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Can't find an object that is listed in Region Objects

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I have a 1024 and was doing a Region Object search to clear out objects.

I found a "For Sale Sign" listed with me as owner.  I do not own a for sale sign in my inventory.

I can't find it by beacon (none shows up) or teleporting myself to it. (it is somewhere above my plot)

When I highlight it, no selection shows up to Take it, Copy it, or Return it.

Does anyone have any idea how it got there and most importantly how I can delete it?

Thanks  in advance.





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Or anywhere between the ground and 4000 meters.  Things are lost in the sky when you set a Z parameter wrong accidentally in your editor.  The objects disappear, and you chalk it up to SL being weird and forget all about them.

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Select: build / pathfinding / region objects

Filter your objects. You have a distance and you can teleport to your object. Take, Return and Delete buttons will help you to solve your problem even if you don't see it.


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