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  1. wow! 12 years is a while. how'd you keep in touch? I haven't had non family members friends stick around that long even though I really wish they did.
  2. I love seeing pets in SL like ferrets, horses, dogs, cats, etc Also how long have you had your pets?
  3. I've seen some marketplace stores that have an R or T with a circle around it at the end of their store titles. I'd be starting a new brand in SL (marketplace and inworld) and want to trademark my SL brand name. So if you could please give me advice on how I could explain to my TM lawyer what I want (Might not know about Second Life's marketplace), that'd be a blessing! Would I need to show him anything like my mesh models?' Also I'm wondering if I need to copyright my mesh models and how that works (like how many of them, how similar). Any help is appreciated! Thank you so much. <
  4. stunningly gorgeous! I wonder if I know where that leg tattoo and those earrings and neck choker are from...I've seen the earrings and tattoo before
  5. got it. I didn't make it high enough. Had it set on mid. Thanks!
  6. Maybe provide some of your interests or things you like to talk about? Type in the search bar inworld 'dating' for inworld groups and places catered toward it. Probably turn off the adult ratings before doing that though so no sexual places come up in results. Plus if you haven't already, make your profile fun full of your interests and personal quirks, things you like to do, etc. I wish you luck!
  7. It's inside the inworld store on a wall near the entrance. You'll see an photograph of a Maitreya body on it with options to try a demo or purchase it below. Hope I helped
  8. I'm wearing the provided shoe base. I choose the shoe catered for Maitreya bodies...What went wrong? Please look at photos below for reference. All help is appreciated!
  9. wow. you're really good at taking photos! You oughta have a flickr or something
  10. Pretty. Which kind of horse is that? AKK?
  11. Those look like they only display text though...Do images show/work if you add them in as notecards or something?
  12. Not sure what 2. means, but I'm no scripter. I was hoping something like that was already made. It can be controlled by touch/arrow buttons, that's fine.
  13. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Animated-Rotating-Panel-Picture-or-Slideshow-Frame-Set/7796379 The item above shows an automatic slideshow panel/frame (To give you an idea of what I'm saying). I haven't found one that gives the ability to have the visitor/user click on the image and be sent to an URL, a different one depending on which photo they click on. That way, they can be sent to my marketplace store. Are there any that do this or scripts I can add to one to make this happen? Thank you so much! : )
  14. I'm an explorer so I don't have a particular place off the top of my head. Do you guys build together?
  15. It's always nice to see the trees change color.
  16. Sorry I'm not trying to cause problems. It looks like what's shown below for all of the profiles. This is what I see:
  17. Yup. I'm signed in at both but I don't see any groups.
  18. I don't see any groups under any of them.
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