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Suzy Hoof

Maximum amount of avatars


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According to the wiki, you are limited to 5 accounts per household.  Because a "household" might be as large as a college residence hall where several users all share the same router, it's not really clear how realistic it is for Linden Lab to enforce that limit.  In fact, it is widely rumored that the limit is not strictly enforced.  I suspect that the rumor is true for the most part, but that the limit would be suddenly enforced if you were to create an army of alts to attract the Lab's attention.  :ph34r:

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It depends on the land -- per the SL Wiki

Maximum number of agents
Full region: 100 (Typically set to 40 on mainland, 55 on Linden Homes regions, but this does vary. Some meeting areas have this set to 60 and higher.)
Homestead: 20
Openspace: 10

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