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  1. OK here is my pick of the day. For the guys (woot guys).


    Fashion Fantasy for Men Black Sweatpants (the underwear is a BOM layer).

    and this is the 7 Deadly s{K}ins - BOM ERYO Stone which I believe will come on other skin tones and maybe facial hair or body hair? Don't know yet. Nice skin. Great sweats. A good day for the guys.

    PS I am not going to post my picks here every day. That wasn't the point of the thread, but apparently not many folks want to show off their finds :D.  Tis OK. 





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  2. 25 minutes ago, Vanity Fair said:

    O.K., I just posted a blogpost with my picks for Advent Calendar gifts for December 3rd (just Google "ryan schultz blog", and you'll find it easily enough).

    Oodles and oodles of nice gifts today (some days are like that!), including hair, skins, dresses, a lovely rose wreath for your hair, and even a couple of Ugly Christmas Sweaters™! The one from Entice is especially HIDEOUS. I won’t show it to you here, you have to go over to Entice and see it for yourself. I have to give the designer credit, though…you have to truly work at it to come up with something so horrible!

    I think it would be really good to actually post your pictures here.  This IS supposed to be a community  thread with photos.  Just saying.  And we are NOT supposed to "shame" here so NOT GOOD.  That brand has been making free Advent calendars (with free group) for years as well as Christmas photo contests with very big prizes.  If you don't like today's gift then toss it. There is a board with photos of all the gifts to be given away. Just make note of the ones that you like and go then. It really couldn't be easier.  


    I will post mine  my favorites HERE in a bit.  Still waiting on some places to put theirs out.  And friends to gather. 


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  3. 1 hour ago, Marianne Little said:

    It was because I started it. It has morphed from sweet, funny gifts to business for some stores. Others keep the calendars free, but only for group members. It has been such a crazy increase in "pay - for - join" groups the last few years.

    Before, I could leave a group and join again, now I have to consider the cost, and as if that was not enough, the cost can be doubled, tripled or quadrupled for events.

    Christmas spirit... If the stores think a Christmas Calendar is just a new way to make money, do not call it gifts, but seasonal member discounts.

    I have most of my group notices turned off (not land groups or blogger groups of course) so I don't know for sure, but I do know that in the past 7DS has had free group join BEFORE Christmas and other give away months. And yes, the fee is normally MUCH lower than 1000.  Other groups in past years have raised the group fee during Christmas and I get that.  


    Also on your comment yesterday about Salt and Pepper. There are (in theory ) clothes on the 1st and 24 as well as the WEEKENDS (I am reading that to be Saturday and Sunday of each week) so there should be more actual items besides gift cards.  I don't think all that many people join groups to get the gifts. I hope not, but of course that is their choice. And some folks LOVE gift cards :D  -- just not me LOL. 





  4. 5 hours ago, LittleMe Jewell said:

    Yeah, but that just tells you how much it currently costs if you want to join.  You might have actually joined for lots less, possibly even free.

    I want to know how much I actually paid to join.  If I'm so-so about a group, I'm less likely to drop it if I paid lots to join, but more likely to drop it if I got in on a free day or at a super low fee way back whenever.

    I had to smile as I remember exactly which groups I paid for or if they were free. A RL friend tells me that I remember my VIRTUAL stuff way better than the corporeal details.    But to be fair the only groups that I have PAID to join are Minimal and Fundati.  The others were all during free to join days LOL so I don't have all that much to remember *wink*. EDIT: Before heading to bed I remembered that I also paid for Dysfunctionality.  Now I do like their product (bushes mostly) but the only reason that I joined was that they had some grasses that I wanted and the only way to get them was as a group gift -- so in effect I was paying for the grasses which I was happy to do.   Just wanted to keep the record straight LOL.   


    You could of course keep a notecard -- from now on anyway. 


    I have to say that there is one pay group that I have been a member of for a long time (again didn't pay to join)  that I am disappointed in the quality of their gifts.  This is the second year that this seems to be in effect -- . Before the gifts were great.   Honestly if creators don't feel like putting in the effort to make something new or simply recoloring an old release (now that is simple) I would just wish they would not have a calendar. 

    I am going to hang in there for awhile longer but half way through last year I stopped going as I didn't see any point; either I tossed the pretty obvious "outake" product that wasn't worth finishing to sell or I got a gift card that I would never use -- small amount so that it was actually just a small discount.   I think, really, that designers that do this are hurting their brand more than helping it.   Maybe there are some folks that don't know how bad the quality is, but for the real shoppers it isn't sending a good message IMO.

    So far this year I have found two NEW and good creators that likely no one has heard about (or a very few) and I am very encouraged by this. That was how things worked OH SO LONG AGO when bloggers were the folks that discovered the talent an let other folks know.  So it is an interesting exercise for me this year. Disappointment on one hand and encouragement on the other.   


    I am not sure exactly how this thread turned into this commentary on groups and gifts, but threads do morph from time to time so I am OK with that. Interesting to hear different points of view.  

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  5. Agreed. Sometimes it seems like things will never appear. The more complex coalesced seem the most problematic. Simple "one prim" boxes are fine for me.  It can't be the "weight" of the mesh as I have the same issues with my stuff and I make some very low complexity items. 

  6. 6 hours ago, Marianne Little said:

    I love neutrals too! I am having a tough time deciding what khaki is. I did a google search and it appears that lots of people interpret khaki different. I have seen it used in a more green shade - like in military clothes.

    That is why I have a color swatch there. That IS the Pantone "khaki" :D. You don't have to go to Google. LOL.   But I DO understand what you mean. It is hard to decide what is "taupe" and "what is khaki" etc.   Where does violet end and purple begin?    So you can go by what Pantone thinks or what YOU think. The idea is to have fun.    


    Personally I am trying to get as CLOSE to Pantone's definition as I can "and" not go out and buy something.  I do have to admit that I am keeping some gifts that I might not because of the color (for the future) and as I am deciding on what colors to buy of a new sweater the color challenge is in my mind too.   I tend to pick GRAY a lot. I never really noticed that until this challenge. I have so much gray that it will be hard to pick an outfit. I do remember though that there are different grays in the list, like silver and maybe charcoal and I am pretty sure there is just "gray".  I haven't looked at the list that closely really.  

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  7. 2 hours ago, Marianne Little said:

    But thank you for showing more advent gifts in your blog, @Chic Aeon. It is a good help to decide if I should join a store group despite my first reaction. When I saw that Salt & Pepper has a dress in Christmas red for January 1st, I found out that it wasn't worth joining for seasonal colors. And I think it is too stressful, to go there every weekday to get giftcards for a total of 800 L. That is 3,32 dollar.

    Almost all the pay groups that I feature I  have joined when it was free. I did join Minimal long ago as they give out some really nice backdrops. And back then it was 50 lindens to join. I guess that I have always had a "thing" about groups. I have never had a store group and I never wanted one. When groups were NEW in SL, they were all about connecting with people. Then, some retailers came into the picture and they became a way to increase traffic (and move up in search) and then someone decided to charge a fee to join so that folks wouldn't jump around in groups so much (most all were free a decade or more ago) and things took off from there.  So I have some personal prejudices mixed in there. 


    And obviously my idea to "sleep in" didn't turn out so well LOL.  But I am heading back to bed soon. 


    Personally, when I filled Advent calendars (and I have ones from 2017 and 2018 up in my shop for folks that may have missed those back then) it was always free to all. No group needed.  They were always extremely popular and I didn't do it to bring in traffic. I just put out gifts in the spirit of the season.   I think many creators DO that --- a few, not so much. But each person has a choice whether to join a group or not or pay fees for "gifts".    

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  8. 4 hours ago, Marianne Little said:

    I am looking at the Seraphim list. What do they mean when it says "Fee 100 L, fee 99 L, fee 250 L" and similar numbers? They can't mean we have to join a group? I do not have enough groups for that.

    Yes it does. :D.  Many calendars are group only and many have fees. There is at least one place that has a free group to join but then charges 99 lindens for the "gifts". Obviously it didn't make my list.  There is also a list on teleporthub.com and FabFree.  Fabfree grouped the place according to pay or free and 24 or 12 day calendars.   


    There was another very lovely (and completely free but there is a group to join) bit of clothing at Black Bird Lace again.  I hadn't heard of that store before but so far it has some of the nicest gifts IMO.  I just scrolled UP and read all your comments, and yes, I do agree that "sometimes" this seems much more of a marketing and money making adventure than actual gift giving. 


    My two favorite ACTUAL GIFTS places (both new to me are Black Bird Lace and Pink Camel (beautifully made mesh and so far kind of giant toys for adults).  

    Meanwhile I will put some fashion back in here with some great fitting lingerie for today. 



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  9. So I worked WAAAAAAY too many hours on Advent much in the middle of the night and tired. Hoping to sleep in tomorrow (fingers crossed) so I am posting  a few hours early for the color of the week. Remember you can make up colors any time. Not that many rules here.   


    And the color is ----




    Being a neutrals loving gal this one was easy for me. Don't worry there are plenty of tough ones for me in the future. 


    Here is my styling for the week of December 2. 






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  10. The simple answer is that you do it in the land tab and it costs $30 lindens a week. Then people can find you if they use PLACES to search (I do a lot). 

    You can only do that however if you own the land. Sometimes a landlord will do it for you and add that 30 lindens to the rent.




    You can also make a classified add for the area. If you use places you can make a PLACES PAGE. I have them but I don't think many people use them. It was a good idea that didn't take off. 



  11. I was going to post this in How Does Your Avatar Look Today and then I thought it would be fun to see other people's favorite Advent gifts (and know where they came from LOL).   


    So here is my favorite of the day. There were LOTS OF LOVELY things out to grab, but me -- I am a casual gal and summer will eventually be here again.




    This from BLACK BIRD LACE .  It comes with a huge texture change hud. 



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  12. 2 hours ago, FairreLilette said:

     I also wanted to share I have far less black then many would think because I am a fairy or an elf a lot of the time.  Black is the least of the colors I have and I don't have very many fatpacks at all.  But, I'd rather buy each color for this challenge anyways as it goes along.   

    I figured that would be the case for some folks -- the Kawaii guys included.   I worked hard in November and did all the colors for the upcoming December (whew) since I knew I already had a TON of stuff going on and time would be tight.   


    While I made it though OK (barely) on one odd pastel color (not telling) the hardest color for me so far was GREEN.  I literally took me ALL DAY. This is  GREEN GREEN, like Irish Green and while I had some lovely muted greens and olives I apparently am not a fan of GREEN GREEN and neither are the designers with huds  that I frequent LOL.


    Now GREEN is not next but you know now that it is in December --- and it will be tons easier for you guys as it is green SEASON HOHOHO.  


    I will give you a hint on tomorrows new color --- which was my favorite of the upcoming that I know about. 


    This is color theory (which I taught in college for a couple of decades) OR you can think of it as finger painting :D.    Take a little green and mix it with red. Add just a touch of yellow and some black and white.  


    I'll let you think on that.  Color swatch and my outfit tomorrow. 

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  13. 41 minutes ago, ArcticFox1x said:

    I want my own private space so I don't have to worry about upsetting anybody else if anybody else lives on a homestead with me there are going to be complaining about some of the stuff I'll be doing probably

    Then you will have to up your budget or move to another grid that is cheaper (Sinespace - Sansar - Opensim).  You will not find what you want here. We have told you that.  You need to listen LOL. 


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  14. 25 minutes ago, Jupiter Firelyte said:

    I got very lucky. I happened to be inworld when the the landowner at Snow Globe sent a group message saying she was going to add a few houses on the ground, first come, first served. I was the first one to IM her and she gave me a choice of house. I always wanted a small one given the LI limits, but it's 100 now! So, I'm breaking the rules of  this challenge, but here it is at 98 LI.

    2020.11.25 Snow Globe 01.png





    Congrats. I agree those extra 50 prims (^^ land impact) make a huge difference. I have leftovers too.  A very lovely present.  

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  15. On a more serious note :D.  My Maitreya hud isn't working correctly now. The alphas show up on the hud as they should but not on the avatar. I have to relog in order to get the parts that need to disappear --- to disappear. 


    I have had some of the instant crashes of late (black screen relog) but I have pinpointed that down to either heavy mesh, textures or scripts of the AREA I am in. I have been checking out Advent places and two of them I crashed instantly upon arrival. They aren't making my list obviously LOL.   But again, I agree that isn't the cloud but a sim (area) issue. 


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  16. Well I can't see much difference in your screenshot (textures get compressed a lot when uploaded to the forums so that is likely it) but I am thinking that it MAY not be "you" so waiting until folks come back to work on Monday may be your only solution. You could try the beta grid and see if things are better there -- assuming you were uploading on the main grid.  Now and then it just isn't "us" :D.  


    I noticed on hitting the publish button that this is your first post, so in case you really are new and haven't uploaded textures to SL before then they ALWAYS lose quality  in comparison to what you see as local textures. They get compressed. The best you can do is upload a 2048 and let them turn it into a 1024 (this from a lot of tests a bunch of us did a year or so ago so you should test that yourself again. 


    So if this is your first time upload textures -- this is the norm. 

  17. 1 hour ago, DulceDiva said:

    Found Qavimator,but I can't seem to rotate fingers,I downloaded the January 2020 version.Is this the bento one?

    Never got out of beta and apparently abandoned. I used the original for a decade with good results, but not the new Bento one. Orwar says it "can be made to work" so he is your best bet for an answer.   Maybe reference him in a post to get his attention?  


    I made a lot of poses in Sansar using Blender and Medhue made a tutorial (and a much improved rig) with 2.8.  But Sansar and SL are different rigs with different rules and it is DIFFICULT to do things here without Avastar now that we have Bento. That's really just the bottom line.   Sorry.   


    Let us know if you ever get it and we will virtually CHEER for you.  


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  18. 18 minutes ago, Leonidas079 said:

    i am sorry, but in that link you copied there, the Community guidelines it says nothing of what you stated about "No advertising your Role Play locations". If you can show me where does it specificly say you cant do it i would happily remove the post.

    This thread HAS been told a time or two that is for conversations about role play. Beyond that the rule is pinned to the top of this forum. Always good to read those. You cannot removed a thread post but a moderator certainly might.  Here is the info you requested. Now you know.


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