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Hateful messages and alts to bypass block



Friend gets cussed out because they saw a trap coming. Friend shares 1 or 2 lines from convo in which they are being cussed out. 
Evil Cussing person finds out and uses many alts to get around the block to continue to cuss them out and file many reports (All the same) on different accounts in an attempt to get them banned. Cussing out continues in their public store group (owned by the one getting attacked and Note they are using PM messages as well in which the reporter account did not recieve permission as its the same person on alts.



A friend of mine is a Sim and Group owner. 


A (old now blocked) friend tried to trick her into something and she declined. 

The friend freaked out and started to send hateful messages (cussing her out)
concerned friends asked what was going on and a line or 2 from the PM conversation was shared (Which yes breaks TOS i think but is not what this is about)

In the end the friend was blocked and banned from the sim and groups. Drama chain latter now old friend found out about the line or 2 that was shared and wanted to further be a pain in the bum and started to ask friends to report her for sharing the conversation. This went further and 10+ alts joined her shop group to cuss her out more and PM cuss her out on different accounts. Group is now on Invite only to prevent more attacks in it.

So Now she has a person who potentially has 10-100+ alts going around copy pasting a report sharing a message they got and which only ONE of those alts has permission to share into a Shop group saying they are reporting the shop owner. This copy paste also has the cussing out btw. 

My friend has already sent in a report of what occurred as abuse. I was wondering if the attacker broke any other rule. Friend is freaked as shes never had a report against her like this and never had this type of occurrence happen. 

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Tell your friend the following:

  • Report violations of the Terms of Service or Community Standards.  
  • File a report each time it happens.  If it's a repeat offense or you suspect it's the same person using an alt, reference the earlier report(s).
  • Mute and ban every avatar who harasses you.
  • If they are causing trouble in group chat, you may want to eject them and then make the group by invitation only, at least for a while.
  • DO NOT RESPOND TO THEM in any way.  Don't talk back, don't threaten, don't retaliate.  Just mute and ban and ignore
  • In the future, don't cut and paste IM or chat logs or share them with others.  That too is a violation of the TOS.
  • And also tell them, "Don't involve me with any more of your Drama."
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2 hours ago, Faluka said:

Friend gets

don't talk for others, nobody ever tells the whole truth,

Let "your friend" sort it out themself, if you'r of legal age to be on SL, try to act like it.

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