 512 plot of land? I don't remember buying it. Perhaps that would make mainland more appealing. If people could choose land that Gov. Linden owned and get the land free, maybe they would accept that rather than the new homes. I see so many of them not being utilized that maybe those people would be happier with that option and aren't interest in the community aspect of Bellisseria.
  4. I never knew those were a premium benefit. I have been in game 15 years and haven't got my offlines for at least 10 years. So can I get a partial refund. hahaha I have even tried different emails. Doesn't matter what I try I don't get them. I would prefer something else as a perk please! Thanks for mentioning that because if I am paying more I'm going to expect all my perks now.
  5. They were trying to lure in more premium users and for once I think the new housing was doing just that. I would have given it more time and actually let more of the new premium members actually get a house before I raised the roof. This may turn many off especially having to wait for a new house.
  6. I think the offline increase would be great if it wasn't buggy and I actually got my offlines. I haven't got them for at least the last 10 years.
  7. wow! That's like saying all guys are obsessed with their junk. Oh wait...i see what you're saying.
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