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I recently purchased two kittens.it's been a couple of days now and their happiness is really low!

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There are many types of pets in SL. The good ones don't get unhappy or hungry, and don't die or otherwise expire on you. It's just that some merchants are greedy bleeps who want you to pay for pet food on a regular basis, and script your kitty to eventually croak no matter what you do, forcing you to buy another one. I wouldn't give them my business if I were you.

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Feed them to your dog, two birds with one stone.  Then again, if you've got a stone and/or two birds, feed them to the kittens.

Could you at least give us a clue as to which kittens they are, in the unlikely hope that someone here 'just happens' to have had a similar experience with the same product?  Everything in SL is custom, we have no idea how to advise you without more information.  In general, however, it is best to contact the vendor of the objects or their creator.  Popular objects also support user-groups, which may be able to help you.

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