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  1. It is called "Hey Hey Phucking Market place" Hey Hey Market place ! I ran my reports today! what made me sick was it was 33 pages thick! 25 pages are looking great ,too bad its from 2008! (chorus: Not eeevvveeeennnn iinn mmmmy inventory seance 2009!) My new products sell great ,to bad all my reports for them do not update... (chorus: They must buy them with out having to viiieeeewww ttthhheemmm in searccchhh) Hey Hey i got a related product I like to add ,search products 26 pages of boxes I do not even have. (chorus: Or have sold or kept in market place inventory or av invent
  2. the cost of a web server and the price they will change you a month for said service is a lot more then hiring 6 people.I have deal with keeping a sim secure and idiot free for years. I have done it all from building my own data base web driven system to using a pre made with a monthly fee (they no longer are around sl,the one I used that is.) and found 6 people I paid a L$ a hour and used a region wide time clock that informs me if they leave the sim or do their job. (you have to monitor every one it seems.) Also a lot has to do in how you handle it, freak out and blow up and you just ad
  3. lol , Minka Minka.... when you log into the "Merchant home" on the left hand side is a listing of options, under "Reports" is "Listing enhancements". open that and you will find a list of your adds, at the end is a option to "edit" each one, once you click edit you will see the option to stop renewing. might want to re read about how use marketplace , a lot has changed.
  4. Let the system run its event before contacting any one,I am a market place shopper and have been for many years . I never shop in world any more and I find more and more people are using market place as a main resource for buying objects lately . I only have a issue once and a while and a user I just let it ride 24 hours to see if I get a refund or a object sent . The system can take time and I think it is better if we all just let it do it thing ,it should correct it self . As a seller on market place I do the same,I wait until either the user contacts me or I check back and it shows refo
  5. This is a very old topic talked about every day all over SL. Here are some facts that will help. First the lack of tinting a prim to your skin if you have a full color spectrum tool is only your own lack of skills .it covers every color there is.... Here is the real problem skins are not a sold color.They are a texture! Made up of many many colors (if they are with using) you really need to texture the prim not try to add color. First Rule, If it set no mod,then just do not buy it as for you it will be worthless. No lights on your body,they will only cast shadows and make the prims
  6. I never get all the anger people get when some one points out a 3rd party viewer as a problem. First off why would any one hack you? What do you have to flaunt to be a attraction. I can say I know many many people and my self have a fair amount of sale products and a steady stream on linden that have never been hacked. Why is it Joe blow no one that gets "hacked" ? Why do these people not target and plan out a real crime and go for the people with millions of lindens? Why are our hackers so lame?? Personally I think it is all talk , you be suspired what board people will say to be enter
  7. Puddy wins!! Competitive Space Race With Rival Countries Early Technology and brave achievement. Finding God after a drug and drinking spree take second seat to the act of courageous coaches/players to simply treat a man for what he knows and not his color. I love history,I can not help my self to spend 5 mins looking up things like this.
  8. Don't Forget!! 4 11 1970 Peter Green announces he's found god and leaves band Fleetwood mac.............
  9. Microphones for computers are very cheap these days,most new laptops have them built in. I can not think of normal webcam that dose not have one built in and most computers if store bought throw in the webcams these days....why do so many people still have some crazy reason they can not use a mic...with that said share a few of the crazy reason people have given you not to use a mic... Here is mine... I am with a new friend,we are working on a new joint build..I say " really I hate typing ,use your mic or at least turn it on so you can hear me.... (ready for it.....wait.... for it...) r
  10. @Allazondra lol,you have no idea what you are talking about.... @Talia We have had issues with both our islands as well,and I agree it has come from the mesh roll out.But this happen with sculpted and sculpted changed the face of SL for the good.This will take time to get the bugs.We pay for 2 islands so I feel you on the problems they are properly flooded with support to personally reply.
  11. Well fact is SLX was not always instant,matter fact it was only one a year...you got use to 7 years of it taking a few days to goto SLX to paypal then 3 days from paypal to bank account....So that was a week wait. Then from late 2008 to LL bought them out, it was instant.....you know what I did? I learn to adapt got my self a week ahead,cash out monthly and its no big deal. This is not forever,this will not be around until you are old ad gray,there is no retirement no healthcare nothing is wrote in stone that you can depend on this long term or even month to month. Do your self a favor
  12. its the sim soon as I tp out it is fine,go back to our island and its back to nothing.I bet affects sales....lets hope the owners gets my emails.
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