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Please can you tell me why i cannoy log into my accountThank you

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There a number of fixes and solutions. The long list of fixes is here: I Can’t Login

If there is an account problem, like you got banned, you'll get an error message telling you that. In which case you will have to take it up with Linden Lab support.

If the viewer crashes on start, uninstall it and reinstall it. I'm assuming you are using the standard SL Viewer and not a third party viewer.

Another possibility is what is called GHOSTING. A network interupt or other error just as you log off can cause a ghost. Your vieer closes but your avatar stays in world. Things go odd. People can often walk through the avatar, thus the name ghost. Often it is necessary to restart the region to get ride of the ghost, force it to log off.

On Tueday mornings all regions are restarted in a rolling restart as new server software is installed in the simulators. Otherwise, one has to get LL or the region owner to restart the region. That can be a pain. So, the alternatives are listed in "I Can't Login".

Another problem is a bad network connection. Visit SpeedTest.net and test your connection. You need over 1mb persecond download and ideally under 150ms ping.

All the fixes assume you are working in Advanced Mode. If you are a Basic Mode user, ask for help here.

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