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  1. You can forward email scams to pay-pal by forwarding the email to them @ spoof@paypal.com
  2. It is spamming yes. Pretty much "repeated transmission" of content. And no one asked for it
  3. Yeah, No Stipend here either. Something is broke. Hopefully they get it fixed/ or catches up. Hope no one gets booted off their land because they didn't pay rent LOL
  4. Maybe open Graphics settings before you log in and set it to LOW and see if that helps. You may also try to "Manually" delete your cache. Sometimes bad files can linger in your cache and wreak havoc during login
  5. The TOS should pop up if you havent agreed to it yet during the login. Make sure you are logging in with the correct avatar if you use ALT accounts.
  6. You might try sending a notecard instead of Instant message if that is how you tried to contact them. Also you might read the sellers profile. They may have special instructions on how to contact them or a manager. Or File a support ticket if all else fails. Not sure how far that would go. but good luck.
  7. Ahhh Okay. So I was curious like you If you had a more specific need I could have directed you to a more specific site. Most people are more specific of the type of content they are looking for and possibly you were asking because you may have found stolen content. I guess Others can't be curious just the same lol. and as for The rest of my post. Eh Just a little help in your direction to caution you because there are sites with stolen content and I have seen it a hundred times somone uploaded stolen content then got nailed for it unsuspectingly., So it was just a simple friendly caution as help is all. Sorry you took it so hard lol. Anyway good luck in your endeavors. I hope you find what you need
  8. Why would you want something like that? There are several sites on the net that have obj files for download but they come with a limited license. You should be careful accessing anything like that and make sure it is not stolen content. Because if you become part of the stolen content then you could be liable for damages. Google what you are looking for
  9. If you are being charged as a premium member then goto your account page/Premium and set the account to basic. You will no longer be charged after the time runs out https://secondlife.com/my/account/membership.php?lang=en-US If you are still being charged for land then you must make sure you change your tier level after you abandon the land or sell it. You can do that on the tier page https://secondlife.com/my/account/landfees.php?lang=en-US
  10. I assume you are talking about mesh kits? Depending on what the seller provides in the kit will determine what you can or can not do. Most kits give you the objects and then the UV maps. The UV maps are what you will need to use for Texturing the objects. So knowledge of Imaging programs like Gimp or Adobe photoshop is necessary. you can learn as you go. There are a lot of Youtube videos that can show you how it is done. If the kit seller provides the mesh objects thru outside download then you will need Blender or any other 3D modeling program to create and or edit the shapes. http://blender.org
  11. You will have better luck posting this in the "wanted" section of the forums. This is only questions and answers about Second Life And search in world for Logo creators
  12. LOl i guess you arent in the mix of the ones who live and die for ranks in a forum lol Just dont post if you dont want a new rank
  13. SL uses a lot of Data. You are downloading thousands of images with objects and clothing. Sl can use a lot. You need to expose the ripoff the service provider is doing. Exploiting data transfer for mass proffit. I can use up 4 gigs in a day lol Also keep in mind streaming music to your viwer, downloads a lot of data as well. Disable "auto play media" in preferences
  14. Put the script in a box in world and click on the box. you will se a menu popup. You need to make a bug object and such to make the script work fully and a script in the bug object.. Most scripters can read and understand it. Keep up the practice and it will start making sense as you see what and how the script works and the actions it produces The list buttons will be what shows on the popup menu dialog list buttons=[" ", "kill bug", "particles","choose avi", "green", "call bug","glow on", "glow off", "send2 takni","visible", "half invisible", "rez bug" Lots to learn. You can also find help in the secondlife wiki in the scripting section. Depends on what instructions she got to do with the script. There should be a bug script to put in the bug object
  15. Search "groups" in world or post in the WANTED section of the forums. You may have better luck that way
  16. doing a flip back and forth between operating systems can cause some drivers and or programs to get a bit corrupt sometimes. Have you reinstalled the old drivers when you went back to windows 7? . The settings could have changed and stayed with the rollback. Also you may have to reinstall firestorm but doubt it. You might try checking if HTTP textures got turned on orr off somehow in the transition. in advanced/develop
  17. This is not in english but I made it display in english. Not sure what language lol But here on SL wiki is the API's for what you are wanting to do http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/APIs_and_Web_Services_Portal and the same data gridsurvey scrapes can be found http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Live_Data_Feeds Make sure to take these kinds of requests to the scripting help forums http://community.secondlife.com/t5/LSL-Scripting/bd-p/LSLScripting //Empezamos definiendo algún par de cosas que utilizaremos luego...key kRequest;list lResultados;//Empezamos el scriptdefault {//En este ejemplo, obtendremos las estadísticas del estado, número de cuentas y//el número de personas conectadas actualmente a SecondLife, utilizando algo llamado//Data Feed, que no es más que un pequeño archivo que se actualiza en tiempo real//con la información que necesitamos y que se encuentra en http://secondlife.com/xmlhttp/secondlife.php state_entry() {//No queremos saturar a los servidore oficiales, ni estamos tan desesperados//por tener la información al momento, por lo que cada consulta adicional será//hecha en un intervalo de 300 segundos (5 minutos). llSetTimerEvent(300.);//Utilizamos un HTTPRequest para obtener el contenido del feed: kRequest = llHTTPRequest("http://secondlife.com/xmlhttp/secondlife.php", [], "");//Nótese: // -Un HTTPRequest 'saldrá de SL' a hacer una 'consulta', no necesariamente la respuesta // se de instantáneamente, por lo que utilizamos un identificador para trabajar con él. // -Pueden hacerse varios HTTPRequests y las respuestas no llegarán necesariametne en ese mismo // orden, para eso se usa el key. } //Al momento de producirse la respuesta a nuestro Request, se dispara http_response http_response(key identificador, integer codigo, list metadatos, string contenido) {//Averiguamos si la respuesta que obtuvimos corresponde al request que lanzamos, if(identificador==kRequest) {//Asignamos a nuestra lista los resultados de nuestra respuesta, //separándolas con el los delimitadores que nos interesan (ver más abajo). lResultados = llParseString2List(contenido, ["<status>", "</status>", "<signups>", "</signups>", "<inworld>", "</inworld>"], []);//Inmediatamente después, mostramos las estadísticas que recogimos como un texto flotante: llSetText("Second Life Statistics:\nStatus: " + llList2String(lResultados, 1)+ "\nTotal Logins: " + llList2String(lResultados, 3)+ "\nCurrently Online: " + llList2String(lResultados, 5),<1., 1., 1.>, 1.);//Nótese:// -Los saltos de línea están representados por \n// -La respuesta tiene la siguiente forma:// <stats>// <status>ONLINE</status>// <signups>29,126,152</signups>// <logged_in_last_60>Loading...</logged_in_last_60>// <transactions>Loading...</transactions>// <inworld>58,462</inworld>// </stats>// Al cortarla utilizando las etiquetas de apertura y cierre (<status>, </status>, ....)// obtenemos una lista que se ve más o menos así:// ["(etiquetas del inicio)", "ONLINE", "(cierre y apertura)", "29,126,152", "(cierre y apertura)", ...]// es por eso que los datos son mostrados sacándolos de la lista con índices impares. } }//Cuando pasen los 300 segundos, se disparará el evento timer timer() {//Donde simplemente solicitaremos la información una vez más, disparando otra vez//al evento http_response kRequest = llHTTPRequest("http://secondlife.com/xmlhttp/secondlife.php", [], ""); } //Cada vez que el objeto sea rezeado en el mundo, se dispara on_rez on_rez(integer i) {//Para reiniciar el script y repetir todo el proceso desde el inicio. llResetScript(); }}
  18. About the only thing that creates an issue with side by side regions is. You have to use region resources from 0ne region to the other so users can render the neighboring region and its users. So running both regions at max users and extremely busy would be lag city. . Keeping the user level of the full region at 45 to 50 would be stable if full all the time. The homestead only holds 20 users i beleive, and should be able to function fine
  19. The loss of visibility for others is still an issue but you have solved my main problem. If they gave the ability for everyone to see your temp textures then they should charge you for them. Temp Textures should be vieweable by only you for testing purposes.
  20. I remember a guy about a year ago leaving Second Life. He gave me all his money $L35,000 He came back 3 weeks later. Maybe you should wait a few weeks before dumping your cash. You may feel differently in a week or so My guess would be $L23,000 If I win. I Will will hold the cash for 3 weeks incase you come back and want it back. I will return it if you requested it.. Only 3 weeks though! LOL
  21. Shoot em down! Nah kidding Right click on the objects and report abuse if they won't remove them after asking them nicely to remove them and not rez anymore.. If you own the land then disable rezzing except for you
  22. Since the install of the new hardware, have you gone into Graphics settings and click on the hardware button and enable or disable " OpenGL Vertex Buffer Objects" to see if anything changes? You may consider a reinstall of the viewer. It may help. Also make saure your viewer is fully upto date with the latest mandatory update
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