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Laurent Bechir

Object Owners list in about land

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Yes.  I think they are the four check boxes in the "Parcel Content" section of the group role's assigned abilities.

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On 1/15/2019 at 11:44 AM, Laurent Bechir said:


Is there a way to let a member of a group see the Object Owners list in the About land Objects tab ?


Thank you 

No, there is currently no way to do this on the normal SL viewer on the "about land" menu on group land for someone with the "Everyone" role, say, a tenant -- or even with more involved roles, say, "resident" or "builder" -- if you have not awarded that ability.

What Lindal is saying is that you can make a role in your group that I think of as "officers" that can see those boxes. But wait -- do you want anyone to be an officer and see that? The purpose of seeing this list is to RETURN PRIMS.

The four boxes are about RETURNING group-owned (deeded), non-group (outsiders') or group-set prims.

You do not want everyone in the group to have PRIM RETURNING ability.

This isn't about PRIM SEEING in a list by name. There isn't a separate category called "SEE WHO OWNS PRIMS." There's only RETURN.

On the one hand, it would be great if you could have tenants themselves, say, "everyone" or "resident" see the list because you want to convince them that yes, they have put out too many prims, and it is NOT your prims, or anyone else's prims that are a problem, but indeed theirs.

Trying even to screen capture this problem and sending proof in the form of a photo is hard -- you have to get the tenant then to be willing to change the proportion to say, 4:3, to be able to see the tiny type face.

Believe me, I have had this problem often, including just last night.

But you can't have "everyone" or even "resident with some powers" have "return group set prims" or they return their rental box, first and foremost (unless put in a separate little square in a different group which loses prim capacity in my view), then people's prims they don't like, or permanent management structures they don't like, etc. Havoc, in other words.

If some other viewer has just "see list of prims by name" as a role power I don't think that's something to award, either, casually.

In the end, I'd rather not have every single group member see every persons' prims on every piece of land. It destroys privacy. It means especially in an open group that anyone could join and snoop around, say, a girlfriend's lot and see if some other male suspected of having a relationship with her is also showing prims on that lot. It means no one can have roomies without everyone knowing about it.

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