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  1. Just to let everyone know, I have since received my Podex Visa card in the mail and I am super pleased. Initially I had a problem loading the card (on my end because I didn't understand the instructions lol) and Jacek Shuftan, CEO of Podex was extremely polite and helpful, coming online within minutes of me sending him an offline IM asking for help. I am more than impressed with not only the concept of this extremely useful way of extracting my hard earned L$ if I need to and converting them into Rl cash but also the customer service from Podex, which i have to say has been above and beyond.
  2. hi guys , just to let you know Podex checked out legitimately for me so I went ahead and ordered the card, will keep this thread updated and let you know if it arrives.
  3. Ok so I just spoke to Jacek Shuftan from Podex , who I must say was exceedingly nice and pleasant, he didn't seem like a scammer at all I must say, very professional and helpful. Anyway he says he has been on SL since 2006 and that Podex are listed as an official 3rd party Linden exchange company with Linden Lab's, he also completely understood my reticence at not wanting to risk parting with 10K of my hard earned L$, and I have to say I did feel more reassured by his manner. However, as I told Jacek I will be checking with Linden Labs, and he did encourage me to do so, he said that he hi
  4. Aww thanks guys, I wasn't sure if it was genuine or a scam myself and probably would never have done it without confirmation but needed a second opinion on it. Yeah and as for ma last name, well that started out as a dare but then guess what I got hooked on SL so it kinda stuck
  5. So I saw an advert on my SL travels advertising the SL Visa Card, which can be ordered and sent to your home address with L$ for a one off fee of 10,000L$ and then after that it can be loaded up with L$ inworld which are put on to the card and can then be spent in RL. The company offering it are Podex Exchange who claim to be an official partner of LL. This is the website address with info about the card: http://www.podex.nazwa.pl/card/ and this is the offical website of the company: http://www.podex.info/ It would be a useful thing to have, if it is for real but the question is has anyone
  6. Ty for your replies people, love the look you created Kelli and nice dress there Melian. Just thought I would add in the pic below I am wearing the new Feb Group gift from Filthy Skins, a lovely valentines skin plus shape which you can get if you join group (250L$ to join but soooo worth it as they do group gits every month and their skins are more than worth it!! They usually retail at well over 1K) The hair was found for around 35L$ on marketplace and is called Long Black Locks and is made by Holly Walpanheim. Lip stain was a free wearable demo from Mock cosmetics, if you go to their sto
  7. So this is the look I am currently wearing that I made mostly out of freebies or dollerbies...I am pretty picky but have recently been impressed with the quality of the group gifts some designers have put out....I spend quite a bit on stuff in SL being a shopaholic, that being said I can never resist a great bargain or group gift and if I sample a designers work by getting a great group gift I usually always return and buy something from them. I am sure that this has been done before but I thought it would be fun to post the look I made for next to nothing and see some of your results as wel
  8. I love PixelFashion although they don't have a huge range but they sell shoes and clothes and some accessories too, and their range is getting bigger and you just can't make a bad purchase there..the quality of their stuff is absolutely amazing, really high rez, every single thing I have bought from them has blown me away. And the prices are totally awesome too, for the quality of the stuff, like out of this world amazing. I am talking pay 600L$ and get the best quality shoes on the grid. Waaaay better than the other two so called shoe superstars in my opinion. The only shoe maker who ca
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