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  1. It's very nice, especially if what i read here is a fact.. :-) " And right now the most effective way to fight texture lag is, strangely enough, to close all group chats as quickly as possible. When a group chat pops up, your computer starts loading the full size profile pics of every single person logged on to that chat. Those pictures add up to far more graphics than even the busiest in-world scene and to make matters worse, they have higher cache priority than the textures you actually see around you. " Source: https://community.secondlife.com/t5/Building-and-Texturing-Forum/Texture-Size-VS-Count-For-Performance/td-p/2931079
  2. I take no credit for this idea, i just thought I'd make a post about it since i can only find info here and there. The Problem: As far as i have found out, it is not AMD who **bleep**s up their openGL driver so people can't se mesh and various other problems. It is SL that runs on openGL code that is so old that it should have been replaced many years ago, and it is no longer supportet since no one use it anymore "except sl" The Fix: 1. Install the latest AMD Graphic driver. 2. Get these 4 little DLL files of your choice, either from the 14.9 or the 14.4 driver. The files are extracted from those versions of the AMD driver and can be downloaded here: 14.4: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ig1cz5sdjdgs3a2/ATIFix_dll_14.4.zip?dl=0 14.9: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/6867656/SL/BUG-7653_ATIFix_dll_14.9.zip Personally i use the 14.4 files. 3. Get the files and extract the folder, you can just use 7 zip. http://www.7-zip.org/ 4. Now copy the files, and paste them into your SL Viewers instalation folder. Like mine is located at: C:\Program Files\Firestorm-Releasex64 Thats it... It works.. Latest driver installed and no SL issues with it. :-) If you wish you can see further documentation about it here: http://modemworld.wordpress.com/2014/12/13/amd-catalyst-drivers-additional-windows-workaround/
  3. Ohhh, thanks... That actually worked to find it in there... It was 1725m away from the platform where i rezzed it.. :-) Thanks for the tip.. :-)
  4. I think it is awesome that you "LL" care to do something to improve the loading of mesh and things.. :-) If you could somehow do the same to sim crossings that would be totally awesome.. Considering how bad sim crossings can be, even in very low Li objects, that are low scripted, wearing vertually no scripts at all, you can still end up in weird places or in Limbo land, and the only way to get back to sl is to relog... Not all people hang around in clubs, there are actually manny manny peolpe riding mc, driving cars, flying, sailing and so and have to cross sims... I don't know how to improve that, maybe if you are close to a simborder, the the next sim could preload you incase you cross over or something.. To my knolage the places where people fly, drive, sail and so on are not overcrouded places like clubs, so it can't be that much of a server load issue to preload a few people sometimes.. :-) Well just an idea.. :-)
  5. I rezzed a boat today, nothing new about that, except i did it on a building platform, and i checked in about land if there is enought prims avalible to rezz it, and there was... So i rezz it, it flickes for a moment like it will rezz, and then it's gone.. Totally gone.. It does not show up as a bright spot on radar.. It is no where to be seen when i enable to see inviseble things... It is not there in Wireframe look... It does not excist on the land useing Area Search.. Relogging and tp from sim to sim does not make it appear... And i can't bump into it where it is sopouse to be... But it does however still use 32 LI on the land....??? Now i often try that something wont rezz, but never thought of if it use Li if it don't rezz, i only noticed it because it is not my land, and i looked in about land before i rezzed... A friend of mine on their land, there they have over 100 pirms they have no idea where are soppouse to be, could that maybe be the same problem..?? Have anyone else had that problem.?? :-)
  6. Yeah i tried it but it didn't work for me, many uv-maps wasn't there then and so on.. :-) What i did was i created a new file, and then import "Append" all the objects into that file... All is then the same, except for some reason then it all works again... :-)
  7. Well, it's kinda funny, because i have the excact same problem.. The only difference is that it is not one object, it is everything.. Even backups of the .Blend file i made a month ago where nothing was wrong and everything was uploaded to sl now gives me that error message... I have even reinstalled Blender, Updated blender, it ain't working... It says there is no mesh in the file, it is empty, even though it maybe is 598kb... And that is with objects backed up a month ago that was working 100%.. Well it is only a month of work gone if i can't fix that, no biggie...
  8. Go to the SL homepage, and change your password for SL... then the inventory on beta grid will be updated within some 24 hours.. :-)
  9. If there is something i would worry about regarding economy, then it is the marketplace... Ever since they changed it so people can just sell directly from inventory the things added to mp has gone crazy.. There are about 3.1 million items there now.. People just throw on mp what ever they can steel to earn a linden... Many may think ohh that is cool, then things cost almost nothing.. :-))) The problem with that is that alot of things are almost given away when we look at the price.. That means creators earn less, and LL also earn less when things are sold... If it gets much worse it will mean that the mp is almost worthless.. Plus many really good creators does not want to spend days on creating an item just to sell it for 10L inorder to compeet.. And that again means alot of good stuff that would have been made is not made.. In my oppion they ruined mp even more with making it possible to sell from inventory, plus the negative effect it has had inworld regarding many shops and land rent... But of course, i may be all wrong.. :-))
  10. Or maybe just use it with high graphic settings in a room with aircon.. :-) And "lower your sl expections" when it is to warm.. :-) A nice feature is to set max fps.. My computer always trys to give me as many fps a possible.. and i really don't need 170 fps in a sandbox and a burning hot computer.. 25 fps is more than enough for me, then it looks smooth on the screen.. :-)
  11. Yeah i don't excarly know how it should work in the upload window, but maybe you have a good idea there.. :-) Maybe animators can even add the beat point to a certain frame in the animation.. Like: Beat 1 = Arms down Beat 2 = Arms up Beat 3 = One leg up Beat 4 = Arms down and one leg down But maybe some animations will look weird with some music, since music can have different beats.. Like 1-2-3 1-2-3 and some music is like 1-2-3-4 1-2-3-4.. Like if you dance a waltz i think the dance is like 1-2-3 1-2-3.. if you then go to a club with modern music then maybe most beats are 1-2-3-4 1-2-3-4.. So it would look stupid with a animation where we dance a waltz.. But then again, it would also look stupid in rl to dance a waltz to modern music, and if they aim for a more real life feeling then it is soppouse to look all wrong.. :-) Idk, there must be a solution to that also.. maybe just change the dance then, hehe.. :-)
  12. Yeah you might have some good points there.. :-) If i think a little about then then i could come up with dumb ideas like: "the problem is that each user must download each animation before it plays" Yes that should not matter. Each animation is somehow created and uploaded.. Maybe in the upload window some code is added to each animation so it is able to follow some beat. So if you are at a club and click on the dance ball all the animations are able to do so if you want then to.. :-) "This means that animations start at different times for different users" Does not matter since the animations are able to change speed and therefore automatically will fall in with the rythm.. :-) "Not only that, but the way one user hears a music stream may also be out of sync other users" Yes true, it is already like that.. If i dance with a girl it might look fine on my computer and look different on her computer.. :-) And that is just the way it should be, because the animations "all you see on your screen" are processed by your own computer. That means it don't matter at all if you and someone else see something not exactly at the same time. Because my computer process the animations so i see it on my screen compared to the music that comes out of my computer.. And her computer does the same on her screen somewhere else in the world.. Don't matter if they don't do it exactly at the same time or with half a sec delay, you cant look at her screen anyway.. :-)
  13. Where do i talk about unrestricted, unlimited and uncontrolled user content..?? :-) That would be like instant death to sl.. :-) Peer to peer upload and download has nothing to do with unrestricted user content, i am sure there would even be a hash check or something comparing files to orginal files on a linden server to make sure the files are not altered or damaged in any way.. It would just save linden lab millions of gb of bandwith and make loading times faster for users.. :-)
  14. Naehh i don't agree.. :-) There is software that can detect the rythm "beat" of music.. Then some script of some sort makes the animation run in a certain speed to follow the music.. Or lets say dj's has the option to load a script that tells the beat of the music they play, and the different animations are then able to follow that beat.. Idk, just ideas.. I'm not a programmer.. :-)
  15. Another thing i think that would be cool in the new world, is that when people are dancing, that they then would actually follow the rythm of the music.. :-) May sound like a dumb thing, but i have noticed that when i am at a club, i am use to people just jumping random around.. But if i see someone that purely by chance dance and follow the rythm, it just looks so much better.. :-) I have no idea how to suggest to make that technically, but i think it would be a cool way to add to the "real life" feeling.. :-)
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