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cant login! need help

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Looking at the image you posted clearly your clock is set correctly for your PC. This is just a wild guess but it is possible that the local verson of the SL Viewer is complaining about your PC preference of using day/month/century-year format for the time. Here in the US we tend to favor the month/day/century-year format. However the SL Viewer should not care about this setting.

Try this test. In Windows 10, go to the Settings/Date & Time/Change Date and Time format option page and change the Short Date format to M/d/yyyy, reboot your PC and try logging in again. If this works, then you have found an error in the Viewer Code and it needs to be reported via the JIRA Bug Reporting system.

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When checking the Time & Date also check the time zone setting too. All need to be set correctly.

While the computer is powered on, the clock will maintain its setting. If you have this problem and are forced to reset the clock each time you power on the computer, you need to replace the CMOS battery as Rolig suggests.

You can try turning off your firewall. If disabling it allows you to log in, then you need to adjust the firewall. See the SL Wiki or Knowledge Base for firewall settings details.


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You do exactly what it says to. Check the date and time in your computer's clock.  Some computers have a hard time adjusting to Daylight Savings Time or so the fact that you have recently moved to a different time zone, so the clock may be off by an hour.  Less commonly, the date (including the year) may be wrong for some reason.

If the clock is OK, then keep following the instructions.  Check your firewall and antivirus routine to be sure that they are working properly and that they are not preventing access to SL.

If your computer is older, it's possible that its CMOS battery (the tiny battery on the motherboard that keeps the clock running even when the machine is unplugged) is dying.  If so, you'll need to have someone replace it. That's usually a job for a professional.

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