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Current looks free or very cheap...post yours

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So this is the look I am currently wearing that I made mostly out of freebies or dollerbies...I am pretty picky but have recently been impressed with the quality of the group gifts some designers have put out....I spend quite a bit on stuff in SL being a shopaholic, that being said I can never resist a great bargain or group gift and if I sample a designers work by getting a great group gift I usually always return and buy something from them.


I am sure that this has been done before but I thought it would be fun to post the look I made for next to nothing and see some of your results as well if anyone wants to join me in posting theirs?


(Sorry the last pic is a bit blurry on the legs...I hit rebake just before I took it and SL mucked up on me)


SKIN: JesyLilo (Current Valentines Group gift - free to join group - i just love JesyLilo skins)

SHAPE: Emily shape by latee (currently on marketplace for 1L$)

Hair: LeLutka Bardot hair (not free think it was about 250L$ - I <333 this hair sooo much it is my absolute fave at the mo, I wear it all the time)

Piercings: Gothica Piercings @Bubblez Design (free group gift and free to join group)

Dress: Black Zipper Dress (Group Gift from Shucream - group is free to join)

Belt : Bubbly Belt (Group gift from Bubblez Design - free to join group)

Necklace: Part of the Cherry Set from Crystal Line (Lucky Board Win)

Tattoo : Vines Tattoo from Kamiri (I honestly can't remember exactly where I picked this up tho...lol)

Silver Bracelets: Recent subscriber gift from Noya...<333Noya

Shoes: Heart Pumps (Group gift from Vinyl Cafe Addicts...have to pay 10L$ to join but well that's hardly worth mentioning as they have some AMAZING gifts and dollerbies up for grabs)


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"Cheap" being a relative term, I wanted to show off this dress. I am a fan of G Sloane Couture in Cedarwood, and this dress was a Monday Mania item I bought for L$50. You should always look at stores that offer these special weekly deals if you're looking to dress well 'on the cheap'. But one of the reasons I love this store is that you can get beautiful dresses there for less than you find with many stores in SL. Styles of dresses and gowns that can cost L$500-L$1,000 at some stores can be as low as L$300.




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The following look cost under L$200, IIRC...


Black ETD pumps, L$10

Eloh Pleiades skin, free

Truth 'Jess' hair, free

my own shape, free

Bare Rose W.P. Nightmare (full outfit with dress, feathers, shawl, choker & underwear), L$140

Sin Skin Intense Green eyes, L$10

Open Collar Submissive Heart chain, free


 ETA: this isn't my day-to-day look, but it is something I might wear for a formal night out. I'd probably wear a more modern skin, but as a five year old av, I can't pick up the modern 'first month' freebies that newer residents might find.

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Ty for your replies people, love the look you created Kelli and nice dress there Melian.  Just thought I would add in the pic below I am wearing the new Feb Group gift from Filthy Skins, a lovely valentines skin plus shape which you can get if you join group (250L$ to join but soooo worth it as they do group gits every month and their skins are more than worth it!!  They usually retail at well over 1K)

The hair was found for around 35L$ on marketplace and is called Long Black Locks and is made by Holly Walpanheim.

Lip stain was a free wearable demo from Mock cosmetics, if you go to their store you can pick up a ton of them, all their lip colour demos are totally wearable, they do it so you can sample their range.BUMMEFILTHYSKIN&SHAPEEDITED.jpg



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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 3878 days.

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