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A question about Aditi...

Connor Nowles

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Hello there..
For starters I'd like to say that it is great that there is a place where we "can" upload things many times to test it without it costing a fortune, without it I'm shure not many complex meshes would be created....

With that said, my question is: Is there actually any place on aditi where things are working..?

By that I mean: then I can't rezz from inventory, then I can't upload, then I can't use poses, then everything I have in inventory is gone again on the next login, then I change passwd to try and refresh it just to find out it is even worse, and so on and so on and so on, there is always some problem...
I have wasted 3 days now just trying to make a posestand work in there, i can't rezz those i have in inventory, If I'm lucky i can create one with a script, but of course it is gone again if i log out.. Not even a simple thing like a posestand can i get to work in there...
Why must it be so much trouble that i turn off the computer and go mow the lawn out of frustration instead of creating content for sl...?

My point here is that sl depends on creators to make inworld items, without then there is no sl unless the sl develepors make the items them selves, and the way sl works i don't think that is an option...
So I'm wondering if it would be a good idea and not to much trouble to set up a sim ot two on Aditi for creators to use that is not always screwed up by some sort of testing or what ever..???

Or must i simply stop trying to create things in order not to throw my computer out the window because of frustration..? :-)

And have a great day.. :-)

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You might want to have a look at Third Party Viewers, they have the capability of "temporary uploads". Those are costfree and working on the main grid. The drawback is: only you can see it as those items exist in your cache only. But for development that might be ok..

Best regards

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As the whole point of the Aditi Beta grid is to test things, you're bound to encounter issues. Join the Second Life Beta group inworld (it's listed on my profile groups list), and you can swap notes with other Aditi users, and find out which sims are working for rezzing and inventory.

Indeed, Oskar Linden did ask us to test inventory, so keep an eye on his weekly forum threads, and also his User Group transcripts he is involved with to find out the most up to date information about Aditi Beta grid.

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Thank you for the idea about temp upload, i currently have 3 viewers installed and i do use temp upload in order to avoid Aditi when testing sculpts and textures...
However if you can tell be how to temp upload mesh models to test on the main grid i would be very very happy, because that would save me a lot of trouble and headace.. :-)

And yes i know that the point of Aditi is testing, but it's frustrating when i can't even test things because so many other things never work.. Like I'm working on a mesh model of a foot, and i want a T pose when the legs are straight and closed and not the 180 edit apperance pose.. And i can't rezz my posestand in there, I can't even build a posestand in there to use because it's gone from inventory again everytime i relog.
So i have to sit and upload bvh and lsl scripts to make a simple posestand every time...

Yes it might be a good idea to join the beta testing group, but i doubt it will solve any issues since i allready went troug the different Aditi sandboxex and it's just the same, but you are very welcome to tell Oscar Linden from me that the inventory on Aditi is not working, however I never had any problems with it on the main grid, I never even lost any items "not that i noticed"...

Sry for all the questions, it is just frustrating for me to have used hundrets of hours to learn 3D programs and texturing, learning how to build sculpts and mesh, and then when it come to useing SL for testing i just feel like throwing it all away because i can't even rezz a simple posestand.
That is why i suggested a place in there where the things actoualy work, and then all the testing can be done on the other aditi grids... I think both SL and creators would benefit from that.. I read in another post someone saying that he hardly see any people i Aditi, well i think all the problems might be a good cause for that. There should be many people in there since it's a good option to test things, but of course it is empty when there is not even a place where things work...

Have a nice day.. :-)

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well it is not really just today i have a bad Aditi day, to me it has always been like that... I just stoped useing Aditi untill i liked to mess around with mesh...

To add to it i can tell that i have tested it with different viewers, like the LL viewer, Phoenix and Firestorm...
I have tested it in the sandboxex like: Wanderton, Newcomb, Goguen, Island, Test, and god knows what place i could find in there...

I also changed my password inorder to update the inventory and because i was hoping it would fix some problems, and that was when it also **bleep**ed up about not having items in it after relog...
And the best part about that is that before i had some 40.000L in there to use, now i have 77L left and that is soon gone since i have to upload the same every time, so any testing of uploads is also soon gone...

So all in all it works quite like it use to, smiles... :-)


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.... and at the risk of winding your blood pressure and frustration levels up even further, whenever you change your password, you just reset your avatar, appearance, inventory, and L$ level to what it is in Agni Second Life. 

And I really don't know what to suggest.  You know you will regret it if you chuck your computer through the nearest window (who hasn't, at some stage, come close to doing that?). 

I haven't changed my password in a few weeks, so I can offer you some Bank of Toytown L$ on the Aditi grid. I'm certainly unlikely to use them. I test other stuff, not the uploading, and that's kind of like my meat, because I'm not the creative type.

Regarding the Second Life Beta group, the group chat usually works, apart from the usual chat lag when everyone tries to talk at the same time. People have a good grumble, swap notes, give advice. It can sometimes get busy and annoying, which won't help you if you're already feeling head-mashed with things. 

Gonna briefly log into Aditi now to pass over the L$. And then it's real life, hot bubble bath for me. RL has been a bear for me today, SL is providing the relief.  Life is odd like that :matte-motes-little-laugh:

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It is very nice of you to offer me some play money, but you don't have to do that... :-)
It is not this account i use on Aditi at the moment to test builds, this is my main account, I have an alternate account i currently use to screw up things with... I do not have that good experience with changeing shape, clothes and things all the time, other people do not always see it as i do, smiles...

And yes i found out that it changes to the current main grid stage when changeing password, and that is just great since i use and alt that has like no money.. lol...

So i guess i have to transfer some money and then change password, but that only solves a little money porblem... come to think of it right this sec, maybe i can trasfer my own play money between accounts in aditi.. :-)

But how to solve the rest i have no idea.. As you can see this is my first thread in here, i never ask before i have messed around with it for a very long time and solve the problems my self, but i see no solution for me to fix the inventory problems..

If it was up to me to deside how it should work, there would just be unlimited money in aditi, all items from the main grid would be in inventory and could be rezzed in there, things put into inventory in aditi "would stay in inventory in aditi" and would just go into some aditi folder in the inventory, and of course that folder would not excist on the main grid...
And it would all work on certain grids, like the sandboxes while the rest of the grids can be used for all sort of testing...

That would not seem so complicated to me, but maybe it is I'm not a coder so i can't really say.. :-)

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It's very easy for me to give away play money, as long as I have it, so this is no problem, and yes, of course, you can log in to Aditi as your main alt and transfer your play money over to your tester avatar. 

Thank you for writing the long reply.  It is bad that you feel so frustrated by things, because you sound like someone with a lot of good ideas, and a healthy thought process.  There are many people in the Second Life Beta group; a lot have ideas, but the good ideas are like nuggets of gold to be found in the sand.

There have been some issues with the inventory system on the main grid today.  LL elves have been working on this. (I smile and I frown at the same time, so I cannot write this as :-)   ! ).  More and more frustration :-(

And Aditi, I always think of it as a temporary place, and that strange way that things work some days and then not on others, it can be annoying, but that is the way that it is.  Also, to keep up to date with everything that is going on, all the places to find and read information - whew - it does get time-consuming and ridiculous.

I think regarding the play money in Aditi, there are ways of getting more when you need it. Again, Beta group chat (when it works) can advise further. There are coders in the group who can talk about what is and isn't possible too. Some things seem so obvious, and sometimes they get missed. Good suggestions are always welcome - it improves how SL works for all of us. :matte-motes-grin::matte-motes-nerdy:

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well thank you also for your long reply.. :-)
Of course i also have ideas, if they are good or not is not up to me to decide, hehe... But it would be great to know of some place to come up with them, and i guess i do that in the beta testing group i now found...

Like i have an idea of how to enable bumpmaps, normal maps, specular maps in SL or what ever maps SL people prefer...
I know it would cause alot of lagg since it's an extra image added to an excisting image, and all the bad texturing "image zises" in SL cause most of the lagg...

However i thought that if LL released certain images with those maps for creators to use and to add inworld, then there would be control with it, they could release like 500 or 1000 images with maps for starters,,,
It would certainly change the way things look in SL, even more that the release of mesh i think...
And by having control with it unlike with the current half a billion textures in sl, you could offer people to download them all to your texture Cache on your computer, that would reduce lagg alot, and of course pople can disable rendering it in the settings if their gfx can't keep up...
I just think we have 2012 now, and it's time to move on.. smiles...

And they could make a place on aditi where people can display images inworld they have made, and others can vote for them and the best are added to the main grid, so LL would not even have to make them...
But it would requier quite a few images so that all sl does not end up looking the same.. :-)

Well it's all just dumb ideas... :-)

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I have heard you have to be approved to post in the Beta Server group. It allows the Lindens to better control the group and keep drama to a minimum. You’ll have to wait until they get around to it.

Marigold's offer to transfer ADITI L$ to you is nice. I suspect several of us would. I have lots of ADITI Lindens as many of us on the grid do. You can also email Oskar and ask for more when you run low, if only that worked on AGNI too. Otherwise there is monthly payment to replinish L$ for ADITI.

I understand when you change password it updates the ADITI balance to your AGNI balance + 5,000.

Frustration is often the result of having our expectations at odds with reality. So, consider:

Since the ADITI grid is a preview of the coming main grid, the two are as identical as they can make them. So, having features on one and not the other is very unlikely as it would complicate the Linden’s lives and be counter to ADITI’s purpose. ADITI is the Lab’s lab and they are gracious enough to allow us to use it for free. It helps them and us.

As to what is working and where you can upload mesh…

ADITI is a test grid that various Lindens use for their projects. Any number of server versions may be running on ADITI. So, you may need to hop around to find one that is working. Also, they are not restarted on the same schedule as the main grid. I think most restarts in ADITI are on Thursdays, but that is a guess. Wednesday ADITI tests roll over to the AGNI release channels so I suspect it is late Wednesday or some time Thursday that ADITI grids are changing to new software. Otherwise they restart at the project’s whim.

You may be having additional problems because of the holidays. I suspect many of the ADITI regions have been up and running for 3 weeks without a restart. The main grid is restarted once per week to maintain reliability. With all the project leaders away for holidays the regions probably have not been restated. Again hopping around you may find a region that is in a server that is working well.

You can sometimes get a region restarted by attending the Monday Content Creators’ UG and asking or a Thursday or Friday UG to catch Andrew or Oskar Linden. If they know you are testing and having problems they are often interested. It is always helpful if you can tell them a precise time that you hit a problem, saves them time looking it up in the log. In general helping them gets you some brownie points and now then a helping hand.

When regions restart, which versions they are running, and which experiments are in play on which regions in ADITI is hard to know. So, you will always have challenges on ADITI. By attending the meetings you have at least a ‘clue’ as to what is happening. You can read my blog. But, my information is mostly after the fact.

AFAIK, there is no TPV that allows temp upload of mesh.

Depending on why you are testing the mesh, you may want to do your testing on OpenSim. I run 9 regions and test most of my early mesh builds in OSGrid. I run my own host, so it is free. I donate to OSGrid, but otherwise there is no cost.

Unless you need to work cooperatively you could run a standalone SIM on your workstation. The load for one avatar and a single region is nearly nothing. I can run the SIM, viewer, Blender, and Photoshop without lag. I only ever see a performance hit on the workstation when someone visits one of my regions.

I bring my mesh objects over to ADITI to test the Land Impact. Otherwise I do most of the testing in my OSGrid regions. It is only the last iterations I test in ADITI before bringing things into SL. If ADITI is down it is not much of an impact on my work flow. Plus being able to see the SIM side of things in OSGrid tells me lots about how my stuff will impact SL.

It’s a thought…

While this doesn't help solve your problems, I hope it helps you understand why you are running into them.



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