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Hi all! need some help for my hubs avi...


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He wants to go mesh but we don't really know where to start..

I tried to make a research of male avatars around sl but can't find too many.

Tmp is very pricey for us, but does tmp includes feet&hands like maitreya lara does?

Would it be more worth to get a full tmp avatar or a slink one (with hands&feet also). I am asking from the realism of the body and other sl users experience.. also, is slink body modifiable?

Moreover...we need help for mesh heads! we'd like a  kind of aged one, perhaps, something like this:


Does someone whee to browse cool and nice looking heads?


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I own all the popular male mesh bodies besides the TMP but I have good knowledge of how the TMP works through a friend.

My personal favorite is the Enzo Aesthetic by Niramyth, for it's reliability, level of detail, and ease of use. However this avi is quite large and I can see it not being for everyone. It's currently 2,799L on Marketplace right now and has a demo in-world. This avatar includes the head but you can decide if you want to wear it or not.  Can only wear clothes designed for it.

https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/NIRAMYTH-AESTHETIC-ENZO-PACKAGE-10/7037603 For Enzo (light skinned)

https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/NIRAMYTH-AESTHETIC-SMITH-PACKAGE-10/7037604 Smith (Dark skinned)

There's the Adam by Absolut Creations, which I did like for the shape and muscle stucture but found it to be a pain to use at times. This avatar includes hands and feet. There are a few hand gestures as well. The HUD is easy to use but I find the body is stil a little buggy and the skin tones are hard to match. There's also a lack of appliers available. Fits most mesh clothes. The price is 2,950L.


Also has a beta head available for 850L: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Adam-Mesh-Head-beta1/8398167

There's the Tailsman by Tellaq, which is the next line of mesh avatars by Tellaq. It includes a head which you can use if you want or replace with something else. This avatar is very large and I feel is even larger than the Aesthetic. It's quite limiting as there's only presets for hair or beard available for the head. No tattoos available besides the one included to my knowledge. No appliers available. The alpha HUD is also a nightmare. It costs 2,300L. It can fit most clothes if the shape is very small.

https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/TALISMAN-MESH-AVATAR-BY-TELLAQ/8445404 (light skinned)
https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/ABRAHAM-MESH-AVATAR-BY-TELLAQ/8730137 (dark skinned)

TMP is also a good best. It includes a lot of skin tones and there are a good number of appliers available. It includes 10 hand gestures for each hand. I do really enjoy the shape of the TMP. It's quite reliable. Fits most mesh clothes. Problem is the cost at 5.000L just to get the alpha HUD.

The Gianni by Signature is quickly becoming a favorite as it's quite similar to the TMP. It comes with hands and feet. It's easy to use and the HUD really did think of everything. Fits many mesh clothes. There are a number of appliers for it but many builders aren't making specific stuff for this avatar. There's also a version where the head is included that is the same price as the Gianni. You can find these at Signature's in-world store.

Slink is very reliable as well. I feel it's the easiest mesh body to use other than the Aesthetic. Can fit in just about anything. There's a lot of appliers for it. The hands and feet are not included unlike any other mesh body to my knowledge. It looks quite good but I feel it only really portrays an average-joe look to it. But if that's what you're going then Slink is your best bet.

As for mesh heads, if you decide to get an avatar that doesn't have the head, I would go with either Samurai or Catwa. Catwa is quite expensive though at around 3,000L. There's also No! Project heads which are quite cheap at just under 2,000L. They take a long time to load, though and might not be a good look for you if you seek an older more mature avatar. Not many appliers for No! Project heads either. The in-world store can be found at: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Frittella/95/228/769

I hope all this helps you decide which one best suits your husband.

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I just want to add that the only wearable mesh body fom TMP is the Deluxe one to 5000L.

I have that body on an alt - the male body - and I have used TMP on not just this avatar, but on a third avatar - female body.

The TMP male Starter to 1000L, I can't even see how it is different from the free body. The Basic has one tattoo layer and one clothing layer, still no alpha HUD, makes it impossible to wear other clothing than the TMÅ special designed ones.

The "Stylemode HUD" really start to grate on my nerves after a while. Maybe men who don't put so much into it does not fill it up so fast. Looking at the small icons and trying to see what is what is annoying. It is no description, so you are left with what the designer made to show you visually what that is. Some put an image there. That is good, but the tab is so small that it is really hard to see the difference between fresh, faded and normal tattoos, using tattoos as an example.

For heads, is facial expressions important? The one you link to is static. It looks good, but that is all. The best male heads is from Catwa imho... they are expensive. There are few skins made for them, but some really good ones. The L'Etre skin with Catwa head: https://www.flickr.com/photos/130578934@N04/26546046434/in/photostream/

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