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You can call me Clem, or Clementine depending on how fancy you like to make yourself up to be.
I'm nothing but a slacker metalhead possum. Now, I'm not neccassarily as glamourous or inspirational as I could be but that's what makes me human.. or possum. My point here is that I consider myself realistic and down to earth. Even when I screw  with stangers and act almost as obnoxious and vulgar as possible, I do it in a way that seems totally plausible in the real world.
Basically,  what I'm trying to say here is that I'm looking for company that can take a joke and throw back one just as good, company to enjoy time with whether we be naming fictional goth rock band names or summoning an incubus or laughing at people in trees.
You can feel free to message me at CanisMercy Resident

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censored words. Changing them.
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LOL, you remind me very much a one of my best friends here, who now rarely makes it online, I will try to get you a message in-world.

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