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  1. I am currently in the market to start renting a Full Homestead, and am looking to hire out for the landscaping work. My general idea is to create an area of traditional Japanese architecture mixed with "enchanted forests" along with a beach area. Feel free to message me back here on the forums or in-world. Note: I am willing to pay whatever it takes to get this job done! Thank you!
  2. As the title, states I'm looking for a mesh creator to make an adult diaper for the Belleza Jake 2.0 body. I've seen several high quality Maitreya diapers on the Marketplace, but there are no options for men! I would pay big $L to see this happen! Reply here or feel free to message me in-world~
  3. Hiya~ Crescent (who is awesome!) showed me to the applications at the club. I emailed you my application, and I look forward to hearing back from you at your earliest convenience!
  4. This might be a dumb question, but, do you employ male dancers?
  5. Hi All, I've recently run into a weird bug that causes all computer audio to stop when visiting certain sims. I run on Windows 10 and use the latest version of Firestorm. There are no issues with sound drivers or settings, and my Firestorm preferences check out okay. It seems to be all or nothing. I could be at my home sim with audio stream and Youtube running just fine. Then I TP to a new sim, and all of my computer's audio stops working. If I TP back home, all audio starts functioning again. I welcome any thoughts, suggestion and feedback. Thanks!
  6. Go to the card's website and register it. Often, this just involves inputting the card number, expiration, and security code on the back, along with your zip code. This is a requirement for online purchasing with a prepaid debit card. You should be good after you register your cards.
  7. You got: Woman in her early twenties We think you're a woman who is between 20 and 24 and is just starting to get her life sorted out. You're either at university or in work and probably quite enjoying it, though you might have a few years to go until you're in your dream job. You're probably dating, though will have a stable partner if you're lucky. You live in a rented flat with friends and are generally doing well in life. I'm totally a 23 year old dude 100% age-verified and female-certified!
  8. Exploring the magical caves of my recently completed homestead!
  9. Eloquent and carefully thought out post. Thank you.
  10. Ah... I thought this meant like.. a dad kind of daddy lol. I already adopted a son, so I spoil him as it is~ <3 Hope you find what you're looking for!!
  11. Hiya~ I am currently looking for someone to landscape a new homestead I bought - 65,536 sqm (50,000 prim). Ideally, I would like to transform this flattened island region into an open tropical beach layout. I can afford to pay handsomely whomever chooses to take on this project - I just have no idea what I am doing! Feel free to reply in this thread, or message me in SL and we can get the ball rolling!!
  12. Boyeurism is an awesome club I frequent. Features male dancers and is open to anyone! The staff are super friendly and the crowd is pretty chill.
  13. There are straight clubs in SL? Seriously though, it is definitely a reflection on the social parameters which have already been made concrete IRL. That aside, I feel no shame dancing with dudes in a 'straight' club. Sometimes you get haters, but other times I have found people who are chill and will have fun with you. Hell, some "straight" guys will give me huge compliments on my avi too! I think it comes down to societally-formed expectations, personal behavior in SL (not everyone wants to have sex with you) and ultimately how you choose to respond to any criticisms (isolate vs commmunicate). Side note: any really great clubs out there??
  14. Tracing - In theory, it would be fairly simplistic to be able to uncover another SL user's IP address using a viewer like Firestorm and its devtools. Proxies, tunneling & packeting aside, this would generally require a user to view another's information or messages alongside the respective underlying code for each. It sounds simple, but the amount of time and knowledge it actually takes to get an valid & reliably accurate IP address is beyond that of the general public. In addition, simply being able to trace an IP address is highly insignificant. Internet service providers (ISPs) protect the personal information of their consumers. TLDR; Unless this guy is Julian Assange or the NSA, I find it highly unlikely that he is truly able to "dox" (or expose) your true identity. It is more than likely that he is trying to add false credibility to his threat by adding that he is capable of "finding" you. This is a threat commonly used by toxic gamers in games like League of Legends or DOTA 2 (i.e. You made me mad, so I will hack, trace, DDoS you, etc.). It's just big talk for a small person - all bark and no bite. All that aside, the real issue is that this person is threatening your real life & states his malicious intent. You could should report this to Linden support, and you can always contact the police if you feel that this warrants notifying a legal authority. For your own safety, it is a good general rule of thumb to change your login passwords for your accounts, if not simply deactivate them and start fresh. I like to run a VPN or at least proxy on my devices for an extra layer of security and privacy. Be safe, and good luck!
  15. Yes please! ^.^ ♪┏ ( ・o・) ┛♪┗ (・o・ ) ┓♪┏(・o・)┛♪
  16. I'm a gay early 20's dude (using mostly a cute/sexy modded Jomo fox avi right now). If you require a human male friend, I can oblige, though I really prefer being my furry foxy self! Have outfits and mods for all occasions, and a very floofy tail ^.^ To be transparent, I like dudes and am unphased that you are a female, so there is no reason for you to "verify" your gender for me! I spend a decent amount of time in gay strip clubs (read ~Boyeurism~) and other dance clubs, as well as furry and general hangouts / meetup spots. Always up for dancing and going on adventures! Conversation - I will talk about pretty much anything except for Gremlins - great movie; but terrifying, nightmarish hamsteresque creatures do not cream my twinky! "Helping Others" - not sure about your intended context for this, but if we're talking about some sort of volunteerism for the community, I'm cool with that. I am okay with cuddling as long as it is strictly platonic. My soon-to-be-SL-Hubby agrees. I am also on EST and get on around 4:30pm. Anywho, let me know if you want to meetup!
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