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  1. I have a question about being offworld. I am currently without a computer of my own and can only access the forums from the public library. Will my accessing the forms/account dashboard only prevent my avi's extinction, or must I log in inworld occasionally to save myself? How long do I have to keep from going extinct?
  2. I simply don't get it when someone refuses to share where they got a particular item. What's the big deal? I happen to love a particular designer, who just seems to make clothing that looks like it was made for me, and if someone asks me where I got something I wore, I tell them because it might translate to a sale for that store. If I have a LM I even give that out too.
  3. Love sucks. And for those who say 'those who don't have love have never let it in'...BS. The simple fact is there are more people out there willing to lie, use, and manipulate those who do love than those who don't. The worst of the lot are the ones who assure you by saying, 'I would never do that to you'. When they say that, ladies and gentlemen, they're already doing it. So, go ahead and believe in love, if you choose to believe in it. Go ahead and believe you are deserving of love, because you probably are. But does that mean that you will find it, or that you are destined for it? Think again. I'm not getting suckered into believing a lie anymore.
  4. I guess this would be the most obvious of answers, but if you bought your skin from a store they might have a pale version of the same skin. Lots of skins come in tint variations, so you may be able to simply buy a lighter version of the same name.
  5. Melita is right--makeup is a face tattoo and if any clothing uses a part of the face to attach, it will come off when you apply the makeup. You should check out your attachment points. As for appearing naked to others when you see clothes, I have that problem a lot. Rebaking will usually fix it before you go out (have to do that in a low-lag area; waiting to get to a club and someone telling you you're naked doesn't work very well), but you keep having this problem the Character Test will fix it.
  6. Thank you for your input, Drake. As a DJ I'm sure you'll appreciate what I'm about to say: I will make sure I do not give you or any club you work for my Lindens ever again. And after what you wrote, I wouldn't be surprised if you don't have quite a few singles share that sentiment. Sometimes there is a price to pay for demonstrating a lack of business intelligence.
  7. I'm glad that helped. It is a royal pain to do a Character Test, I hate doing them. Sometimes though that is the last resort before submitting a Help Ticket. Character Tests will fix most serious avi problems (like the Ooompa Loompa look you had), and more often than not, if the Character Test won't fix it, then only the Lindens can.
  8. You misread what I said, Uncommon. PC would be that SL isn't allowed to celebrate any holidays because it might offend someone, much in the same way there are RL workplaces with that rule. I don't want that. What I (and others) also don't want are people who make it very clear that if you're not part of a couple on Valentines Day, then the following applies: 1) You are completely lacking as a person and if they had their way, wouldn't even be allowed to log into SL. 2) You should not be allowed to attend any events, since Valentines Day is for couples only and not singles. And if you show up at an Valentines event as a single, should be made to feel so unwelcome that you are forced to leave, because you're about as welcome as a turd in the punchbowl. 3) Your lindens are no good. Like it or not, there are merchants, club owners, event coordinators, DJ's, musicians, etc., who really do behave that way on Valentines Day. It is shortsighted, it is stupid, but based on what I saw last year, it does happen. I would just like Residents to be conscientious enough to not engage in it. If that's too difficult, then I have to ask who has the hangup here?
  9. Raven, you didn't mention if you'd tried the Character Test, where you load up a default avi and then reassemble yourself one part at a time. If you've never done it, do the following before you do the Character Test: --make notes of the type of shape, eyes, hair, skin, clothes you are supposed to be wearing now. It would be a good idea to make yourself a folder with all these items while you're at it. --Go to the Advanced Menu on the Phoenix Viewer. Under 'Character' there should be a listing for 'character test'. Then choose male or female. An avi will load from your inventory. --Replace your items one bit at a time until you are back to the avi you want to be. Hope this works for you.
  10. Amethyst--some of the points you mentioned are the very reason why singles on Valentines Day feel like it's open season on them, and are made to feel so unwelcome--not just by couples, but by club staff members, musicians, DJ's, etc.--that for some their only option is to not go out or not even log into SL to socialize. It's one thing if a nightclub only offers one or two events a week and chooses to have a Valentines event a few days before, but there are still clubs in SL who have 1-2 events EVERY DAY, and yet they're still scheduling Valentines events a week out and to the exclusion of everything else. If it's a week out from Valentines Day, and there are 12 events scheduled at that club leading up to Valentines Day, does every single event leading up to the day HAVE to be about Valentines, or even anti-Valentines? Why not have most of their regular events until a few days beforehand, to accomodate those SL couples who, like you mentioned, may not be able to be together on Valentines Day itself? I'm not suggesting that Valentines Day should be banned in SL or that everyone has to be accomodated at all times (you know, the PC idea that doesn't allow employees in RL to celebrate any holidays at the office because it might offend someone else). But the statement that was made about how singles can simply solve their 'standing off in the corner' syndrome at certain events by 'asking a friend' to come with them, is a prime example of the 'I'm-better-than-you-are-because-I'm-in-a-relationship-and-you're-not' hostility that couples feel free to spout on Valentines Day and get away with it. The reason why there are singles standing off in a corner is probably due to not being able to get a 'friend' to come with them, for whatever reason. And what's wrong with a host of such an event occasionally wandering over to the side and trying to coax the singles onto the dance floor so that they feel welcome? What's wrong with a DJ taking a request from a single person and playing the requests in order of receiving them (as much as realisitcally possible of course, considering sometimes songs have to be searched for or not as easy to cue up in the stream), instead of saying on Valentines Day only couples get to make requests, or that the singles have to wait maybe 2 1/2 hours out of a 3 hour event to get a request of theirs played, and it might get played if there's enough time? If merchants, club owners, musicians, etc., can't be appealed to in terms of common sense and a sense of compassion or at least a sense of inclusion, then maybe they should remember the following: singles make and spend Lindens just the same as couples. If singles are made to feel so unwelcome to your club or your event or your show on Valentines Day that they don't come there, or leave immediately, or just choose to not log into SL at all, then you're not getting any Virtual Cheddar from them. That means no Lindens from them to help you pay your staff, no Lindens from them to help pay for stream hosting, no Lindens from them to help pay your tier fees. Wouldn't it make more sense to remember to keep singles somewhat happy and appreciated on Valentines Day so you can help yourself stay in business?
  11. With Valentine's Day being two weeks away, I wanted to post this here as plans get underway in SL (and RL) for Valentine's Day parties, dances, etc. I'm sure some of this is going to cause a bit of protest. But speaking as someone who has been single on Valentine's Day (and partially based on some of what I encountered in SL last Valentine's Day), I wanted to offer a few of my suggestions on how to make Valentine's Day a more inclusive experience for everyone, not just couples: 1. Valentines Day is February 14th, not February 7th-14th. It's one thing if you own a store in SL where you are selling dresses and lingerie; a week before the holiday in question--if not more--is the way you make money. I'm directing this point toward the SL nightclubs and event planners in particular who may see every opportunity to have 'pre-Valentine' dances and 'Romance Balls' almost to the exclusion of everything else. And not nightclubs who may have one event a week, I'm talking in particular about the larger clubs who seemingly have events every night. I know the clubs need to make money too, but why do you have to have a Valentines party the Tuesday before Valentines Day, instead of the weekend before or on the 14th itself? 2. Please be inclusive. One of the most offensive statements ever given to me by 'couple friends' was made when I lamented a particular Valentines Day event in RL where I felt out of place because I was the only single person there, and that the guests or even the host of the event didn't appear to go out of their way to help me feel welcome. Their reply--actually stated without any particular degree of malice--was, 'Well, that's because Valentines Day is for couples, not singles.' Unfortunately that statement has also been mentioned toward me by people who said it with every bit of malice they can muster, as my single-ness in their presence on Valentines Day at a party or event or whatever was like a turd in the punchbowl to them. I'm not asking the nightclubs or event planners to ban Romance Balls or anything of that sort. But I would ask the clubs and the hosts in particular to make sure any single attendees are treated with respect and are just as welcome as the couples to your event. Hosts, please circulate through your clubs during your event and make sure your single attendees are allowed to mingle, not being made to stand off to the side like a bunch of wallflowers (I attended a Romance Ball in SL where I ended up against the wall with the other singles--all female, and we all sat there feeling bored and dejected and wondering what was wrong with us). And--dare I say it?--while again I know people have to earn a living, if singles are going to be forced to pay for dances with club staff so they don't have to be wallflowers, it's potentially offensive if they're the only ones who have to pay. Why not recreate the scene in 'Gone with the Wind' where for certain dances in your event, the couples have to bid to dance with the 'one who brung 'em'? It would equalize the playing field and make more money for the club. 3. SL musicians and DJ's, please see #2. Okay, okay, most songs are love songs. Musicians and DJ's get requests and are asked to make dedications at any time. I get that, normally I don't have a problem with it. But just as I asked the hosts in #2 of the events and dances to please show some respect to singles, I'm asking the musicians and DJ's to do the same. For various reasons, people who are single and/or alone on Valentines Day often feel self-conscious of being an overwhelming minority in a sim of 30-40 couples. Take their requests as you normally would on any other day--please don't say to them, 'Couples requests are a priority today, we'll get around to your request after the couples' requests are done', and if a single requests a non-love song, a song you would normally play on any other day, please don't tell them, 'I'm only playing love songs today because it's Valentines Day' unless you've already announced your show is a theme show. As for dedications, just keep in mind that on Valentines Day everyone wants to dedicate a song, 'to the one I love', and if you're not careful, you'll spend over 30 minutes of your hour-long show making dedications instead of playing music. 4. Don't judge. You don't know why the person who walks into any place in SL on Valentines Day is there. You don't know why they're alone. You don't know why they're with a group. You don't know if that single person is truly single, or if they're meeting someone there, or if they're part of a couple and the other half simply cannot be there. Even if you think you know, you don't really know, so be respectful. 5. Couples, don't rub the singles' noses in it. Valentines Day can make normally rational, reasonable, sane couples think they can act like insufferable jerks toward singles because they're in a relationship on a romantic holiday and you're not. And it's not just open hostility toward singles that defines couples acting like jerks. Just as annoying can be the couples who want to tell everyone the story of their relationship, and how much they love each other and retell the story of their partnering ceremony, or want to tell everyone within earshot about all their plans for their upcoming SL wedding. Seriously, for some singles that would be like holding down a childless couple and forcing them to listen to baby stories repeatedly, or making them watch the video of you giving birth for the 10th time when you know how much they've struggled to have a family. It's just wrong. Be considerate. 6. Don't set up your single friends on blind dates for Valentines Day, unless you've been asked to do so. Like I said in #4, you don't know why that single person is single, even if they are your friend in SL. That single friend may be perfectly happy to be single, and the constant push by some couples to set every last single friend up on blind dates and play matchmaker, especially on Valentines Day, has more to do with your own hangups about being alone and/or others living up to your standards of perfection (as in, 'My perfect friend would be in a relationship so I can have someone to relate to.'). Friendship means accepting what you consider limitations in others, and if you believe a limitation is not being involved with someone, so be it. God forbid you're so shallow as a couple you believe the value of a human being is based solely on whether or not someone is involved in a relationship, but before you deny that statement too quickly and point the finger at someone else, take a good long look at the four fingers pointing back at you. 7. If your single friend would rather not hang out with you doing Valentines Day activities, let them be. Some singles find all the activities of Valentines Day to be extremely depressing, especially if they're coming off a breakup (either in RL or SL). Everyone recovers in different ways and at different rates. Or maybe they simply don't want to be bothered to explain yet again when some couple asks 'why aren't you in a relationship?' or 'I thought you were dating....why aren't they here?' If that single chooses to blow you off and go to the movies instead of to your favorite club for a Valentines Day dance, don't push them. Don't call them antisocial. Don't tell them 'I'm not going to take no for an answer'. Don't put any expectations of your friendship on the line because they say no. If they want to join you, they will join you. If they can't handle it, they can't handle it. Period. This whole list is probably futile, I know. The anonymity of SL sometimes intensifies bad behavior with the 'no rules' vibe, and if someone is a complete asshat in RL, the formula of SL and Valentines Day can make them worse. Not to mention all of our social insitutions help play into this 'open season on singles' attitude that February 14th can foster. But SL is supposed to be for everyone, with different tastes and styles, different RL nationalities. Let's please try not to create an environment where a group of people feel like they have to hide under the covers and not even bother logging in because they're going to get bombarded with a lot of others looking down their nose at them. Thanks.
  12. I just wanted to post this because I think so many who are starting out fail to understand that Windlight settings can be your friend in photography, even when you're not trying special effects. I took this at a now-defunct sim called Epica, using the 'Moony' WL setting.
  13. "Cheap" being a relative term, I wanted to show off this dress. I am a fan of G Sloane Couture in Cedarwood, and this dress was a Monday Mania item I bought for L$50. You should always look at stores that offer these special weekly deals if you're looking to dress well 'on the cheap'. But one of the reasons I love this store is that you can get beautiful dresses there for less than you find with many stores in SL. Styles of dresses and gowns that can cost L$500-L$1,000 at some stores can be as low as L$300.
  14. I am fiercely loyal to Redgrave skins. The only concession I've made to my RL person on my avi is my skin, which is pale with freckles, but has an underlying ruddiness (the benefit of Irish ancestry). I was fortunate to find this kind of skin at Redgrave, with visible freckles, and a strange added benefit--my SL skin has a beauty mark in almost exactly the same spot as all the women in my RL family. Total coincidence, yes, but it's there. With that being said, I absolutely swear by Amacci's eye makeup tattoos. It's really one of the best values in SL when you can find makeup that looks as great as theirs.
  15. In reply to the reply of Petar's post: sometimes it's not just that easy. Unfortunately some of us just seem to be, in both RL and SL, the focus of the Great Cosmic Cruelty Joke. You meet someone, you hit it off, things are great. But the second you allow yourself to feel happy the shoe drops and the joke gets played, and once again you are the fool everyone's laughing at when you're out of range. My latest has apparently abandoned me. Haven't heard from them in three weeks--no notes, no 'sorry I haven't been around lately, RL has me busy, etc.'. Apparently I don't even warrant a 'kiss my arse' or even a breakup via post-it note or text. Just nothing. And I would simply shrug my shoulders and say, 'that's SL for you, it's happened before, just drive on and find someone in RL' like you suggested. Except it's happened to me twice in RL as well. And both times when I simply allowed myself to feel happy, and the person I'm with has assured me they know I've been hurt before and they're just not that kind of person and can be trusted, blah-blah-blah. At least Petar still has a more optimistic view than I do at this point, but he may need to come to the same conclusion I have: people in both RL and SL are divided into two groups--the ones meant to find happiness and those who aren't. Apparently I'm in the latter category, and the sooner I just don't give anyone else the chance to play the Cosmic Cruelty Joke on me, the better off I will be. Petar himself may have to come to the same conclusion.
  16. You don't have to do a major lighting of your face ala a floodlight. There are soft face lights that don't emit so much light, but will help get rid of the shadows. And yes, in photography WINDLIGHT IS YOUR FRIEND. Not just for the atmosphere, but for facial lighting.
  17. Sometimes it's just a matter of tapping your fly button to float up, then touch back down. In that case you'll simply land on the floor without the sunken feet.
  18. There are some startup clothes you get with your avatar as a rock chick, they're not bad really. Then you can adjust. As far as physically making your avi less curvy, you can slim down your hips and stuff with the sliders. You can even make yourself flat chested if you want.
  19. SL has posted a solution for this problem. It involves simply agreeing to log into a different destination. Here are the instructions: http://status.secondlifegrid.net/2012/01/28/post1553/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+SecondLifeGridStatus+%28Second+Life+Grid+Status+Updates%29
  20. I see other's profile photos are large enough to see, but mine is not. What dimensions do I have to blow up my pic to in order for it to be large enough to see in the forums?
  21. If you want to do the full experience, you can start with a pregnancy hud, and then purchase an infant from Zooby's (I believe they're offering babies now in addition to animals) for the early stages before you progress to adoption for the child as an older version.
  22. The question is also what it is you define as 'not so girly', but you can also customize yourself to get what you want in the long run. I wanted an avatar that was curvy in shape but tall, but it took some looking and asking around before I found a shape builder who didn't automatically think of tall females as broomsticks (as if they'd never heard of the likes of Cindy Crawford, for instance). Once I got the demo and realized I could work with it, I bought it and customized the proportions I wanted by using the sliders (menu-appearance). My advice to you is to ask around before you buy things. Like others have said, insist on demos first, to see if you like it. Keep in mind that some shapes won't work well with some skins, and some skins and shapes are better at certain heights. But lots of the control for your actual look belongs to you. Don't be afraid, take your time, and get what you want.
  23. I have a male alt and I have generally been frustrated with finding skins for him. Applying a default shape from the Library and altering the facial features I developed a look for him that I like, and the demos I've tried tend to change his facial features considerably.Or I get frustrated with the skin tone, or it's not what I really want for him, etc., etc. Believe me, it's easier to find skin and shape for females. If you get all sorts of demos and really don't find the skin or shape you want, you can try out the different shapes already loaded in your inventory, and you can change your default skin tones and facial features using your sliders until you get a look you generally can live with.
  24. To make yourself approximately 6'0" you need to actually make yourself about 7'0" in SL. The size issue is pretty common when you first rez--I wanted to make myself my RL height, which is 5'0", and after about the fourth time of being told 'we don't allow child avis in this sim' I realized I needed to adjust my perspective. I had to make my avi about 6'0" to be proportionally 5'0" inworld. Nowadays I've adjusted my height up to where I'm somewhere between 6'11" and 7'2", depending on who's measuring. The taller avi makes my clothes fit better.
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