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Nalates Urriah

Update Animesh, EEP, BoM & 2048px textures

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Rider Linden updated us on when the Lab is in releasing EEP, Enhanced Environment Project. The official line is the Project will go to RC very soon™ .

Rider is speaking in the first few minutes of the video.  TM 01:50

BoM is headed to RC too. TM 01:00

The video is NOT fuzzy once it starts playing :/  Switch it to 1080. Watch Full Screen to read chat.

Animesh Customization TM 05:30

Getting triangle counts TM 07:30

Turn on-off Animesh TM 11:15

Reset Animesh Skeleton TM 12:00 - Problem resetting when Animesh is attached to avatar. Some Debug Setting needed to reset attached animesh.

Animesh attached and texturing with BoM TM 18:00

Texture filtering TM 22:50 - Discussion on 2048px textures, bilinear resampling for better quality...

...and some more...

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Thanks for posting the video. While I was there actually, I had to turn off my speakers 10 minutes in, because I got a phone call. ☎️

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