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Sylvia Wasp

Does Belleza actually WANT creators to make clothes for them?

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8 hours ago, Sylvia Wasp said:

I'm just looking to let users know about new products I've created for them.

That's the definition of promoting your brand.

8 hours ago, Sylvia Wasp said:

because neither of you are creators

Says who?

8 hours ago, Sylvia Wasp said:

I won't be checking back after this kind of response

I mean, if tou just wanted everyone to agree with you regardless, this forum probably isn't the place to post... Well, anything.

Can't even get people around here to agree the sky is blue, sometimes. 

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On 2/28/2020 at 2:05 PM, Pussycat Catnap said:

Brand loyalty keeps Freya strong. If you're on it, you know why you're on it, and you might have opinions on that even stronger than mine.

last xmas I decided to outfit my parcel group alt

i got a Freya just because it has full body physics unlike my Maitreya. And I wanted to experiment with that

having played with the Freya a bit now, I have come to like it quite a lot

i have been getting some bento body morphs for it which work with physics as well.  I was looking for some dance anims. Saw a set of drunk dances. Thought that looks like fun so I got. As well as some more normal dance anims

then a bit later on I read about bento breast morphs on the forums here. So start looking at them. Found some playful ones where avatar cups/touches breasts with hands or raised elbows and boing!  Added them in to my HUD. Then i got bunch of bento hand/finger gestures. Like heart, V, middle, selfie, point, etc.  Stick them in my HUD as well. So end up with a Party Up HUD. Is quite a lot of fun when in a cheeky slightly wanton mood

then I found this body tummy morph which rotates/tilts the belly a wee bit, to get a little pot belly at the bottom of your tummy rather than in the middle. Which was quite good

and all of these morphs work with the Freya body physics. So I am pretty happy that I got it 

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