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Are the dimensions the same in blender as they are as building with prims in second life? (X, Y, Z)


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I notice they both have it. Inworld beneath the object tab there's rotation, size, and meters.

and in blender they have median, rotations, scale and location.


If I typed for example,

12 position (SL building)

12 location (blender)

Would they have exactly the same result and dimensions?

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I am not exactly sure what you are asking but I still had Blender open so took a screenshot.


You can see the DIMENSIONS of your build in when looking in OBJECTS view here --- 



So far as posistions, the positions are relative within the build. So if you make a linkset and one building is at XYZ and another is at a different XYZ and they are uploaded together -- they will remain in that relationship to one another. They won't rez at any specific cooridnates, just where you drag the build. 


Hope that helped some. 

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The units in ALL 3d software are exactly the same...


1 unit of size = 1 unit of size, 1 unit of rotate = 1 unit of rotate, 1 unit of move = 1 unit of move


The only thing that changes is what 'name' is given to those units, and what exchange rate gets used when exporting those units for a different application, which is usually selectable in export options.


So i could make something in 'meters' then export it in 'inches', or vice versa. This has caused loads of people problems over the years, where somebody makes a model in a '1 unit = 1 meter' app, and thats loaded by somebody else into a '1 unit = 1 inch' app.


Poser was notorious for this, with their arbitary '1 unit = 8 feet' thing that then changed without warning to '1 unit = 100 inches', especially for content creators who used '1 unit = 1 inch' modeling applications.


Check what units SL uses and make sure you set your modeling app to use the same, and export on a 1=1 basis, and there shouldn't be problems.

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By default Blender uses “Blender units” 1 blender unit = a meter.

Most, a lot, some people, (but not Chic) set units to Metric in Blender :

1 meter in Blender = exactly 1 meter in Second Life.


There is one thing you should be are aware of,. Scaling, Rotating and or moving a mesh in Object mode is not the same as scaling etc in Edit mode.

If you have to Scale in Object mode you should Apply those functions before UV unwrapping etc and or exporting to Collada ( .dae ) format  for uploading to SL. Before uploading  its best to have Scale = 1 and Rotation = 0 in all 3 axis.

In the example below, in Object mode, I scaled the default cube ( 2 x 2 x 2 meters) along the X axis by 1.25, then change to Edit mode. Notice how the length of the edges along the X  still indicate 2 meters.

To show the correct length: return to Object mode and  Apply the Scale:

Now in Edit mode the correct length is indicated:


As a general rule Add your starting mesh Primitive in Object mode and do all the rest of the mesh work in Edit mode.

You may find the Mesureit addon usefull:



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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 2058 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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