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  1. Truly great for the women...and frankly the guys too...I'm happy to see folks not only adding the tattoo layer to tattoo packages thus giving us an extra clothing layer, but also the release of facial, body, and scalp hairstyles thus improving my skin beyond the facial and body hair styles offered by the skin creator...and some hair designers are doing great things mixing the scalp tattoo hair with prim hair...and yes frankly adding a little color for a healthier look to a guys cheeks-haven't seen anything like facial or body scars yet, but I'm sure someone is thinking of them for the RPGers. Dare I say though that this would not have been quite as nice an addition if the Lindens didn't also get it together and allow us to layer within a layer.My basic look-just the skin as is-is now modified with body hair,facial hair,rosy cheeks and freckles and a hair base and tattoo all on the tattoo layer, thus leaving me all my clothing layers for...well clothes layering..lol..
  2. Might want to try the 60 Linden Saturday and 50 Linden Friday and 25 Linden Mondays and whatever else they have going.:manvery-happy: Put something good up on these days that showcases your talents and product design and you'll draw in some business..
  3. I realy can't tell you the difference in relationship to the viewers (32 or 64) but I have been able to use the official sl viewer with 64 bit windows 7 since I changed over to Win7 64bit. Kristens also works fine with me...although when I got the computer back after the change over I had nothing sl related on the computer and started with clean installs...in the past I have found (esp. when I started having multiple viewers on my computer) that cleaning out everything sl related and starting from clean installs and doing 1 at a time( including coming into world and allowing your complete inventory to load and do all your settings) before moving on to another viewer. Time consuming pain in the you know what...but it generally solved any problems I had in the past.You might want to try it as a last resort..
  4. Currently I have SL3.0 for building and what not and Kristens for S21 build 9 for photography and just general going about.Kristen has been working with the version 2 code since it was released and while keeping many of the V2/V3 basics has altered and improved on the code. Kristens has been mesh capable for most of the summer-you could use it in Aditti to import and view mesh So technically she was SL3 months before SL was. The reality is what works best on your machine should be your guiding factor.Give all of them a run, kick their tires and all that good stuff, just note that SL is moving forward and the viewers before ver 2 are mired in the past...you won't be able to see those people properly that wear mesh, or layer their layers(I generally wear 3-4 layers on my tattoo layer and 2 on the underwear layer. You will see one on each and won't be able to layer yourself.).You won't have a favorites landmarks bar or outfits selection to easily save your favorite looks with out generating multiple duplicates of items. Also it is possible when your inventory grows that the count will be less then what you have in a version2 or 3. You will have better building tools in those pre 2.0 viewers. There are those that will tell you these viewers are easier to learn. I think they are about the same if you are starting from scratch with no help learning. They all lag. They all disconect at the most inconvenient times. And I assure you if you disconect and are naked,no matter what you do, you will re log into sl in the most public sim out there. In the end it is what works best for you and what you need it to do...And understand that there will be days when no matter what viewer you chose your experience in SL will be miserable...It's the nature of the beast.
  5. Can we move on to todays or tomorrows or next weeks thing the Lindens do that annoys ya'll this is dead and gone....I personally find this UI no less crappy then the previous UI and actually easier to explain to NOOB's then the old UI...apples oranges...it is what it is...seriously there are new chnages to be hating on...SMDH
  6. and here's one that is less money but might interest you and has a free demo version to see if it does what you need...https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/EdenScape-Creator/2059951
  7. Absolutely..I change my look regularly-actually to the point where no one comments on a new look at all, which can be bad if you are looking for feed back.. I started out on the common male freebies-black hair, dirty biker I think it was called,and a skin and shape from a freebie stop that made me look less like the frankenstein monster I had created. After a month or so I transferred into a beefy blond and went crazy with hair, still change hair styles daily..And went through regular tinkering with my shape and even buying different shapes and amalgamating different features into one. Skins improved and the market exploded with more "realistic" skins and I jumped on several that produced a nice look that went untouched for about 5 months until recently when I got a good shape I really liked in the Menstuff hunt and went back and bought it so I could make proportion adjustments for height. And now I got a great "ginger" skin in the seasons hunt that has me totally remaking my look again... I doubt I'll ever establish a "final and forever" look. One of the assets of SL is to constantly evolve yourself.
  8. Well at least it is opt in so ladies you will only be objectified (more objectified) if you choose to be..Of all the changes brought about by the TPV's it's a pity that the most juvenile of them all is what they go for. Proof they are still looking to get the fan boy's(and dirty old men) as new members..
  9. 3 years ago I partnered with someone. 6 months later he left SL for good without a word. About 1 year later SL took all his properties and his account no longer exists except through my partner listing. I'm pretty sure he suspended the account and stopped paying so the Lindens deleted him. So if he longer exists why do I have to pay to dissolve this partnership??? Just don't seem right.. PS wondering why this got moved too This wasn't a question it was a topic for debate...I know it costs 25L and that's the way it is...This is more a debate on a principle ie if he no longer exists I should no longer be partnered. Kinda similar to marriage in real life...Once they die you arn't married to them anymore...you don't have to get a divorce...
  10. this is a rather common problem and I've read multiple solutions...the one that ussually works for me is go intome> preferences>set-up> and click reset for the cache location. Log off and then log back on and start the process of rebuilding your inventory. You could also go under user data on a windows PC and find your cache folder-it's listed on the above mentioned tab...move it to another location and restart the inventory process. I do this about once a month as it also seems to clear up the blurry focus problem I sometimes get (my textures on my self blur and won't come into focus even after areload textures). Hope this helps.
  11. 1) Chat lag 2)Not being able to start chat sessions. 3) messages not posting to chat. these all are regular occurences for myself and many people I know...clearing group cache doesn't help either.
  12. Group chat is "broken" to some extent and does need an up haul.Chat lag is a regular occurence especially in the larger groups. I have been able to go several hours without any chat windows opening-I belong to a Midnight Madness group so this shouldn't happen as there is constant 24 hour chatter there. I have also frequently not been able to start up a chat in open chat groups. All these problems though are not a SL2 problem as they prexist 2.0 and are present in Phoenix ( with the added joy of dropped posts during chats) and Kirstens. One can only hope that if a new chat system is started these problems will be fixed finally.
  13. I got my homestead back when they originally were Open spaces. It was financially better for me as I couldn't afford the start-up fee for a full sim-still can't- nor was 300 bucks a month doable.. that was 2 years ago...it has been since sold over to three other developers both as part of the main sim and in the final case as itself without the main sim to a developer...she makes about $30 USD over the teir from me but I still couldn't afford the full sim price...I work hard with the prim limits and I'd like to think I've done a very good job...I'm not here for a profit also it does work great in estates to rent off the homestead as 1 or 2 home properties...I've seen that alot.
  14. It all ends up back to Orwell versus Verne basically...Can mankind progress or are we little better then high tech barbarians?
  15. It all can get twisted but Caprica pre dates Battlestar and Battlestar ended with the remenants arriving at early human earth and "us" being the result of intermingling with the cyborg-human hybred "lucy"...lol.. Teally though doesn't it all come down to were we end up as humanity? If we are moving to a better level(kinda hard to believe just looking around these days but I'm at a hopeful stage of my life.) then technology will be a reflection of our better natures.
  16. of course it also should be noted that Caprica pre dates human on Earth history...dare we hope we have learnt from our ancestors??? :smileyvery-happy:
  17. Personally I'm thinking more Star Trek Next generation holodeck... here (sorry...didn't allow sharing..) It actually all depends on the writers concept of humanity in the end.
  18. Can't help it..Grandma was a big Burning Man fan...and peyote...that too.. :smileyvery-happy: :smileytongue:
  19. Grandma still says we were only out in the dessert...not on the moon..:smileytongue:
  20. have never used voice...don't like voice...don't need voice..let em learn to type and IM properly and create a personality without a voice..I got a phone I want to talk to someone.. Just my 3.145 cents... and let us all remember the world didn't actually fall apart when they bought in voice...or made the adult continent...or did wind light and raised SL's minimum requirements...or when they messed up the open spaces and homesteads.It was just that a very vocal group told us it would...and yet here we still are. Until the RL economy gets re settled and balanced again stats are not very relevant. The plain and simple fact is...this is about money above and beyond living expenses and RL playing expenses and that amount is low.
  21. "Gimme that House music allll night long.." :smileyvery-happy:
  22. Evangeline Twist wrote: This sounds like a fun challange but I don't have a man to dress..lol P.S. Is it just me or does anyone else not like when guys tuck their t-shirts into their jeans? lol only time it should be tucked in is when it's part of layering..Tucked in is sooo "mommy dressed me and made me tuck it in." or the designer/creator didn't make a jacket layer (tsk, tsk to designer!) Also I am kinda on the fence about prim bottoms to t-shirts ( and other shirt/jacket tops..) Although they most of the time give a nice sense of depth to the clothing that illusion is often broken apart as soon as the avatar moves...
  23. and formal Hat and Hair - Amacci Hair-Howie-$299L Suit- Lapointe & Bastchild Milan Pinstripped Stripped/Black $499L shoes HOC Apparel Mens Formal Dress shoes $20L Total $818 L Overall total $868L...You got change!!! So while this is do-able..it only is because of hunts and freebies. If I had actually bought everything I'm guessing it would be more in the range of $1500L to $2000L. So successful failure.
  24. Thought I'd take a crack at this...so far I have the lounge and casual outfits done... This would be the lounge look and cost 50L's. Grey t-Shirt Bella's #43 from The Wild Man Hunt (Free) Grey Sweats- ::Maschienenwerk:: (Free) Sneakers - HOC Apparel- Hocs Lowtops - classic colors 50 Linden The shape I am using is also from a hunt thus free, :smileyvery-happy: and this would be my casual look and was free. Jeans-Back to black Jeans & Khaki belt- Juice Shirt- Torment Shirt Razorblade Jacket sneakers Andy outfit sneakers - sf designs hat - cap dark blue [KUSTOM] (all of these are from The Wild Men Hunt.) sleeves for the tee shirt-Josephs white tee shirt freebie(shirt cuffs are mod/copy) Be back once I get the current pricing on the formal look..: smileywink:
  25. honerken wrote: What are we, 4 years old? Men are intelligent enough to dress themselves in real life, why would they need a woman to do it for them in SL? Lol..Go out into the sl world and then come back and tell me that..lol..I've seen many an avi that could use this challenge.It's not the putting on of the clothes..it's the picking and putting them together that leaves something to be desired.
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