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How Not to Buy Land in Second Life


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I've written a blog article over at http://thesecondlifetourist.blogspot.com about "How Not to Buy Land in Second Life" based on my own expertise and a lot of the things I've read on these forums. I'm hoping if anyone has the time to read it and make corrections before I put it on a notecard to be distributed at one of my Unofficial Tourist Information Offices. Thanks. 

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Good article and a good blog.... there's even a good on on how to find some Freebies in Second Life.

Good information for newbies to read - and some of us older members who are still relatively new to renting/owning land.

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It looks very useful.

I don't see any errors.

One additional problem you might want to mention land buyers look out for if they are wanting to have parties are the numbers of avatars allowed on the Region. Homesteads have 20, Estate managers on private estates can set an avatar limit that will often be 100 or reduced to 60. Mainland the avatar limit is generally 40 people, but some sims have the setting reduced to 30 for whatever reason and that can be a nasty surprise you find out after purchase and when you are wondering why your guests can't get in to your party it is a bit too late.

I will have to go visit, I have a parcel within cycling distance of Leafminer.

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I would add a few other basics:

o Take off "water" on the "Advanced" menu while also checking off "see property owners" and "land borders" under "world". This way you can see what is hidden under water instantly without worrying about "transparent". 

 o Don't buy near sim seams. This can cause havoc at times when you rez things that might temporarily may need to go beyond the border of your property. Ditto Linden protected land. While Linden land adds value and helps the view it can also be a problem sometimes.

o Take off "volume" on the "Advanced" menu -- unscrupulous land dealers often put strange builds or boards on the land that might hide the fact that a 16 m or 32 m parcel is still owned by them after the sale of the bulk of the parcel which they may then try to extort a price from you for to "save the view". Have had this happen EVEN WHEN I took off volume so look with "midnight" on to see the parcel borders carefully.

o Check all your neighbours' claim dates. Neighbours with claim dates for years or even just a year are a sign of happiness with that area, whereas if they are all new, you can be in an infestation of land flippers or a place that has some hidden problem like a club in the sky where 40 avatars take up all the slots every night.

o Yes, look in the sky -- go to world/map, type in the number 4096 in the coordinates and then "fall" through the sky to see what is above you -- it might be in the view or be a club or some problem

o Don't buy land with nearby problems that you think you will get a neighbour to "fix". They almost never do, and asking them may inspire them to make it worse.


The Mainland can be a very nasty business, but as Philip Rosedale once said, working things out with your neighbours is a magical thing.

If you don't like your land, try to sell it for at least a $1/m well before tier date, or let bots eat it for $0.5 -- abandoning it may mean it sits there unused forever. And PLEASE do the world a favour and TAKE OFF your builds from your abandoned land so that we don't have to look at them for the next five years as LL won't remove thm.


I recently had a newbie ask me if I could lower my price considerably on land that was worth a fair amount as it was waterfront in the Old World and actually next to my land which was like "protected" as I almost never sell land, especially rentals areas. I said no, I wanted to get back what I had paid for it, and take into account the devalued Linden dollar. He then came back a few hours and had a better offer, still not my price but I thought, why not, I wanted to solve a prim problem on another sim quickly. I set it to sale -- then the problems with this manipulative and troubled individual started. I didn't realize at first that he was a newbie, I don't look at people's profiles usually unless there is trouble.

Then he said he may not have tier because he has other land, and did I want to buy it, so he could free up his tier. I said no. I kept asking me so I went to look at it again and said no again, I need tier elsewhere. Unexpectedly, he then said he would buy the original lot so I set it to sale. I offered to let him wait 24 hours or more to try to sell his land for $1/m, I thought he might because of the location, old world roadside.

I go AFK, and then next thing I know he has purchased the land, and sent a request to buy the water next to it. His first communication on this topic seemed normal, can I buy the water in front of this.

The reason there was a water patch wasn't any evil one -- it's simply that the previous person I had given the land to temporarily because I needed tier didn't have enough tier himself, so we carved out this little water patch of 352 meters. It was marked prims.

Then, because I was AFK, the eyes went into narrow-slits and the hatred always ready to come to the surface against anyone in the land business boomed. Now he began to accuse me of deception, theft, etc. 

I said matter-of-factly that he could instantly buy the water plot for the same price as the other main plot -- which he himself asked for.

Someone, this "newb" (I can't know if that's true) began bellowing that I was a thief and a liar because he suspected me of holding back this little plot to block or extort him. That I had instantly offered to sell it for a normal price -- his price! -- didn't seem to indicate to him my good will. Why it didn't is a factor of his own troubled soul or free-floating hatreds, common in SL.

I persisted in telling him that I would sell him the land for the same price, but certainly not a lower price -- which he seemed to think he "deserved" MERELY BECAUSE of his own suspicions and his jumble about his own tier. If he didn't have the tier, he should have waited to sell the piece. If he needed water instead of road especially. Since I had offered to hold it for a day or two, he should have asked.

While he continued barking that I was a low-life two-bit thief, I merely set the little parcel to sale to him. I pointed out that he wasn't in touch with the difference between good will and bad will in neighbours. Here I was INSTANTLY offering to sell him water -- or pledge to him it would never have a build on it, which it hadn't in the years I've owned it, it's prim water. I put out a glowing nuclear power station to show how it could go in the OTHER direction and he should appreciate good neighbours who dealt in good faith. I removed the station, kept the parcel on sale to him, and logged off to his rantings.

When I returned hours later, he had abandoned his land. Who does that??? Instead of abandoning or selling for bot prices his other land, then buying my completely reasonably-priced water bit. It just boggles the mind.

Yet this character is bad-mouthing me, ARing me to LL (and of course they don't get involved in disputes).

I can only say that you have to think through your land purchases. Check the water, the lag, the air, everything so that you don't have any unhappiness.


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Reply to Prokofy Neva:

Thank you for the info on "How not to buy land." I will add it to the next revision.

As I explained in more detail in a notecard to you, I abandoned the property rather than sell it to someone who would cut it up and re-sell it. Silly of me, I guess. 

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 2251 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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