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"Head Baked", red writing on face

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I'm trying out the Bakes On Mesh project and first of all, I gotta say that this is an amazing idea that will definitely progress SL and make our lives easier, so kudos to that!
But, today I logged from the Firestorm beta and these weird red textures popped on my face, along with some blue spots on my body. I don't understand why in the Second Life beta viewer it looks fine and in Firestorm it doesn't. 
Also, for some reason the shape is different in the Firestorm viewer.
I looked it up on youtube and I listened to a quick explanation but unfortunately, I didn't understand a single thing so I would appreciate a simple non-techy explanation and a solution (if there is).
Thank you!

Firestorm vs. SL viewers: 1cd83cfffb6cee87fa2a9b18d8eb8cda.jpg

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Firestorm doesn't support bakes on mesh yet.
What you see on Firestorm is expected behaviour when viewing bakes on mesh textures in a viewer that does not support it.

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