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Strangers entered my home and were made admins!


So me and a friend are tenants of a small apartment area which is rented out ($60 Linden Rentals #1, Comporellon). One day my friend walked in to find two users she didn't know in her apartment. But strangest of all was the fact that they had been granted admin privileges. Neither of us did this. This is really concerning because they could have easily ejected us from our own home. What is going on here? Has this happened to anyone else? Any answers would be appreciated. Thank you.

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Hi Princess,

It sounds like you and your friend are renting from a third party landlord, and that's the person you should ask about finding strangers in your apartment. The two people your friend encountered would have been given admin privileges by the landlord, and should have been willing and able to explain their presence. Unfortunately, when you rent from a third party, you are subject to their rules and behavior. IM your landlord and ask what's going on.

Good luck!

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