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Looking for more stories like this

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I've got a blog and am dying to discover more stories akin to what I read in this New World Notes blogpost:


I have seen current houses that were made by residents fifteen years ago out of a hollow block with a misaligned roof, with block prim furniture they managed to get a wrong texture on. And they have paid their SL Premium account for fifteen years for this mainland location they have never moved from and all the mainland regions around them are almost totally abandoned.

When they log in, they have a classic body and old classic clothes. And they love SecondLife.

I’ve visited a thousand tiny shops where no sales may ever be made, where the ladies who own that shop put every ounce of effort they had in their being into attempting to make 6-7 pieces of ladies classic clothing more than ten years ago. It's sold on an SL prim that sells a copy of the contents, and the vendor texture can be very humble. They pay their rent for a decade for their humble shop, they log into to SL and they get to look at their “business” they own.

They own a business and I’ve watched them reduce their prices to pennies just to get one sale a year.

If you don’t know that billions of us on this earth lead lives of quiet desperation, you don’t know what the hell is going on with Second Life.


met a Second Life Mole a year ago on a mainland region that seemed like no one ever went there anymore.

She had finished a Mole project on this mostly abandoned empty region some months before, and I complimented her on it.

I tried to chat with her. Her text went like this: “It’s my last day I’ve been laid off”.

I asked if she was okay in RL and her text back broke me.

“I’ve been a housewife and mother for almost 30 years and these mole projects are the only thing I’ve accomplished outside of motherhood in my life.”

She was crying her eyes out at this loss. She was being laid off from a significant source of self-pride in her life.

Things like this have stuck with me for a long time in SL.

I know a tiny shop hovering on a small parcel on one of the first regions, and it’s owned by a severely disabled woman who has had the 512 parcel since 2003 with her shop. It has the year 2003-2004 block furniture, block bed, some particle things, one of those red pins used for landmarks. It’s her pride and joy that she could make this while almost blind, with parts of her body missing while she is in a wheelchair.

When you question what you think is “crap” on the mainland, what you are doing is  -- redacted, it was way too harsh to say that].

SL has been a salvation for many people. It’s their only thing that takes them away from looking around where they are and finally escaping.

The restructuring or closing of Second Life would not be the most significant loss for just the big landowners and sellers.

The real loss is to the thousands of really humble people who did their very best to make something and keep it up for sale or holding onto a humble place in-world for years and years.

For many thousands, this is the only time they ever had a business or made something or had a house, not an apartment, even if it's virtual, and to them, it is far more important than either you or I will ever realize.

One of my former partners in SL had a house on her own land in SL. It was the first time in her 68 years of life she “lived” in a house. From her birth she always lived in an apartment, and one time for almost a year living with her mom she lived in a car homeless. This virtual house of hers was the greatest thing she had ever had in life and she told me that many times. The humble lives of quiet desperation are all around us.

Be kind to them, speak to them when you see them, it makes you a better person.

If you have any such stories, please let me know or post here. Anything that cuts to the heart of what SL means to people that may be feeling trapped in their 1st lives. Thank you.


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Bueno, el asunto de aferrarse a una tierra es algo bastante común... el asunto por el que he visto sufrir a mucha gente es por lo comercial, por la incapacidad para adaptarse a los cambios del mercado.

Siempre funciona así. No puedes vivir de los mismos productos toda la vida y esperar que la demanda sea siempre igual.

A quienes veo mantenerse es a quienes se adaptan poco a poco a los cambios del mundo. A veces incluso aferrarse al mismo terreno o tienda resulta ser un ancla que no te deja progresar o multiplicar tu negocio.

Si comparas ambos tipos de historias tal vez encuentres un equilibro narrativo o conclusiones mucho mejores para tu contenido.


*Es solo una opinión desde mi punto de vista como negociante en SL. No critico la posición de esas personas, pero solo veo sufrimiento en mantener ese tipo de actitudes.

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