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Second Life won't open

Bell Lectar

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Why can't I open it and how can I fix it?

I downloaded the newer version just today and used it, and it all was fine.

Then I log out to reset my cache and try to open SL but it gets frozen at "Initializing VFS..." message and doesn't progress further.

 I wait and wait and wait, then click it and it says the program doesnt respond and my PC offers to stop it.

Next time I try to open it again, it says my Second Life was frozen or crashed on the previous run and offers me to send a crash report.

When I try to send it, it says "Coul not connect to servers, logs not sent".

Then it gets stuck at "Initializing VFS...' again.

I repeat the described pattern several times, before and after reinstalling Second Life just in case.

Then I waited for several hours thinking it was some temporary problem and it might be fixed then.

But it isn't.

Is my Second Life over?

Please tell me how can i get it back?

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It could be that your local provider is blocking access.  SL uses a lot of bandwidth. Some local networks (like campus IT networks or your local coffee shop) block applications that they predict will use a disproportionate share of local bandwidth and cause problems for other users.  Try visiting a friend with a private network connection and see if the problem goes away.

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Hello Bell,

Sorry you are having problems.

Try this work around :)



Problems with Initializing VFS

Affected Client: Second Life Viewer 2.1+ for Windows
Fixed Version: Not Yet Released

We have recieved a number of quesitons regarding problems with Second Life freezing when launched, typically at "Initializing VFS". Through our testing, we have found the following fixes the problem.

Warning: Modifying any files beyond those mentioned can cause your computer to crash. If you do not feel comfortable with this procedure, please contact our support.

Enable Hidden Files & Folders:

1. Open Control Panel
2. Open “Folder Options”
3. Open the “View” tab
4. Check “Show hidden files, folders, and drives”

Press ok and close control panel.

Accessing AppData

1. Open Computer
2. Open C: drive, then
* XP: Documents and Settings
* Vista/7: Users
3. Open AppData
4. Open “Local” – Your address bar will appear as C:\Users\\AppData\Local
5. Delete “SecondLife”
6. Now go back one level to the AppData folder
7. Open “Roaming” – Your address bar will appear as C:\Users\\AppData\Roaming
8. Delete "SecondLife"
9. Restart your computer. This is important. Do not try starting Second Life again until you have rebooted.

Once you have rebooted, Second Life should run properly. If not then you may want to contact support



Good Luck :)



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I think that's really unlikely.

I was using Second Life for almost two years without a problem, and then one day just when I logged out for a minute to reset my cache, they randomly happened to block it?

And I don't even think my provider even can forbid me from connecting to anything.

I think it's viewer problem, perhaps me reseting my cache randomly caused some bug to break it?

I think that maybe I should deinstall and delete it all to reinstall it again but I don't want to do that because I'm afraid I'll lose my windlight settings and they're so long to restore.

This is so depressing how all kinds of unique bugs noone ever heard of, happen to me and now even at the worst possible time.

How long have I waited for this update to release so i could be one of the first to glare a shaking physics. And just when I reset my cache to go do just that, my SL breaks completely. :(

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Ah.. If this just happened after having no problems for that long, then yes, it's unlikely to be your local network.  A network can block applications that use excessive bandwidth, though.  Colleges do it all the time.  Under the circumstances, it sounds like it's more likely a problem with the new viewer.

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I managed to get it to open aftert deinstalling my Second Life completely and reinstalling it back.

So that's what it wanted. Me to lose every single viewer and winlight settings and tweaks I've ever made and having to start making it convenient all again from the begining.

Well, the fun part still slightly outweights the sad part, so I guess it's fair enough.

Thank you very much Rolig Loon and Dilbert Dilweg for replying and trying to help me.

With your responses fighting Second Life didn't seem as lonely. :)

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The funniest thing just happened.

So I have reinstalled my SL to get it to open.

After having set the graphics to maximum I hit the reset cache button just in case before relogging.

And now it is stuck in exactly the same position it was before I reinstalled it.

Maybe it is the option for reseting cache that is broken?

Can someone else try and do it? Will this break your viewer too?

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Oh, crumb.  Missed it by that much.  Well, if that almost worked, then you probably did get very close to the solution.  Perhaps you didn't actually remove all the SL files on your computer when you uninstalled it, and one of the remaining files was corrupted?  Delete your cache files manually.  When you log in, log in to Smith or Pooley and rebuild your inventory quietly.  (Just open inventory, type an "A" in the box at the top and wait for it to rebuild completely.)  And keep your fingers crossed.

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I'm sorry I don't understand. I think deleting your viewer doesn't have anything to do with your inventory, does it?

If you sat on someone selses's computer that has never had Second Life on it, downloadaed it and logged in, it wouldn't mean your avatar would not have its inventory there, would it? I think it would only make it load for the first time slowly as it gets cached.

You don't lose your inventory when you reset caches and uninstall, do you? :o

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Thank you all!

Just as randomly it was opening fine and then just stopped, it has randomly became openable to me.

I guess I didn't have to uninstall-reinstall anything and just had to wait until they fix it, it wasn't the viewer but the servers that for some reason prevended some peoples viewers from opening. Because one moment I can use SL, next I can't, then without updating anything I just can again.

Silly second life ruined the day of the most fun update to me.

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Hmm. So it began to be openable, but only until the next time I needed to reset my cache.

So as I sit now, realizing my using my SL was suddently just interrupted right in the middle, I figure it's the Reset Cache button that's causing the viewer to break.

Now I just wonder what repaired it to me the last time.

One moment I keep uninatalling it and updating it to try to open, next I give up and some time later I try to open the version that wouldnt open before and I havent updates, and it just opened and it was okay for next days.

How do I get back to my SL now :(

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So I gave up that I might not need to lose my settings again, so I painfully uninstalled it again not really hoping it might do something.

But as I reinstalled it, OMG - it opened!

I log into my SL and see - this viewer is funny. Oh my, I chose the basic viewer acidenyally!

Seeing how it just opened, I simply close it and then reopen it.

But it won't open for second time. It is stuck at "Initializing VFS..." again.

I think Linden Lab is just having fun mocking me.

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you might just be better off downloading the previous version... you can always find those towards the bottom of this page


in this age of massive home storage, I recommend keeping a copy of installers for products that you use frequently/always, and saving them in a special folder just so that you have them if you need to go back, and can't find it online =) you can always delete older versions as you find one that works for you.

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