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  1. Hello anigels. Unistallation really does no help. If you get the error message "Unable to connect to a simulator" try to log in a different region like for example at Exeuxoa. Just i logged in there without problems. If you can't select a different region, in your log in screen give the command: Menu Me --> Preferences --> General Tab --> Enable "Show on login" --> OK. After click the down arrow where it says "Start at" and choose <Type region name> --> Exeuxoa--> Login. If you still can't log in make some patience and watch http://status.secondlifegrid.net/ for updates.
  2. Thanks for your sweet words Marigold, Luc and all others for your replies and suggestions. I am waiting still a reply from LL and when i have it, i will inform you here.
  3. Just i changed my password, thanks for your reply Ariel. Let's see now if it will be happened again.
  4. emmettcullen93 wrote: have you opened a attachment or attcepted a item from somebody you dont compleatly trust? they may have got in that way i had a friend who had that happen. It was a link for the Marketplace posting in a known and trusted fashion group (all residents know it) which drives you at the Marketplace log in central page.
  5. Aurelia Lionheart wrote: I just got a phising email from a bank (where I do not have an account), so it's a big problem in RL as well. Think only thing LL can do is warn people! Which they don't.. and it should be easy, just put a message on the SL log in screen making people aware of this phising. That's what the banks do! My RL obligations last weeks don't allow me to spend long time here in SL Forums and in world so i wasn't aware about this link. I know now. I am not sure if i get back my L$. My first goal is to make this problem known to as many residents as possible. Thanks for your replies both Aurelia and Known.
  6. Knowl Paine wrote: It's too early to be April Fool's day, this is horrible news. It is possible to enter combinations of a person's password, hoping to get it correct. The Server would have a record of each attempt. I don't know how many times the wrong password is allowed to be entered. You should most definitely change your password, and the email linked to the account. You should have reported your account as compromised. I hope you get your money back. http://community.secondlife.com/t5/English-Knowledge-Base/Account-credentials/ta-p/700017#Section_.5 Yes Known, they are very very bad news for all. Btw, already i have submitted a ticket with pics from my transaction history which prove the fraud and the resident's names. I hope all residents here to read this post in order to protect theirselves and their friends.
  7. Aurelia Lionheart wrote: Did you click on a link to the Marketplace, mentioned by one of your friends or in a group chat? Cause that's been going round in SL. If you click the link you go to what appears to be the SL Marketplace log in page. But it's actually a fake page and if you log in you give the people running it your account name and password. A lot of people's account have been comprimised the past few weeks. Lots of people were financially drained. Money and objects seems to be all they are after. and yes! Change your password! Even tho your account is empty now they might use to send those fake MP adressed to your friends! Unfortunately yes i did. And i did because it was a post which spammed a known group by my virtual sister (who as i said her account was hacked too - i mean someone else was posting with her account) so i would never thought that it was a trap. Thanks for your reply Aurelia. On the other side my question remains. How Linden Lab can protect all the unsuspected residents? It could be happened to anyone.
  8. Hello to all. 3 days before my account was hacked. Some minutes earlier i logged in and i noticed that over than 80,000L$ have gone. Destinations were 5 residents who sent the L$ to each other. I have never given my password to noone. I have never seen or met these residents. About 1 week ago my virtual sister's account was hacked also and she lost also thousands of L$. The hackers didin't changed my password, just they got my L$, so i logged in today without problems. I just submitted a ticket and i wait for a reply. My question is how Linden Lab can protect us? Is it possible? Do you consider that it is necessary to change my password? I am not sure if it is useful if we accept that those residents (the hackers) are able to break (have access) to any account / password. Your opinions, suggestions?
  9. Hello Shaia. You have also another option for water reflections under Preferencess --> Graphics --> Advanced which can make the water to look a bit better. If you don't see any difference changing the settings under Environment editor, you can roll back on a previous version of V3. You can find all old versions here. In this case set your software updates no to be installed automatically under preferences --> setup.
  10. Hello starr. There are 2 main causes you get this error message. Maybe: 1)It is relative with region rolling restarts we have every Tuesday in world for maintenance. Always don't forget to check out: http://status.secondlifegrid.net/ If so, is possible to fix the problem if you log in a different region. Try to log in a protected land like Smith, Exeuxoa or Anzere and see if that helps. If you use the official viewer and you can't select a different region, in your log in screen give the command: Menu Me --> Preferences --> General Tab --> Enable "Show on login" --> OK. After click the down arrow where it says "Start at" and choose <Type region name> --> Smith --> Login. If it is no possible, make some patience and watch secondlifegrid.net for updates. 2)It is relative with invalid characters in your group tag. If so, you will fix the problem if you remove or change it. If you remember which group tag you wear, log in with an alt (alternative / another account), find the owner or a manager of the group, explain who you are and ask them to eject you of the group. If you are the group owner, again log in with an alt and change the group tag. If it is no possible, tell your friends to delete the group. When they all leave, your groups in 48 hours will stop to exist, so you will fix your problem. In any case if you are a premium and you can't find a solution, you can submit a ticket https://support.secondlife.com/create-case/ --> Account issue --> Second Life Web Login Issues. Report there the problem analytically and wait for a reply. Good luck.
  11. Hello SuperMikey. Please check out the following link: http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Script You can find easily the total number of the scripts you wear and how many of them are running currently if you rezz a script counter and click on it. You can find several free in world. If you can't find, contact me in world to send you one. Alternatively you can get infos about the scripts you wear under the "About Land" window. In viewer 3 Menu World --> About Land --> General --> Script Info --> My Avatar.
  12. Hello Bebe and welcome to SL Forums. Possibly it is something wrong with your scripts. Try to log in a region where scripts aren't allowed like Ahern for example. See if that makes any difference.
  13. Hello DizWunzaKilla. I have seen at some stores in world that some merchants have vendors for update beside the normal ones which work with an access list. All residents who have already purchased the product in past, are able to get the update for free. If someone else clicks, gets the message that his name is no in the access list. Unfortunately i don't know example how you can do that. Maybe you would have better answers if you post it under Merchants category in SL Forums.
  14. Hello Tanya. When you pay your premium membership fee, land use fees, private estate fees, buy Linden dollars or buy a Private Region, Linden Lab charges your US dollar balance. If your US dollar balance does not cover your expenses, all available US$ credit is applied to the fee. Then we charge the remainder via your preferred payment method. If you make enough Linden dollars, you can sell them on the LindeX to increase your US dollar balance. Some Residents' premium accounts pay for themselves! http://community.secondlife.com/t5/English-Knowledge-Base/Account-balance/ta-p/700015#Section_.2.1
  15. Hello Kimberly and welcome to SL Forums. Although i have many months to create a new account i believe that this procedure has been done away with now. After the registration on the last page it says: "Success. You account has been activated". You don't need to activate your account. Normally you should have got a mail when you choosed an avatar and a name to the e-mail address is linked with.
  16. Hello TinTin and welcome to SL Forums. At first check out if you accidentally wear something like an alpha layer or something similar and detach it (maybe a part of a mesh outfit). If you don't see something make an avatar test. You find it in Viewer 3 under Menu Develop (Ctrl+Alt+Q) --> Avatar --> Character tests --> Test Male / Female. This way you will remove from your avatar everything is possible to cause the issue. If it works you will see your avatar like a noob, but after you can change again outfit. If the problem remains clear your cache manually out of SL. To do that delete all contests at the following folders: (Vista) and (Win 7) - C: \ Users \ (USER NAME) \ ApplData \ Local \ Secondlife and C: \ Users \ (USER NAME) \ AppData \ Roaming \ SecondLife expect the .xtx files in order to keep your chat logs and im logs If you use more than one viewers, do the same for all of them, following the same paths in your hard disk. For example C: \ Users \ (USER NAME) \ ApplData \ Local \ PhoenixViewer or Firestorm etc. If still the problem remains, try a different viewer. Good luck.
  17. Hello Simondavis. You aren't the only one who reported problems with shopping cart here. Try to clear your browser's cache, relog in your dashboard, or try a different browser. If the problem remains and you have no access to your shopping cart and you can't remove your items, as CommerceTeam Linden reports here, you can submit a ticket --> Marketplace --> General Marketplace Issues. Report the problem there, include a pic with your shopping cart which shows inside your items and wait for a reply.
  18. Hello again (and again). The answer is definitely clear. Check out the answers on the previous threads.
  19. Hello and welcome to SL Forums. The reality is that you can't very easily to get L$ in SL except of your find a skilled job. Do you know to build? Do you know to script? Do you have any other special skills? If so, you have more possibilites to find a good job and get L$. Please check out this link. It is a guide about jobs in SL. Also here. you can find some articles about how you can make money in SL. In addition, informative threads below: http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Everything-Else/How-to-gain-money/qaq-p/1290233 http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Linden-Dollars-L/Where-do-I-Earn-Lindens/qaq-p/1335573 Good luck.
  20. Hello poker and welcome to SL Forums. It is no possible to change on Mainland. However on a private estate you can do that if you have Estate Manager's powers and if you first contact the Estate Onwer. You find the option under the third tab (Region) in the region/estate window.
  21. Hello Ivana and welcome to SL Forums. Not sure what is wrong. Please follow the suggestions at the following link: http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Inventory_loss The primary solution you have to follow is to clear manually your cache. Generally avoid to share cache folder with many viewers. It is one of the top causes for inventory loss. Good luck.
  22. This thread seems that continues by here: http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Account/how-many-alts-can-people-have/qaq-p/1399073
  23. Just now the issue seems that has been resolved. Please try again to open a profile in world or in https://my.secondlife.com/
  24. Just now the problem seems that has been resolved. Please try again to open a profile in world or in https://my.secondlife.com/
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