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Stories Wanted about SL Families

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hi I was wondering if you wanted to share some stories about how you got kicked out of a sl family either for stupid reasons or reasons that made sense. you can also share stories about how your family does work, and how much fun it is to be in a sl family :)

I can't wait to hear about your crazy sl family stories!

Feel free to IM me inworld at (muttick) if I'm online, or write your story on a notecard and send it in! (which is much preffered) 

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I was going to read them and decide if I wanted to either start my own sl family or go to one that was already setup. Based off of the bad experiance with a sl family I had, I'd like to be sure there are good families out there and I'm not going to be wasting my time :/

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I can't name names, so I'll edit this song slightly. It is best to begin my adoption experience to a song, I still sometimes sing. You can sing it to the tune of Lady in Red.  If you want the story in all its gory detail, it is on my blog.

It was a cold winter evening.
The guests were all leaving.
Omatsu was closing the bar.
When he turned and he said to the avie in green...

Oh she wept a sad tear in her bucket of beer
As she thought of the cold night ahead.
Then a little, cute tiny, emerged from the rest room
And these were the words that she said:

She's been too long at  can't say but YOU KNOW
A parent she wants to be.
But there is no child in Second Life who'll live with her harmony
Sweet har-mon-eee....
Now she's bleary from reading those note cards...
She's someone you'd like to forget...

But it's parent panels that pay the tier,
And don't give up hope just yet.


The agency made money (and used it to keep the land rented and the lights on). A fair number of us wasted our time. I went on to buy a Zooby baby on September 6.


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Bad families. I left/was removed from one over roleplay reasons. I play an adopted orphan and the dad, who turned out to have serious real world medical en emotional problems, couldn't handle me not calling him "dad," even though I was waiting for the mom to come online so I could stage it as a nice hallmark scene. He also started projecting real world problems on everyone else, and after it was decided that I would leave, the rest of the family quickly fell apart when they realized what he was doing.

I also left a family after I was griefed by one of the other kids, They started a prank war and I did a single thing in response (bored up their playhouse with a biohazard sign over the weekend) and the whole thing blew up and became hostile.

Good family. After the griefing debacle, I met a new family and immediately knew that it was going to work out. Aside from genuinely caring for one another and supporting one another in and out of game, there was a lot of reception to roleplaying and doing family activities. What did it for me was when we went to an amusement park and I roleplayed throwing up and getting sick. Following not finishing a RP hud meal and with hints dropped from the dad about seeing a doctor if I still felt sick, we played through the whole thing. Basically, if someone will let you pretend puke on you and roll with it, they're a keeper. And half a year later, things are going great.

Ultimately, it's because of the family that I still play. I moved and don't get to log much when others are on, and it's been having a family that keeps me active (both logging and doing things in game).

I think you should start a family. It might be tough or even hurtful to find the right people, but when you do...

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