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  1. Huhu, hast Du mal im Spam-Ordner nachgeschaut? Dort landen Mails aus SL gelegentlich :-/
  2. Huhus, the links Gaia kindly provides seem to be somewhat faulty. There's a surplus http: at the end The Blender-wiki can be found under COLLADA / Blender-Wiki The beginners tutorial from Blender-Cookies is to be found here: Blender-Cookies I hope that helps a bit getting started with Blender :-) Have a lot of fun PS.:I just found out Gaia instantly corrected the glitches - nevermind my post
  3. Megaprim.sl apears to work just fine now. Must have been a temporal discontinuity there ^^ Greetings and happy building
  4. There have been some threads on this forum about that ;-) A solution for Shoutcast v2 servers is found in: http://community.secondlife.com/t5/LSL-Scripting/Song-information-shoutcast-V2/td-p/2057699/page/2 If you google for lsl shoutcast information you'll find some more threads in several places with working code snippets.
  5. Maybe the Admin of your network could Setup a transparent Proxy Server. That way you wouldnot need a customized viewer which might habe to be reworked on the next update. Written on my Smartphone - sorry for typos
  6. Hi Emily, welcome to the forum :-) I don't see any legal problem in moving said animations into a different object of you choosing. If the animations are copy you can even retain your original object. Sometimes the creator makes an object no modify though. Then you cannot put the animation back into said object should you wish so one day and it would be unusable.
  7. The OR would be: if(llDetectedName(i) == "Bullet" || llDetectedName(i) == "Cody")// means that if the object is called Bullet OR Cody it will:... The NOT is expressed via "!" as in integer running = TRUE;integer error = FALSE;if( running && !error ) { // do stuff if running is active and no error occured up to now} So the list you look for contains: comparison operators: == != < <= > >= logical operators: && || ! bitwise operators: & | ~ ^ Full list with some info for you at http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/LSL_Operators Edit: I'm too slow at ty
  8. hmmm... /me wonders if that will be US$ or L$. In the latter case that will be near 10 US$, certainly a huge payout for a scripter doing all that stuff you mentioned... *giggles*
  9. Maybe there is a viewer making use of those new features, just not for us users but for the developers.
  10. I'd sooo love to see his spell checked versions of the dekalog - handed back for correction -
  11. Great argument :-) Please remind me again, when were you nominated for a nobel prize for literature?
  12. Some people have an intellectual horizon with a radius of zero which they rightfully call their point of view then. BukToms invitation was clearly aimed at everyone with a wider range ;-) Nobody is forced to attend and it is solely up to the attendants to feel satisfied by the presentation or not. Given that a lot of non native speakers read and post on the forum I regard it as highly unfair to use typos as a reason to question the understanding of your posts. They are no subtle pieces of literature... Regards and hugs to BukTom
  13. The "decimate" modifier is intended to reduce the complexity of the mesh. Maybe that's what you're looking for? Decimate Modifier in Blender Documentation Have a lot of fun :-)
  14. OTOH the local textures are visible only to one person: you. Temp-uploads were visible to all other residents as well as long as they lasted. So the benefit to you may vary depending on the goals you try to archive... And as for the load, seriously, how many temp-uploads of textures are there on a region at any given time?
  15. You could have a look at the article on writing HUDs http://secondview.wordpress.com/2007/12/05/scripting-snippets-7-creating-a-hud/ and http://secondview.wordpress.com/2007/12/18/script-snippets-8-text-output-for-a-hud/ Happy scripting ;-)
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