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Gay men and straight clubs in SL

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It’s interesting to see how customs play out globally :-) You largely won’t see men holding hands in the US either, but elsewhere it’s not uncommon.

SL is a great opportunity for the global community to mix, but that also involves a period of adjustment :-D

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There are straight clubs in SL? :o

Seriously though, it is definitely a reflection on the social parameters which have already been made concrete IRL. 

That aside, I feel no shame dancing with dudes in a 'straight' club. Sometimes you get haters, but other times I have found people who are chill and will have fun with you. Hell, some "straight" guys will give me huge compliments on my avi too!

I think it comes down to societally-formed expectations, personal behavior in SL (not everyone wants to have sex with you) and ultimately how you choose to respond to any criticisms (isolate vs commmunicate). 

Side note: any really great clubs out there??

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On 9/4/2017 at 2:18 AM, Nikolai Warden said:

they can (and do) make snarky, hateful, anti gay comments in IM or open chat.

Wow, not sure why this really surprised me.

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