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  1. I'm not much help when it comes to buying land, but I can help you with finding a nice looking home, dressing up your avatar, learning controls, places where its the most busy, etc
  2. I could send you some examples inworld, otherwise pricing is 500+L$ depending if you have items I can use or need me to go shopping for something specific
  3. I can help you start out decorating but Im offering my services not hiring. : ) you can IM me inworld at muttick resident
  4. Hello, I'm interested in helping you with your landscaping Please IM me inworld at muttick resident or send me a notecard and we can discuss prices and your idea for the yard
  5. I tried to send you a IM on secondlife as muttick resident but my computer is acting out lately, I'm interested in helping you with both decorating and landscaping if still needed.
  6. Hello all, I'm offering services of decorating homes, sims, and rentals, for a reasonable price. I've worked for a various amount of clients, and under sl businesses to design their spaces. If interested please send a notecard inworld to muttick resident or contact me through facebook under Era Muttick and I'll get back to you in a day maximum. In the notecard or message please include your calling card, information about the space you'd like to to be decorated (decoration themes,season,event,prim limit, etc) , price range, and how soon you'd like the project to be completed. I can direct you to shopping for the right furniture/items aswell, rez your own items that I can work with, as you giving a budget and I shop for said items. *Understand when giving me permission to rez items/share object rights I will not rez items that will lagg the sim (troll the sim) *Payment is due after the resident is satisfied with their interior/exterior *Once Notecarded I will send necessary materials for example landmarks to places I've decorated and my portfolio I can't wait to work with you
  7. Join us at the Better life café on Wednesdays for game night, 4 till 6pm SLT. We have Greedy, Cards against humanity, U-Know, Russian Roulette and Chatterbox. Everyone is welcome, bring your friends to beat the midweek blues The taxi :) Better Life Community, Success Isle (237, 105, 22) - Moderate
  8. Hello! I don't really know how needed a decorator is in second life but I'd like to offer my time if one is needed! I'm learning how to build right now, and using my gacha's and furniture I've bought, I create rooms for my friends and family. So far all the feeback is positive but I'd like to grow in my decoration venture. I can point out different stores or work with what you have already, let me know what your idea is! I can't wait to hear from you and help you decorate your dream home/sim! Please im (muttick) or send me a notecard with the title 'Home Decorator - Your name here - ' in the title if I'm offline.
  9. I'm here to offer some of my help with decorating your sl home/business/etc. Nowadays I'm just sitting in a sandbox creating new set ups for houses and thats really boring. So if you are interested in me decorating your house please send me a notecard inworld at (muttick) for more information/examples/ pay is too be determined. It'd be awesome if you had some sort of theme or idea of what your looking for or let me know you want me to come up with something =) thank you for looking at this and I look forward to working with you!
  10. I was going to read them and decide if I wanted to either start my own sl family or go to one that was already setup. Based off of the bad experiance with a sl family I had, I'd like to be sure there are good families out there and I'm not going to be wasting my time
  11. hi I was wondering if you wanted to share some stories about how you got kicked out of a sl family either for stupid reasons or reasons that made sense. you can also share stories about how your family does work, and how much fun it is to be in a sl family :) I can't wait to hear about your crazy sl family stories! Feel free to IM me inworld at (muttick) if I'm online, or write your story on a notecard and send it in! (which is much preffered)
  12. I got banned and ejected from a parcel and they won't return my items or let me go retrieve them, I'm worried that they might be able to take my objects and put the objects in their inventory (to use or sell or something ) Please and thank you for the help!
  13. Hi, I'm helping out a friend who's looking to take pictures for clients. Need a picture for your profile or something to put on that holiday card? IM Annalisamikaelson for a full price list and examples of her photography skills. If you have any more questions about booking, or anything else you want to know please send her a notecard :) Take a look around her studio and don't forget to leave a little tip to help her out!! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Pisharati/4/105/3201 Thank you for your time and happy holidays!
  14. I've been looking for this hair for sometime now, and had no luck. Maybe some of you know what hair it is? (I'm looking for the red-haired girls hair please and thank you :) ) Photo credits go to Focus Poses
  15. Here I go, trying to sell myself :) The Interior Designer part .. Do you have a pile of furniture in the corner of your sl home? Can't think of a good setup for your 'themed' room? Look no further, I'm here to help you!! I've been told by the past home owner's I've lived with that my room's were always set up very nicely. Whether they complimented a theme I had to follow (such as throughout the house) or if I was of free decision, it always came out with positive vibe. I can help find furniture for the room , or move the furniture you already own around and see if you'd like how I set it up. IM/Notecard me inworld at Muttick so we can discuss this more, or if you'd like some examples : ) The Fashion Consultant part .. Hey there, are you looking for someone to dress you head to toe? How about fluffy ear to tail? Well you came to the right forum post. I'm offering some fashion consultant service on the side of my regular sl activities. If you need to dress up with a budget or just need a fun outfit for a event I could help you find the store or item your missing! IM/Notecard me inworld at Muttick so we can discuss this more, or if you'd like some examples : ) **Please send a notecard if I'm offline, as I may get IM capped through the day/night**
  16. Hello there, My name is Era Greyson and I run the Mentor team for Nexen & Co. This application is for those interested in helping new members of Second Life. Please read through your application before you send it in, so that no questions are missed. Send me this notecard @ Era Greyson (muttick) completely filled out and I'll get back to you asap. More about Nexen - http://nexencompany.wix.com/nexen The main goal for the mentor team is to help avatars who are 0-30 days old. Getting them started, with a positive attitude and helpful tips you might of learned in SL, while being a friend at the same time and preparing them for success! Full SL Name / Display Name * When did you join SL? * What Timezone do you live in? * How available are you on SL? * How have you contributed to the SL community? * Do you have any talents you can bring to the team?(speak a language? Have a motivated personality?) * Tell me about yourself!(Get to know you abit more section!) * Any Questions? * There is no limit to the group number, but I'm looking for a variety of people who like to have fun, help others, and work as a team! Hopefully we can get together once or twice a month to come up with ideas, catch up on business, and have discussions. Signed Era Greyson, Nexen & Co Team Leader
  17. I've calmed down and hopefully nothing super valuable was lost. Thank you both for your stellar help!
  18. I clicked a option that said '' empty lost and found'' does that mean I deleted everything??
  19. I cant find my items that were in the lost and found and I really am worrying that I lost all of the items that were in there (I probably spent a good amount of linden on those items) Is there any way to recover the items ?
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